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"Coral Reefs, Turquoise Waters and Nightlife"

Hurghada Tourism

Stretching 40 kms along the Red Coast, Hurghada is a resort town in Egypt, located 600 km from Cairo on the southeastern coast of Egypt. It is known for its stunning coral reefs and turquoise waters. One of Egypt's main tourist attractions, Hurghada, a fishing village that once used to be, is now known for its nightlife, all-inclusive resorts with in-house waterparks, beaches, and water sports activities.

Hurghada does not have many spectacular sightseeing options. Still, it offers numerous adventure activities like cruising along the Red Sea to Giftun islands, quad biking in the Sahara desert, or a glass-bottom boat ride with amazing corals. Also known for its watersports, Hurghada has some of the best numerous diving and snorkelling sites around Abu Ramada Island, Giftun Kebir, Fanadir and Giftun Soraya. Tourists also like to visit the shipwrecks at El Mina and Rosalie Moller.

Hurghada is divided into El Ahia, El Helal, El Dahar, Sakala, El Kawsar and El Mamsha. The traditional bazaars, post offices, and bus stations are located in downtown El Dahar. The city center, Sakala, is the busiest area, closest to all major tourist spots, and has excellent accommodation options. El Mamsha is a modern town studded with new and luxury hotels, restaurants, and cafes. This beach town is a perfect blend of modernism and traditions, studded with vintage coffee houses and restaurants. It also houses some great bars and clubs to spend the night on your dreamy beach holiday.

Must Know Before You Travel to Hurghada

  • Accomodation: For an authentic Egyptian experience, stay in El Dahar (old town) while choosing Sakala (city center) for budget-friendly options. Luxury resorts are mostly located in El Sakala and the marina.
  • Airport Transfers: Most private taxis charge high when traveling from the airport. To save money, walk about 500 m to the highways after leaving the airport and take a taxi. A bus service running from the airport to Hurghada city center leaves every 20 minutes.
  • Taxis: Uber and Careem cabs are also easily available. It is essential to bargain with taxi drivers and not travel with meter on as they might be tempered with.
  • Bargaining: For purchasing souvenirs or services, bargaining to reach a price preferred by both sides is recommended in order to avoid overpaying.
  • Booking a Resort: Check for a regular rate before booking a resort as there are different booking charges for Egyptian and foreign guests.

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Nightlie in Hurghada

In Hurghada, Egypt, the nightlife scene pulsates with energy across several key areas. Marina Boulevard stands out as a picturesque hub, offering a blend of waterfront charm and vibrant nightlife. Sakkala, another bustling district, lures revelers with its diverse array of bars, clubs, and discos. Meanwhile, Sheraton Road beckons with its lively ambiance and a plethora of bars, pubs, and clubs, ensuring there's something for every taste. Along the vibrant Corniche and in the lively El Raml Station area, cafes and lounges buzz with activity, offering a dynamic atmosphere for sharing a hukkah with friends amid the city's vibrant energy.

Shopping in Hurghada

Alongside various shopping centres and malls, Hurghada has several street markets, where bargaining is a must-have skill. Souks in El Dahar, Sheraton Street and El Mamsha are the best places to purchase Egyptian souvenirs, haggling is definitely required in these areas because of the hiked-up prices. Sheraton Street in Sakala is Hurghada's busiest and longest shopping street. These shops aren't fixed price, you will have to negotiate with the vendors. El Mamsha, the upscale Hurghada Marina Boulevard, and El Kawther are other important souqs selling local souvenirs. El Mamsha also has a few malls where you can buy branded products. The old market or El Dahar is a must-visit for the experience alone. Additionally, visitors can browse through the weekly Hurghada Marina Market or the nighttime Old Town Market to find unique souvenirs such as Egyptian cotton products, alabaster statues, spices, handmade jewelry, and papyrus art. Located 15 kms away from the city centre is Senzo mall, the largest shopping mall in Hurghada, with its buses coming in from different parts of the town. Full of international chains and restaurants, the mall offers an arcade and movieplex as well!

History of Hurghada

Situated along the stunning shores of the Red Sea, Hurghada boasts a rich history dating back thousands of years. Once a small fishing village, its transformation into a bustling tourist destination began in the 20th century. However, its roots trace back to ancient times when it served as a crucial port on the route between Africa and Asia. Over the centuries, various civilizations, including the Ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Ottomans, left their mark on the region. In the late 20th century, Hurghada experienced rapid development with the rise of tourism, attracting visitors from around the world with its pristine beaches, vibrant marine life, and world-class resorts. Today, it stands as one of Egypt's premier tourist destinations, blending ancient history with modern luxury, offering travelers a captivating glimpse into its storied past.

Daily Budget Expenditure in Hurghada

For a budget traveler in Hurghada, Egypt, an overall daily budget of around 300-800 EGP would suffice for basic expenses, including public transport, accommodation, food, sightseeing, and miscellaneous activities.
Public transportation, like buses or minibusses, offers a cost-effective means of getting around the city, with fares averaging around 2-5 EGP per ride.
Accommodation options cater to various budgets, from budget hostels starting at around 100-200 EGP per night to mid-range hotels ranging from 300-600 EGP.
Dining out is also wallet-friendly, with local eateries and street food stalls serving up delicious meals for as little as 20-50 EGP per dish.
For sightseeing, many attractions such as the Hurghada Marina and El Dahar district offer free or low-cost experiences, while activities like snorkeling trips to nearby reefs can be booked for around 200-300 EGP. Budgeting a bit extra for miscellaneous expenses like souvenirs or unexpected costs can ensure a stress-free exploration of this vibrant Red Sea destination without breaking the bank.

Suggested Itinerary for Hurghada

Day 1: Start your day at the Mosque El Mina Masjid, a multi-dome modern mosque in Hurghada. Next, head to the Sinbad submarines, which is a unique experience in Hurghada. This will take up to 3 hours, after which you can unwind by booking dinner and show at a popular Turkish restaurant offering Arabian nights.

Day 2: Enjoy a quick dive among the coral reefs of the Aegean sea. Book your scuba diving session online or on-site around the city center, where multiple travel agencies offer the experience. You can also go for a desert safari and experience adventure through ATVs and camel rides. The sunset desert tour will also include dinner in the dunes.

If you have more days in Hurghada, take a day trip to the Giftun islands.

Best Time to Visit Hurghada

How to Reach Hurghada

How to Reach Overview

It is easy to reach Hurghada mainly by air and by road. There is no proper train or sea connectivity.

How to reach Hurghada by flight

Most travelers reach Hurghada by flying into Hurghada International Airport (HRG). This airport serves domestic and international flights, connecting Hurghada to major cities around the world. Travelers can find direct flights to Hurghada from Europe, the Middle East, and other parts of Africa. Airlines such as EgyptAir, Turkish Airlines, and Ryanair operate regular flights to and from Hurghada. Regular domestic flights run from Cairo and Alexandria.

How to reach Hurghada by road

Traveling to Hurghada by road is possible from various cities within Egypt. Visitors can rent a car and drive to Hurghada from Cairo, Luxor, or other major cities, following well-maintained highways. There are several checkpoints along the routes and travellers are expected to follow the rules or else they are fined.

How to reach Hurghada by bus

There are regular buses from Cairo, Aswan, Alexandria, and Luxor operated by several bus companies. The bus journey from Cairo to Hurghada typically takes around 6 to 7 hours and there are both daytime and overnight buses available. Traveling from Alexandria to Hurghada by bus involves a journey of approximately 8 to 9 hours. There are fewer direct buses available. The bus journey from Luxor to Hurghada takes around 4 to 5 hours and there is regular connectivity of buses.

Local transport in Hurghada

Walking: Many of Hurghada's attractions, restaurants, and shops are within walking distance of each other, particularly in the central areas. Just be mindful of the hot weather, especially during the summer months, and stay hydrated.

Bicycle Rental: Exploring Hurghada on two wheels can be a fun and eco-friendly experience. Several rental shops offer bicycles for daily or hourly rates, allowing you to pedal around the city at your own pace. Rental prices can range from 50-150 EGP per day, depending on the quality of the bike and rental duration.

Taxis: The most effective way to move around is by uber, careem of private taxi(if you can mindfully bargain). They are budget frindly and time saving. Some busy areas my seem blocked for services on Uber app. You can move away a bit futher from theat area and the service might appear available again.

Public Bus: Hurghada has a public bus system that connects different parts of the city. While it may not be as frequent or punctual as in some other cities, it's still an option for budget-conscious travelers. Bus fares are typically very cheap, ranging from 2-5 EGP per ride.

Microbuses: The cheapest way is by microobuses that run along fixed routes. These can be hailed along the route you wish to go. These minibuses can pull over anywhere to pick up or drop off its passangers. They can be crowded but offer a budget-friendly way to explore Hurghada. Fares are usually around 5-10 EGP per ride.

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