Things To Do In Dahab

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Things To Do In Dahab

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1. Snorkel & Scuba Dive at Dahab Blue Hole

Snorkel & Scuba Dive at Dahab Blue Hole

124 km
from city center
1 out of 13
Things To Do in Dahab

Dahab Blue Hole is a popular diving location in the southeast of Sinai, on the coast of the Red Sea. Blue Hole is one of the most challenging diving locations on earth and attracts skilled divers from around the globe. It is surrounded by a reef wall that is almost vertical and has a maximum depth of about 120 meters.

2. Learn Scuba Diving or Free Diving

Learn Scuba Diving or Free Diving

2 out of 13
Things To Do in Dahab

With over 50 diving centres, Dahab is an excellent place for all sorts of Divers. The majestic coral backdrop and shallow waters of most diving spots in the city make it beginner friendly. PADI and CMAS courses are offered for beginners throughout Dahab. Sessions can be booked online or on-site. There are about 20 dive sites around Dahab, including the Bell, the Canyon, Eel Garden and Lighthouse reef.

3. Sunrise Hike to Mount Sinai

Sunrise Hike to Mount Sinai

78 km
from city center
3 out of 13
Things To Do in Dahab

Mount Sinai is one of the most renowned tourist spots in Egypt. It is also known as the St. Catherine Hike and is home to the sacred pilgrimage site of St Catherine’s cathedral. There are two trails en route to the mountain. The oldest and easiest is the Camel trail, which is an upward-going trail. The second trail taken while travelling back to the monastery at the foot of the mountain is called the steps of repentance. A local guide and Government clearance are mandatory to hike the sacred mountain.

4. Saint Catherine's Monastery

Saint Catherine's Monastery

78 km
from city center
4 out of 13
Things To Do in Dahab

St. Catherine’s monastery is a renowned UNESCO world heritage site. The ancient pilgrimage exists at the foot of the mountain in Saint Catherine town, Sinai Peninsula. The Oldest inhabited monastery and library in the world, it is home to texts and manuscripts in some of the most ancient languages in the world.

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5. See the Colored Canyon in Sinai

See the Colored Canyon in Sinai

119 km
from city center
5 out of 13
Things To Do in Dahab

About 90 kms north of Dahab lies the Colored Canyon or Salama Canyon, which is said to be around 800 meters long. The Red Canyon derives its name from the phenomenon that occurs when sunlight hits the granite rocks of the canyon. The rocks illuminate with a reddish glow, making the Salama Canyon a magnificent experience. Unfortunately, the canyon from which most of the pictures were captured has remained closed for more than a decade. Instead, visitors are guided to two canyons situated along the route to St. Catherine, both of which, while scenic, are relatively short and lack the same level of intrigue.

6. Kitesurfing in Dahab

Kitesurfing in Dahab

6 out of 13
Things To Do in Dahab

Dahab is windier than any other kitesurfing location in Egypt because it is situated in the Gulf of Aqaba, where the wind funnels down into the Gulf. Dahab has many kitesurfing sites that are great for beginners and advanced kite surfers. In addition, there are flat lagoons with shallow water, deep lagoons, and thrilling kitesurfing tours to remote lagoons only reachable by foot or camel.

7. Sinai Desert Safari

Sinai Desert Safari

3,230 km
from city center
7 out of 13
Things To Do in Dahab

With its varied landscapes and breathtaking vistas, Sinai's environment comes second to none. Desert safari tours generally include dune bashing, ATV rides, Camel back riding, dinner by the dunes, stargazing and cultural experiences like sipping on traditional Bedouin tea. These tours can be booked online.

8. Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

123 km
from city center
8 out of 13
Things To Do in Dahab

The Blue Lagoon in Dahab is a large, sheltered pond with still-crystal-clear water. It is shielded from the untamed waters of the Gulf of Aqaba by a low, arched strip of sand and rock. It is popular for swimming, snorkeling or sunbathing. It is also a great place to go kitesurfing owing to its steady waters and calm environment. Stores and cafes are also located nearby

9. Dahab Salt Lake

Dahab Salt Lake

9 out of 13
Things To Do in Dahab

One of Egypt's most beautiful lakes, the Salt Lake of Dahab, has a view of the Wadi El Hitan dunes and is situated in Fayoum. Also known as the magic lake, it is known for its healing properties like nourishing and smoothening skin, relief from joint pain, and relaxing muscles. Also, its waters are known for healing blue mud, like the Dead Sea. You can swim, snorkel and windsurf in the Salt Lake.

10. Rock Climbing in Dahab

Rock Climbing in Dahab

10 out of 13
Things To Do in Dahab

Rock Climbing is an excellent activity to do in Dahab around the Sanai range. Many companies offer beginners a rock climbing experience with a few rock climbing sessions. Dahab's most visited rock climbing sites include granite boulders in valleys with sand as the ground surface, Waterfalls, Camel Canyon, Bedouin Garden, and Qnai Adshan. Bookings can be made online or on-site.

11. Ras Abu Galum to Blue Hole Hike

Ras Abu Galum to Blue Hole Hike

11 out of 13
Things To Do in Dahab

A Bedouin village to the north of Dahab, Ras Abu Galum is a great place to swim and snorkel. In addition, the hiking trail from Ras Abu Galum to Blue Hole is extremely popular among tourists. The trail is about 7.21 miles, with a maximum elevation of 144 ft and has an easy to moderate difficulty level. It usually takes two and a half hours to complete this hike.

12. Visit Cairo to See Pyramids of Giza

Visit Cairo to See Pyramids of Giza

282 km
from city center
12 out of 13
Things To Do in Dahab

Tourists often take a day trip to Cairo from Dahab. Multiple buses and taxi options are available to and from these locations. After an overnight journey of 6 hours, start your trip by visiting the iconic Pyramid of Giza and the Egyptian Museum, and enjoy a sunset cruise across the Nile. Frequent buses run across these two cities throughout the day. The average cost per person for the journey should be around TRY155.

13. Take 1 Day Trip to Petra

Take 1 Day Trip to Petra

314 km
from city center
13 out of 13
Things To Do in Dahab

Petra is an ancient city carved out of variegated sandstone mountains. This 2,000-year-old city makes for a great day trip in Egypt with its jaw-dropping ruins, elaborate mausoleums, and magnificent temples. The city contains marvels such as the narrow yet long Siq, the Treasury, the Temple of Winged Lions, the Great Temple and even a dam. It is a city for enthusiasts of history and marvellous architecture.

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