What is the best time to visit Palampur?

Nestled amidst mountains and verdant trees, Palampur experiences pleasant weather throughout the year. With the temperature rising to just 30 degrees, Summers are agreeable. While the monsoons receive mild rainfall, winters are at times frigid with temperatures falling to sub-zero levels. Hence, the best time to take a trip to Palampur is at the onset of the Summer season between March and June. Early winters from September to November are also a pleasant time of the year. Winters are freezing in palampur, but if you're looking for an adventure then this time is ideal for a visit.

Weather in Palampur


Upcoming Palampur Weather

Monthly Weather in Palampur

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 12°/ 4° 15 days
February 17°/ 6° 8 days
March 18°/ 8° 15 days
April 23°/ 12° 13 days
May 27°/ 15° 18 days
June 30°/ 18° 17 days
July 27°/ 20° 28 days
August 26°/ 20° 29 days
September 26°/ 18° 24 days
October 24°/ 14° 4 days
November 20°/ 11° 11 days
December 16°/ 5° 5 days

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