What is the best time to visit Chamba?

March to June is the best time to visit Chamba as these months have pleasant weather with moderate temperature. Summer in the valleys of Chamba is warm with cold nights. Don't think twice if you're planning an offbeat vacation or honeymoon. July is the beginning of monsoons, and while it's advisable not to visit the district in heavy rainfalls, the misty and cold showers are complementary to the greenery of the valley. December is the time for snow lovers so make sure to carry woollens as the temperature might dip down to sub-zero levels.

Weather in Chamba


Upcoming Chamba Weather

Monthly Weather in Chamba

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 6 17
February 9 23
March 11 27
April 16 35
May 20 38
June 22 38
July 24 34
August 23 33
September 22 34
October 16 32
November 9 26
December 6 22

Chamba in Summers (April-June)

The Summer season in Chamba begins with April and continues until June. The days are pleasant during Summers and the night become considerably cold. The temperature in summers does not rise above 38 degrees. It is considered as the best time to visit Chamba to beat the scorching heat of Indian Summers. The day time is perfect for strolling across the town, enjoying activities like mountain climbing, trekking and horse riding. The sky remains clear during summers, which makes it a good time for getting magnificent views of the hills from the viewpoints. Suhi mela is celebrated in April. Fairs are held at this time in Chamba which last for fifteen days. It is a perfect time to witness the cultural vibrance of the town.
Chamba from Iti
Chamba from Iti

Chamba in Winters (October- March)

This is another good time to visit Chamba if you're planning an off-season tour. Winters are suitable for budget travellers as they can avail discounts on hotels. The temperature can drop down to sub-zero levels with December and January witnessing heavy snowfall. Chamba remains snow-covered until the end of March.

Chamba in Monsoon (July- October)

Monsoon starts from July in Chamba. It is advisable not to visit Chamba during this time of the year. However, the town remains cool and misty at this time, with greenery all around, offering picturesque views. Monsoon is not a good time for activities like mountain climbing and trekking because the trails can be slippery and unsafe. One major fair that falls at this time is the Minjar Fair, which occurs in August. It is a thanksgiving ceremony performed for the God of rain. The fairs last for seven days, and the town brims with spirituality at this time. Bharmaur Jatra Fair is another colourful fair held in August.
Ravi River in Chamba
Ravi River in Chamba

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