All You Need To Know About Kugti Pass Trek

"The best view comes after the hardest climb."

One of the most amazing yet daunting and unexplored treks, Kugti Pass trek in Himachal Pradesh would surely be on the bucket list of every adventure lover. Many of the travellers might not know about this trek as it is one of the unknown treks of the country. If you are a hard-core trekker, then it should be on your priority list. A strenuous move with troublesome terrains and dangerous ways makes this a challenge amongst the most challenging treks in the Central Himalayan extents. An experience in high height trekking is an absolute necessity before wandering on this scary trek.

kugti pass trek

Location of Kugti Pass Trek

Kugti Pass is nestled around 5,050 m near the scenic and remote village of Kugti which falls under the Pir Panjal Range of Central Himalayas. From Kugti pass you can reach the Duggi Plain, grassland which is the best area for camping. The bliss of climbing the peak would be awarded the impressive sights of Manimahesh Kailash Peak, Dhauladhar ranges and also the snow-covered mountains located outside the Lahaul Valley. One can even sightsee the Leah Cave located at the base of the Kugti Pass.

Trek starts at Bharmaur and after 13 km comes Hadsar, from where you will be reaching Kugti Village after climbing and descending trail. To reach to the Kugti Village, you need to go through the village. Cross a side-stream and climb along the Budhil Gorge. Along the route, you will come across the Keylong Temple and the temple of Murkula Devi (who is considered as the goddess of Kugti Pass). Hike towards the high meadows will begin from the temple. The vast and stony Duggi Grassland is located at the point of union of Budhil River and Duggi river.

kugti pass trek

Bharmour to Kugti Village

Beginning from the bustling town of Bharmour nearby Chamba, the twisty trails of the trek travel through thick woods of pine and deodar, emerald green hills, vast spreads of apple and peach plantations, spouting waterfalls and sparkling water streams. You will undoubtedly experience the enchanting beauty of Kugti village, which will be your first stop during the trek. The alluring beauty of the town will give you an excuse to stop for a while. As you move forward on the route, you will witness the fantastic wooden houses, striking fields, and flowing streams.

Try not to miss to visit the Kartik and Mata Marala temples on your way from Kugti town to Duggi; the residing divinities of these temples are considered to be deeply sacred for the Gaddi folks, who trust them to be the saviour of their herds and steers. As you enter the Duggi valley arranging narrow trails, stone-strewn moraines and crossing water streams, the views of hanging glaciers, magnificent mountain crests, gushing rivers and lush meadows blow your mind for a couple of minutes. Further, as you move to your destination, hills covered with vivid blossoms, shimmering rivulets and huge spreads of snowfields welcome you during the journey. At last, prompting the Kugti Pass; a little shrine with various prayer flags, chimes and trishuls will be waiting for you here.

kugti pass trek

View from Kugti Pass

You will forget all your struggle and pain when you reach the top of the Pass. The mesmerizing view from the top will spellbind you, and the lovely weather will add an extra charm. The breathtaking sights of the arid and barren hills of the Lahaul valley, the Manimahesh Kailash peak and Grechu Pass fascinate your mind and soul.

kugti pass trek

Perfect Time to Visit Kugti Pass

The ideal time to execute this trek is from mid-June to mid-October. An early time of the season is the point at which one can witness bunches of snow at the high passes. When August comes, the snow cover begins to diminish. As the season improves, one might be fortunate to discover rain in Manali and a brilliantly sparkling sun at Spiti. You will feel the warmth during daytime as the temperatures during days are around 12 to 29 degree Celsius, while the cold evenings and bone-chilling nights with -2 to 6 degrees Celcius.

In the last period of the season (Sept to mid-October), some amount of snow around the trail lessens, and the climate is lovely with some possibility of snowfall. Days relish abundant sunshine with temperatures between 12 and 18 degrees Celcius and the evenings get colder with -6 to 4 degrees Celcius.

kugti pass trek

Quick highlight of Kugti Pass Trek

You would get a chance to see beautiful waterfalls during your journey
Huge lush meadows are ready to welcome you
Discover the fascinating landscape at the high altitude
You might get a chance to get an insight into the life and culture of Gaddi shepherds
Trek passes through lesser known and isolated area

If you are captivated by high mountains, nature's beauty and meandering as well as twisting roads, then Kugti Pass trek is the perfect for you.

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