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Madinat Zayed

3.0 /5
Sub-Region: UAE


Best Time: November-March Read More

Ideal duration: 1-2 Days

Nearest Airport: Abu Dhabi International Airport Check Flights

"The Melange of Deserts and Skyscrapers"

Madinat Zayed Tourism

Located in Abu Dhabi, at the westernmost tip of the region, Madinat Zayed is the major and most prominent administrative district in Al Gharbia. However, it is also well-known for a festival that consists of a beauty pageant for camels called Al Dhafra Festival. It also features several quirky and entertaining events such as a traditional market, races and several social Emirati activities.

Nearby is the Habshan gas field which is an important natural resource. Madinat Zayed is regarded as one of Abu Dhabi’s premier destinations for buying gold. With over 400 kiosks and stores, the Madinat Zayed shopping complex is a thriving hub of commerce.

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More on Madinat Zayed

Places to Visit

1. Fun City
Fun City is located in Madinat Zayed and one of the best places to go if you are with kids. It offers various art games which will keep your children interested and excited throughout your stay.

2. Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre
Madinat Zayed Shopping Center is one of the most visited places in the city. It has over 400 shops which sell everything from the finest of Gold and Diamond jewellery. You can also enjoy a variety of food options and buy a variety of jewellery and electricals at cheap prices.

3. Liwa Oasis
Liwa Oasis is a large Oasis located close to Madinat Zayed. If you are visiting Madinat Zayed, make sure to go visit this Oasis too because of the lush beauty of the place. It is the historical home of the leaders of Abu Dhabi Emirate, the Nahyan Family. The cultivated palm forests in the middle of the desert may come off as a surprise to some visitors.

4. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the largest mosque of the country located in Abu Dhabi which is not far from Madinat Zayed. It is the place where several people come for daily prayers. During Eid, the number of visitors can increase to 42,000. It is a modern structure designed between 1996-2007. The place is lofted with marble domes held afoot by over a thousand pillars. It is completely white and is maintained very well throughout the years. It is certainly a must-visit place.

Madinat Zayed Photos

Madinat Zayed
Madina Zayed Cityscape View
Camels Found in the Desert of Madinat Zayed
Men in Traditional Attire, Madinat Zayed

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FAQs on Madinat Zayed

What is the best time to visit Madinat zayed?

The best time to visit Madinat Zayed is from November-March as the weather is quite well-suited even for warm weather travellers. It varies between 23°-28°. Also, rains are seen really less at this time of the year. Thus, these are the perfect months to enjoy the weather of Madinat Zayed. Tourism is second-best towards September-November during which Madinat Zayed faces its dry months. June-August are the rainy months and least visited amongst all. Lodging and other facilities become extremely low priced in these months.
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What are the places near Madinat zayed?

The top places near to Madinat zayed are Abu dhabi which is 3 km from Madinat zayed, Dubai which is located 120 km from Madinat zayed, Sharjah which is located 141 km from Madinat zayed, Ajman which is located 153 km from Madinat zayed, Fujairah which is located 214 km from Madinat zayed

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