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"World's Greatest Open Air Museum"

Luxor Tourism

Luxor is famously known as the world's greatest open-air museum. Located in southern Egypt, on the banks of the River Nile, this beautiful city consists of some of the world's most famous temples and tombs, a sprawling desert, and the famous Western Valley Ruins. There are over 70 major archaeological sites in Luxor and its surrounding areas. Additionally, there are countless smaller sites, tombs, and ruins waiting to be explored or being excavated.

Known throughout history as Thebes, Luxor was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Egypt. The city is divided into two districts by the River Nile. The East Bank is where the main Luxor Town is situated. It has four main sites—Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Luxor Museum, and Mummification Museum, Karnak Temple being the second largest religious structure in the world. The West Bank of Luxor houses the famous tombs, mortuary temples, and the Necropolis. The Valley of Kings is the most famous archaeological site on the West Bank.

As the sun sets in Luxor, the town offers an opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the local way of life, exploring bustling souks, sampling authentic Egyptian dishes, and engaging with friendly locals. Another thing, not to be missed in Luxor is taking a cruise or an authentic felucca ride along the Nile.

Must Know Before You Travel to Luxor

  • Bicycle: Luxor can be explored by rented bicycles that cost around 30-40 EGP per day.
  • Taxis: Prioritize renting a private taxi on the West bank as the area is large and Careem does not work in the area.
  • Local Ferries: Crossing over the Nile to the West Bank, from East Bank, is a faster option than driving by car, reducing the journey time by 30 minutes. A government ferry costing 20 EGP can be considered. However, several ferry operators are claiming to be government-aided but charging more.
  • Sightseeing: Devote one day to the West Bank exploration as sites are spread across a large area. Start early to avoid crowds.
  • Luxor Temple Night Visit: The temple is open till 10 PM for night explorations.
  • Online tickets: Purchase tickets online at "" to save time.
  • Discount for Students: Students with an International Student Identity Card can receive a 50% discount on all attractions.
  • Photography and Tripod Tickets: It is prohibited to use a camera on any site without a photography ticket. A tripod ticket is sold separately at every site. Tripods are not allowed inside the Valley of Kings.
  • Winter Solstice Sunrise at Karnak Temple: Karnak Temple's axis aligns with the Winter Solstice sunrise, making it more beautiful. Hence, it is overcrowded every 21st December.
  • Luxor Pass: Two types of Luxor passes are available that are valid for 5 consecutive days - Standard Pass($130) and Premium Pass($250). Both have the same benefits, except the standard pass does not include entry to the Tomb of Seti I in the Valley of the Kings and the Tomb of Nefertari in the Valley of the Queens. These can be bought from Karnal Temple and Valley of Kings ticket booths. With Cairo Pass, you can avail of a discount of 50% on the Luxor Pass.
  • Recommendations: Enjoy a meal at Sofra, one of the best restaurants in Luxor, or visit Al Sahaby Lane Restaurant to witness the sunset over the Nile.

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Shopping in Luxor

Luxor offers a vibrant shopping experience with various markets and souvenirs to explore. Here are some major areas and markets where you can indulge in shopping:

  • Luxor Souk: Located on Abd-El-Hameed Taha, this Souk sees tourists, as well as locals, bustling around as they look for a good deal. The Souk is divided into two parts -one for the tourists and one for the locals. From traditional clothing and jewelry to spices and souvenirs, you'll find it all here.
  • Al-Karnak Market: Situated near the Karnak Temple, this market is known for its unique selection of handmade crafts, pottery, and local artwork. It's a great place to pick up authentic Egyptian souvenirs.
  • Luxor West Bank Souk: Cross the Nile to the West Bank and explore this market for a more laid-back shopping experience. Here, you can find antiques, carpets, and handwoven textiles while enjoying beautiful views of the river.
  • Luxor Weekly Market (Souq al-Gom'aa): Every Friday, locals and visitors alike flock to this large weekly market to browse through a wide array of goods, including fresh produce, clothing, household items, and souvenirs. It's a must-visit for an authentic shopping experience.

Note: To bargain before purchasing any item in Egypt is customary.

What to Buy:

  • Egyptian Cotton Products: Luxor is famous for its high-quality Egyptian cotton, so why not take home some luxurious bed linens or towels as a souvenir?
  • Alabaster Statues: Explore the local shops and markets for beautifully crafted alabaster statues depicting ancient Egyptian deities and symbols.
  • Papyrus Art: Papyrus, an ancient writing material, is often used to create intricate artworks depicting scenes from Egyptian history and mythology. Look for authentic papyrus art pieces to bring home a piece of Egypt's heritage.
  • Spices and Perfumes: Treat your senses to the exotic aromas of Egyptian spices and perfumes. You can find an array of spices like cumin, coriander, and saffron, as well as fragrant oils and perfumes inspired by ancient recipes.
  • Handmade Jewelry: Adorn yourself with unique jewelry pieces inspired by ancient Egyptian designs. Look for intricately crafted pieces featuring scarab beetles, Ankh symbols, and hieroglyphics.
  • Egyptian Antiques: For a truly special souvenir, consider purchasing an Egyptian antique such as a small statue, amulet, or piece of pottery. Just make sure to verify its authenticity and comply with any export regulations.

Nightlife in Luxor

Luxor is not very well-known for its nightlife. For one, this place is generally visited for its architecture and history. Secondly, pubs and taverns are frequented by locals who are not the friendliest towards foreigners. Some restaurants do sell alcohol, so it is safer to enjoy a drink or two in the safety of such an environment. It must also be noted that getting drunk in Luxor is not appreciated.

History of Luxor

Luxor was then the ancient city of Thebes. Back during the 11th Dynasty, Luxor began to thrive. Luxury, an elevated social standing, art and wisdom were what made this city flourish. This period of affluence also saw the arrival of people like the Mitanni, the Babylonians, the Minoans, etc. The grandeur of Luxor began to fall with the invasion by Emperor Assurbanipal, who saw to it that the Libyan prince ascended the throne. Thebes turned into ruins. With time, the city became a spiritual area of visit. Monasteries and temples began to be built to add to the religious aura.

Where to Stay

If you're wondering where to stay in Luxor, consider these points:

  • East Bank: This area is the heart of the action. You'll find bustling markets, cozy cafes, and plenty of shops. Plus, it's super convenient because most of the top attractions like Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple are right nearby. Transportation is easy, and there are lots of options for dining and entertainment in the evenings.
  • West Bank: If you prefer a more laid-back vibe and want to focus on exploring ancient sites, the West Bank might be your best bet. It's also generally more budget-friendly compared to the East Bank. However, keep in mind that you'll need to take a ferry or cab to reach the museums and markets on the East Bank.

Daily Budget Expenditure for Luxor

For budget travelers exploring Luxor, Egypt, daily expenses can be managed effectively with some prudent planning.
  • Public transport offers an economical way to get around, with options like buses and microbuses being the most budget-friendly, averaging around 2-5 EGP per ride.
  • Accommodation in budget hotels or hostels can cost anywhere from 100-300 EGP per night, depending on amenities and location.
  • Dining at local eateries and street food stalls provides delicious meals at reasonable prices, with a daily food budget ranging from 50-150 EGP.
  • Sightseeing expenses include entrance fees to attractions like the Luxor Temple and the Karnak Temple Complex, typically around 80-200 EGP per site.
  • Finally, miscellaneous activities such as shopping at local markets or taking a felucca ride on the Nile can add around 50-200 EGP to your daily budget.
Overall, budget travelers can expect to spend approximately 300-800 EGP per day in Luxor, making it an affordable destination for those seeking cultural immersion without breaking the bank.

Tips for Visiting Luxor

  • To experience amazing sunrises, head to the sites on the East Bank, and for sunsets, to the sites on the West Bank.
  • Since there are numerous tombs and sites to explore, research and prioritize the ones you want to visit as getting inside a tomb often involves climbing stairs which is difficult and time taking.
  • Most of the sites don't have a signage to explain what exactly they are, so it is recommended to get guided tours in case one wants indepth knowledge on them.
  • Many sections of the main sites are closed off to the public, but with a small tip (baksheesh), the guards may allow you access to these forbidden areas.
  • Passengers should ensure their electronic devices are fully charged before boarding trains to Luxor from Cairo and Aswan, as they lack electric sockets.

Best Time to Visit Luxor

How to Reach Luxor

How to Reach Overview

You can get in to Luxor by train, plane, bus and boat services.

How to reach Luxor by flight

Luxor International Airport sees a lot of flights (domestic plus international) coming in, including European and Middle Eastern lines. From the airport, you can take a bus if it has been organized by the hotel or a taxi. EgyptAir is the most common airline that flies to Luxor. Travelers can fly into Luxor from major cities around the world, including Cairo, Istanbul, London, Paris, and Dubai, among others.

How to reach Luxor by road

Road travel to Luxor is possible from other cities in Egypt and neighboring countries. Travelers can drive or take a bus from Cairo to Luxor, with the journey taking approximately 9-10 hours by road. You can rent a car or a metered taxi that will drive you into Luxor.

How to reach Luxor by train

Only about a quarter of the trains running between Luxor and Cairo daily are accessible to foreigners. These trains are considered the "nicer" options and are preferred by the Egyptian government for their enhanced security measures. They bypass smaller train stations in central Egypt that lack Tourist Police presence, making them safer for foreign travelers. The seats on these trains are comfortable and spacious, although amenities like power outlets and Wi-Fi are not available. Overnight trains run fron Cairo or Ghiza to Luxor, as well.

How to reach Luxor by bus

Buses leave from the area behind Luxor Temple, to some cities. You can travel from Aswan to Cairo and Luxor. Overnight buses from Cairo are available that start around 23:30 and reach Luxor in 8-12 hours. There is also a bus to Sharm which pulls off by 5:00. Buses can be booked from Gobus app.

How to reach Luxor by waterways

Boats are available between Luxor and Aswan, as well as Lake Nasser to Abu Simbel. The felucca Nile cruise is also very popular and makes for a beautiful ride into the city. But as the route is fixed and there are only the most popular sites on sightseeing list, it can become a bit laid back for more adventurous people.

Local transport in Luxor

Getting around Luxor is a real breeze. Several people walk around the city on foot. However, many more rent bicycles and/or motorbikes. You can rent bikes from shops at 30-40 EGP per day. However, check with your hotel before doing so, as they may rent bikes themselves. Motorbikes can be rented out at 50 EGP or so per hour. However, if you have good bargaining skills, you can hire one for an even lower cost. There are also taxis in Luxor. However, note that they arenêt metered and a firm price has to be set beforehand. You can also hop into one of the many minibuses. Boats can be taken to travel from the West Bank to the East Bank and vice versa. Alternately, you could even opt for a caleche, which is a horse-drawn carriage, to take you around, for about 20 EGP or less, an hour.

Luxor Photos

Luxor, Egypt
Karnak Temple is the second largest religious structure in the world.
The Valley of the Kings houses the tombs of pharaohs and powerful nobles of ancient Egypt, including the famous tomb of Tutankhamun.
The Colossi of Memnon are massive statues standing at the entrance of Amenhotep III's mortuary .

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FAQs on Luxor

What are the places near Luxor?

The top places near to Luxor are Cairo which is 503 km from Luxor, Jerusalem which is located 721 km from Luxor, London which is located 3983 km from Luxor, Dubai which is located 2270 km from Luxor, New york city which is located 9455 km from Luxor

What are the top hotels in Luxor?

There are 241 in Luxor which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Luxor are Kareem Hotel Luxor, Habu Dome Villla, Fayrouz Apartmernts, Amon Apartments, Hagag Appartement et ses terrasses, Horus Apartments Luxor. You can see all the hotels in Luxor here

What is the best way to reach Luxor?

You can get in to Luxor by train, plane, bus and boat services.
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What is the local food in Luxor?

It is said that the food of Luxor tastes absolutely delicious. Traditionally, they begin their meals with a plate of pita bread and mezze, which could be taboule or baba ganoush. They use the meat of rabbits and pigeons in their preparations, so know what youêre going for while ordering a non-vegetarian meal. Cheese and other dairy products are used abundantly in their preparations.
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What is the best time to visit Luxor?

The temperature during this time is most favourable for travelling, ranging between 23 and 26 degrees Celsius. Summer months are almost impossibly rough on tourists, so it is always better to visit during December to February, as it is cooler and you will be able to make the most of your trip.
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