Places To Visit in Egypt

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Here are the top 13 tourist places in Egypt

1. Cairo

4.2 /5

1 out of 13
Places to visit in Egypt 52
Tourist attractions

Nestled on the banks of th Nile River, Cairo is the bustling capital city of Egypt, located in the northeastern part of Africa. It is known for its awe-inspiring historical landmarks, including the iconic Pyramids of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Right by the pyramids, is popu...

Best Time: Mar, Apr, Oct, Nov

2. Luxor

4.5 /5

2 out of 13
Places to visit in Egypt 23
Tourist attractions

Luxor is famously known as the world's greatest open-air museum. Located in southern Egypt, on the banks of the River Nile, this beautiful city consists of some of the world's most famous temples and tombs, a sprawling desert, and the famous Western Valley Ruins. There are over 70 major ar...

Best Time: October to April

3. Alexandria

4.5 /5

3 out of 13
Places to visit in Egypt 21
Tourist attractions

Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt. Being one of the major Mediterranean ports in the country, Alexandria boasts stunning coastlines and beachfronts. Founded by Alexander the Great, the city has a rich history, and is studded with museums, historical neighborhoods, and archaeological par...

Best Time: December-February

4. Hurghada

4.7 /5

4 out of 13
Places to visit in Egypt 28
Tourist attractions

Stretching 40 kms along the Red Coast, Hurghada is a resort town in Egypt, located 600 km from Cairo on the southeastern coast of Egypt. It is known for its stunning coral reefs and turquoise waters. One of Egypt's main tourist attractions, Hurghada, a fishing village that once used to be, is n...

Best Time: Mar to May, Sep, Nov

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5. Sharm El Sheikh

3.8 /5

5 out of 13
Places to visit in Egypt 26
Tourist attractions

Sharm El Sheikh is an Egyptian resort town nestled in the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, between Mount Sinai and the Red Sea, that has resorts spread all over. Known for its coral reefs, sheltered sandy beaches, and turquoise waters, Sharm El Sheikh is one of the best diving spots in the world...

Best Time: Apr, May, Sep, Oct

6. Siwa

4.0 /5

6 out of 13
Places to visit in Egypt 5
Tourist attractions

Siwa Oasis, nestled in the vast expanse of the Sahara Desert, is situated in the western corner of Egypt. It is known for its stunning natural beauty, salt lakes, hot springs, and ancient sites. Located approximately 300 kilometers from the Mediterranean coast, it's a serene haven far...

Best Time: October - April

7. Aswan

4.2 /5

7 out of 13
Places to visit in Egypt 18
Tourist attractions

Aswan is the southernmost city in Egypt, along the river Nile bank. Located about 900 kilometers south of Cairo, it houses 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites to date. It is part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the category of craft and folk art. Popular amongst history geeks, Aswan lives as a ce...

Best Time: Oct to May

8. Dahab

4.6 /5

8 out of 13
Places to visit in Egypt 17
Tourist attractions

The quaint coastal village of Dahab is located on the southeastern coast of the Sinai Peninsula, 80 kms from Sharm el-Sheikh. This Egyptian town enjoys solitude in the form of isolated beaches and laid-back Bedouin hospitality, making it an ideal holiday destination for those who like simple-yet-lux...

Best Time: Apr-May, Sep-Oct

9. Abu Simbel

2.9 /5

9 out of 13
Places to visit in Egypt

Abu Simbel is a small village in southern Egypt, approximately 300 kilometers south of Aswan and just 20 kilometers north of the Sudanese border. Nestled on the western bank of Lake Nasser in the historical region of Nubia. Abu Simbel is primarily known and visited for its awe-inspiring temple compl...

Best Time: November - February

10. Giza

3.8 /5

10 out of 13
Places to visit in Egypt 7
Tourist attractions

Giza, Egypt is a traveler's paradise. Located on the west bank of the Nile, it is home to some of the world's most iconic monuments, including the Great Pyramid of Giza. Highlights of Giza include the Great Sphinx of Giza, the Valley Temple, and the Solar Boat Museum. Visitors can take a camel ride ...

Best Time: October - April

11. El Gouna

4.0 /5

11 out of 13
Places to visit in Egypt 3
Tourist attractions

El Gouna, located on the Red Sea Riviera 25 km away from Hurghada, is a perfect destination for travelers looking for a luxurious holiday experience. It is an artificial archipelago of islands, privately owned by an Egyptian billionaire, made to look like Venice. The town is developed with 18 hotels...

Best Time: October - April

12. Marsa Alam

3.9 /5

12 out of 13
Places to visit in Egypt

Marsa Alam is a city located on the Red Sea Coast in Egypt and is a great destination for travelers. From its breathtaking beaches to its vibrant culture and history, Marsa Alam is an ideal spot for a vacation. Some of the key tourist spots and attractions include its coral reefs, the Temple of Seti...

Best Time: October - April

13. Taba

3.6 /5

13 out of 13
Places to visit in Egypt

Taba, Egypt is an ideal destination for travelers looking for a combination of beach and desert adventure. Located on the Gulf of Aqaba, Taba is nestled between Israel, Egypt, and Jordan. With its stunning Red Sea views and beautiful desert landscapes, Taba offers plenty of activities for travelers.

Best Time: October - April

FAQs on Egypt

What is the currency of Egypt?

The Egyptian Pound is the official currency of Egypt. The most frequently used notes are of denominations EGP 1, EGP 5, EGP 10, EGP 20, EGP 50 and EGP 100. Coins are also used. Dollars, euros and sterling are accepted here by the people, however, the EGP or the local currency definitely holds more value. Cards are accepted by most places.

What is the history of Egypt?

In the 4th Century, Egypt was known as the Byzantine Empire. Ancient Egypt was very well organized, divided into appropriate areas. Egypt's central authority crumbled in 1281 BC when it was split. However, it was soon reunited and art and literature truly flourished during this time. This was followed by the Second Intermediate Period when Egypt was seized by the Hyskos. Egypt became partly autonomous under the Ottomans. After a lot of civil unrest, wars and power struggles, Egypt finally received its new Constitution in the year 2014. Today, it is a flourishing nation.

What is unique about culture of Egypt?

A lot of civilisations developed in the Nile Valley, making Egypt deeply rooted in culture. The country does have a gap between the classes and the masses. Polygyny is on the decline. The nuclear family system is the most predominant one, although there are a few households that still have an extended family unit. Christianity and Islam are the major religions of Egypt. Arabic is the most common language spoken here. Apart from that, a couple of regional dialects also abound. English and French languages are also spoken in equal measure by the locals.

How is Egypt divided into regions?

Egypt can be divided into four prime regions: The Nile Valley and the Nile Delta which form the greatest oasis on the planet, the Western Desert which holds the Great Sand Sea, the Eastern Desert which is known for the Red Sea Hills and the Sinai Peninsula, rife with animals, birds and reptiles.
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