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Vivek Lodhiya 11 months ago
Best and one of the cleanest and well planned city. With so many places to see there. Would recommend to go. One of my favourite cities.
Abdullah Haider 2 years ago
Dubai is a good example of what money and will-power can achieve. I was stunned to see flowers, literally and metaphorically, blooming in a desert. Luxurious lifestyle and tourist attractions almost manage to hide the plight of workers from developing countries. You will not get a citizenship but you'd surely wish to live there.
Rutvi Saxena 2 years ago
The first day I went to Dubai, we stopped at Jumeirah beach- quite a contrast to the arid, desert-like idea I had of the Middle East. Dubai is a melting pot of tradition and technology, and a typical tourist experience echoes it. The Burj Khalifa, tallest building in the world, gives a stunning bird?s eye view of the city, and all the malls of Dubai house the best luxury fashion and lifestyle brands. On the other hand, the Al Fahidi Fort and desert safaris will take you back to the Bedouin lifestyle of Emiratis. Four Seasons Downtown especially caters to Indian travellers, providing delicious (if overpriced) Indian food and live ghazal evenings. Dubai, having catapulted itself to the status of the commerce capital of the UAE, attracts people from all over the world for both business and leisure ; a visit here is a glimpse into various cultures and their collision with modernity.
Anam Shaikh 2 years ago
Beautiful place with something for everyone. Enchanting skyscrapers, tranquil beaches, amusement parks, peaceful gardens, Dubai is a feast for the senses. The view from Burj Khalifa is astounding. Visit during the famed Dubai Shopping Festival for an unmatched shopping experience. Go for a Desert Safari, you will not regret it! Beware of pickpockets and frauds. Wear clothes suited for warm climate but wear modest clothes as it is an Islamically-governed country which takes modesty seriously. If visiting during the month of Ramadan, don?t eat or drink publicly.
Webcontentor Webcontentor 2 years ago
Nice view. And nice stay .enjoyed with family very much
Abdullah Haider 2 years ago
The tallest building in the world looks promising on a clear day. Avoid going on a cloudy day and be sure to hold onto your phone tightly if you stick your hand out of the window at the top. You can shop for goodies at the top floor and the elevator is really fun to travel in. There's nothing much to see at the top except staring onto Dubai.
Abdullah Haider 2 years ago
Don't visit unless you've time on your hand. You won't be allowed to enter and all you can do is to click pictures of it. Try to visit it at the end of the trip and don't be disappointed if it fails to live upto its hype. Visit downtown Dubai and roam around in exotic car shops instead. Catching a sight of rare cars around this hotel is no big deal
Abdullah Haider 2 years ago
If you want to traverse the length and breadth of the mall then you're going to have to sacrifice an entire day. Be mentally prepared for aching legs. The variety of things you're offered is mind-boggling. Try to use money with discretion and not give in to the temptation of buying everything you see. Stay hydrated and sit down whenever tired.
Abdullah Haider 2 years ago
This mall made me realise the importance of travelling because it was divided into sections of Persia, India, etc. (All the places where the legendary traveller had been) and I could only imagine how vivid his experiences would've been. Keep an entire day to appreciate this beauty and buy gold if you can easily slide past the customs. Keep moving.
Abdullah Haider 2 years ago
Palm Jumeirah's true beauty unfolds only when you look at it from a helicopter or an aeroplane. The island is shaped like that of a palm tree with highly expensive houses lining the road on both sides. You will not realise the palm-structure of the settlement if you're driving in it. Visit this place when you've time to spare or if you drive by it.
Nehad Zein 2 years ago
The Palm Jumeriah is an architectural marvel that encompasses a lot of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. You can go sky-diving, get yourself wet in the amazing water park at the Atlantis or relish an underwater dining experience. The Palm Dubai has a lot of high-end resorts which offer very posh accommodation from private beach villas to succulent cottages. The shopping centre within the Palm is known to offer exquisite shopping options. If you're in Dubai, do not give the Palm a miss. Or even better, stay there.
Nehad Zein 2 years ago
The waterfront behind the tower features a mesmerizing light and sound show which can be views from a platform from the Mall of Emirates or from within the building. Don't even think of giving it a miss. The building is really high and if you decide to take the elevator all the way up to the top, you're in for a treat of a view. The view is enough reason to visit the Burj Khalifa, apart from the exclusive dining and stay options available in and around the Burj.
Nehad Zein 2 years ago
The Dubai desert safari is an experience which one must try atleast once in their lifetime. The sheer adrenaline when the driver drives and jumps across the sand dunes is exhilarating. The most enthralling is especially when they race the vehicle down the really steep sand hills. The post safari, belly dance and tanoura dance are mesmerising. And unwinding finally with the sheesha is another experience altogether.
Taniya Batra 2 years ago
The Ibn Battuta Mall is a sight to behold and should definitely be on your list for places to visit in Dubai. The mall was created as homage to the explorer Ibn Battuta and is the largest themed mall in the world. It is divided into six sections, each of which reflects the countries he has travelled to. These include- China, India, Persia, Tunisia, Egypt and Andalusia. The place not only offers a large number of shopping outlets to choose from but also a wide range of activities for others not so keen on shopping. The culturally rich site is a 20 minute drive from the Burj Khalifa. Metro trains and direct bus services are also available. I would suggest leaving an entire day just to explore this mall so as to cover all sites.

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