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"The City of Ancient Ruins, Temples & Natural Beauty"

Luxor Tourism

Luxor is famously known as a religious hotbed of Egypt. Located in Southern Egypt, Luxor is a beautiful city, divided into several districts. It has beautiful temples, rivers, a sprawling desert and the famous Western Valley Ruins.

Luxor was the then city of Thebes and it had a number of different names. ¥The city of the 100 gates, ¥Southern City, etc were some of the names accorded to it. Today, it is visited by hundreds of tourists every year, on account of its popular spots such as the Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens, to name a few. Divided into East Bank and West Bank, the city has lots of sites to see as well as lots of things to do.

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Currency in Luxor

The currency of Luxor is the Egyptian pound (LE). There are 100 piastres in one Egyptian pound. Notes in circulation are 200, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5 Egyptian pounds. Old and torn notes tend to be given out by shopkeepers, but do not accept them as they will not be taken by anybody else in the city.

Exchanging Money in Luxor

Avoid paying commission by exchanging your money in Egypt. You can exchange cash at the visa offices in the airport. ATM machines are also available at the airport. There are also several ATMs here. Hotel lobbies,like the Jolie Ville, the Sonesta St George, Sofitel Karnak, the Lotus and the Eatabe also have ATMs in their lobbies. You can even exchange currency at banks, most of which have ATMs right outside. Credit cards are accepted, but not by all hotels and/or cruises.

Daily Budget for Luxor

Travelling on a budget in Luxor will cost you approximately LE 100. A mid-range option would come up to LE 200. A luxurious stay in Luxor will cost you LE 300 to 400, depending on what you spend on.

Religion of Luxor

The official religion that is followed here is Islam. Sunni Muslims make up a vast majority of the population. The non-Muslim population comprises of Christians, Catholics, Jews, Protestants, etc.

Luxor Customs

The weather here is generally hot. So, carry light, cotton-based clothes with you. Women should dress modestly, to respect the sentiments of the locals and their religion. Not only will you be respecting their customs, you will also be protecting yourselves from the bright and blazing sun. Tipping is necessary in Luxor. However, make sure you donêt get too generous with your tip, as word spreads fast in the city, soon leading to you becoming a target of fleecing at stores.

Language of Luxor

Language: The official language of Luxor is Arabic. Other languages that are spoken here are English, French and in some rare cases, Japanese. •Laa Shookranê is an important phrase to learn. It means •No Thank Youê and can be used to get rid of cloying taxi drivers, shopkeepers, etc.

History of Luxor

Luxor was then the ancient city of Thebes. Back during the 11th Dynasty, Luxor began to thrive. Luxury, an elevated social standing, art and wisdom were what made this city flourish. This period of affluence also saw the arrival of people like the Mitanni, the Babylonians, the Minoans, etc. The grandeur of Luxor began to fall with the invasion by Emperor Assurbanipal, who saw to it that the Libyan prince ascended the throne. Thebes turned into ruins. With time, the city became a spiritual area of visit. Monasteries and temples began to be built to add to the religious aura.

Nightlife in Luxor

Luxor is not very well-known for its nightlife. For one, this place is generally visited for its architecture and history. Secondly, pubs and taverns are frequented by locals who are not the friendliest towards foreigners. Some restaurants do sell alcohol, so it is safer to enjoy a drink or two in the safety of such an environment. It must also be noted that getting drunk in Luxor is not appreciated.

Shopping in Luxor

Luxor is famous for its Old Market, or the Souk. Located on Abd-El-Hameed Taha, this Souk sees tourists as well as locals, bustling around as they look for a good deal. The Souk is also divided into two parts _ one for the tourists and one for the locals. It is safer to steer clear of the locals section, as hassling takes place on a large scale there. Clothes, leather bags, jewellery, spices and more can be found for purchase at the Souk. Bargaining is almost like a game but it is important to remember to be firm with your price.

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FAQs on Luxor

What is the best time to visit Luxor?

The temperature during this time is most favourable for travelling, ranging between 23 and 26 degrees Celsius. Summer months are almost impossibly rough on tourists, so it is always better to visit during December to February, as it is cooler and you will be able to make the most of your trip.
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What is the local food in Luxor?

It is said that the food of Luxor tastes absolutely delicious. Traditionally, they begin their meals with a plate of pita bread and mezze, which could be taboule or baba ganoush. They use the meat of rabbits and pigeons in their preparations, so know what youêre going for while ordering a non-vegetarian meal. Cheese and other dairy products are used abundantly in their preparations.
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What is the best way to reach Luxor?

You can get in to Luxor by train, plane, bus and boat services.
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What are the top hotels in Luxor?

There are 241 in Luxor which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Luxor are Kareem Hotel Luxor, Habu Dome Villla, Fayrouz Apartmernts, Amon Apartments, Hagag Appartement et ses terrasses, Horus Apartments Luxor. You can see all the hotels in Luxor here

What are the places near Luxor?

The top places near to Luxor are Cairo which is 503 km from Luxor, Jerusalem which is located 721 km from Luxor, London which is located 3983 km from Luxor, Dubai which is located 2270 km from Luxor, New york city which is located 9455 km from Luxor

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