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"The Alternative Resort Town"

Dahab Tourism

The quaint coastal village of Dahab is located on the southeastern coast of the Sinai Peninsula, 80 kms from Sharm el-Sheikh. This Egyptian town enjoys solitude in the form of isolated beaches and laid-back Bedouin hospitality, making it an ideal holiday destination for those who like simple-yet-luxurious vacations.

Home to golden sand beaches, Dahab spreads across 1,130 square kilometers on Aqaba bay. The perfect blend of the Red sea and Sinai make Dahab the ideal backdrop for adventure sports like surfing, scuba diving, freediving, rock climbing or desert trekking. Dahab is rightly regarded as the Red Sea's top diving location and its most popular diving locations include the Blue Hole and Ras Abu Galuom, a protected area. However, the Blue Hole is often regarded as the most dangerous diving location in the world and must not be explored by beginners.

Dahab is divided into three distinct zones. Masbat features the Bedouin village of Asalah, which has traditional charm, while Mashraba, in the north and south, boasts many hotels catering to tourists. In the southwest lies Medina, home to the Laguna area, a hotspot for shallow-water windsurfing enthusiasts. There are also some upmarket resorts in the Laguna area.

Dahab is now known as an alternative resort, owing to the sudden popularity the city has assumed in its tourism. Therefore, it is a great place to visit, especially for beach lovers! It has also become popular with digital nomads worldwide because of its laid-back and chill vibe.

Must Know Before You Travel to Dahab

  • Accomodation: The best areas to stay include the lighthouse area, Assala, and Eel Garden neighborhood. They are away from Mashraba's loud atmosphere but still close to the beach, affordable and has plenty restaurants, cafes, shops, and diving or water sports services.. 
  • Getting Around: Dahab is fairly small, and it is possible to walk around and rent a bike for 350 EGP per week. If staying for more than a month, buying a bicycle will be cheaper than renting one. Almost all the bikes available for rent are in bad shape.
  • Wifi Connectivity: Digital nomads or backpackers with wifi needs can buy a local sim as wifi facilities in most stays and cafes are unreliable.
  • ID Proof Copy on Blue Hole Entry: While traveling to Blue Hole, carry copies of your passport as the officers at checkpoints may demand it.

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Shopping in Dahab

The Ghazala Market and the Community Market are two places in Dahab selling various souvenirs ranging from rugs, oriental lamps, shirts in different lengths with embroidery, backgammon games, and silver jewelry. However, Bedouin handicrafts, hand-embroidered clothes and dates are the most popular gifts people buy from these areas for their loved ones.

Nightlife in Dahab

Nightlife in Dahab is rather quite. Though there are many places, restaurants, cafes and shisha lounges that serve alcohol and play music but they are not exactly similar to dancing clubs. Some of these places include Churchill's and Blue Beach.

History of Dahab

Dahab, nestled on the eastern coast of the Sinai Peninsula, holds a captivating history that intertwines with ancient trade routes and Bedouin culture. Historically, Dahab served as a stopover for caravans journeying between Egypt and the Levant, making it a vital trading post. Its name, meaning "gold" in Arabic, is believed to stem from the shimmering hues of the surrounding desert sands. Over time, Dahab evolved from a humble Bedouin settlement into a beloved destination for adventurous travelers seeking solace along its tranquil shores.

Daily Budget Expenditure in Dahab

Overall, a budget traveler in Dahab can expect to spend around 800-1000 EGP per day, depending on their choices and preferences.
Accomodation at single dorm rooms will be costed around 500 EGP per night while deluxe double room would cost about  700-800. 
Dining out would cost you around 200-300 EGP per day.
Public transport should cost around 100 EGP per day.
Miscellaneous actvities like diving, snorkeling is not added in this of taken up bu third party. That will cost extra.

Suggested Itinerary for Dahab

Day 1: The best thing to do in Dahab is definitely snorkelling around the Blue hole. So start your day by heading to the blue hole, where you can swim, dive or snorkel. In addition, you can visit the 7-island Pinnacle for the coral reefs and incredible vistas.

Day 2: Start climbing Mount Sinai the night before. It is a 3-hour drive and a 2-hour hike from Dahab. Reach just in time for a gorgeous sunrise and visit Saint Catherine's Monastery before heading back to town.

Best Time to Visit Dahab

How to Reach Dahab

How to Reach Overview

The most common mode for reaching Dahab is by road. Dahab is mostly visited by tourists from Cairo or Sharm El Sheikh as both of these cities have international airports. In certain cases, if traveling from Jordon or Isreal, one has to first take a ferry from respective country to nearest port in Egypt and then take a taxi or bus to Dahab.

How to reach Dahab by flight

Nearest international and domestic Airport is Sharm El Sheikh International Airport. It takes about an hour in a taxi from Sharm El Sheikh to Dahab.

How to reach Dahab by road

Most of the tourist arrive Dahab either from Cairo or from Sharm El Sheikh. Private transfers from Cairo to Dahab include long travel hours. However it shows about 7-8 hours on maps, it generally takes upto 10-12 hours to reach Dahab because of the checkpoints along way. 

From Sharm El Sheikh, private transfers from self driven car or by taxi takes about 1-2 hours. The taxis from airport ranges around 900-1000 EGP depending upon the time of day. 

How to reach Dahab by bus

Cairo to Dahab: There are plenty of buses that run between Cairo and Dahab. However it shows about 7-8 hours on maps, it generally takes upto 10-12 hours to reach Dahab because of the checkpoints along way. The bus companies operating along this route include Gobus, Otobesy, Blue Bus and WeBus. WeBus is a petfriendly option for traveling to Dahab. Nightbuses are usually preffered by tourists from Cairo to Dahab.

Sharm El Sheikh to Dahab: Buses from Sharm el Sheikh to Dahab are the cheapest mode of transportation between the two cities. It takes anout 1 hour or less from the bus station at the Sharm El Sheikh city center. The cost of bus ride to Dahab costs around 65 EGP, one way.

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