Food of Bidar

Bidar, being a city located in South India mainly serves the South India cuisine. Rice is the main core ingredient of their dishes. The city offers many fancy restaurants to street food outlets offering delicious food.
However, you will also find different types of delicious idlis, dosas and Vadas.

Here are the top 4 restaurants in Bidar:

Ashoka Dhaba

10 AM to 10 PM, Sundays closed.
Naubad Bidar, Karnataka 585402
Ashoka Dhaba
Located on the State Highway, this Dhaba is a treat for commuters who need to fill their empty stomachs. North Indian food is pretty good here, and so is the Tandoori items. The Chinese items are not brilliant but they're good enough to be tried once.

Rex Bar and Restaurant

Old City Fort Area, Bidar, Karnataka 585401
Rex Bar and Restaurant
This bar is generally rife with people coming out of the movie theatre nearby. The food here compliments the alcohol well.

Jyothi Fort

INR 90-180
At the entrance of Bidar Fort
Jyothi Fort
It is an outdoor restaurant with a spectacular backdrop of Bidar Fort. The place is best known for its delicious vegetarian meals which are served at tables placed under the banyan tree. There are also the private stone chambers for families. The kitchen of this restaurant is also an attractive stone brick building giving its rustic feel.

Jyothi Udupi

INR 50-125
6:30 AM - 11:00 PM
Udgir Road
Jyothi Udupi
This eating joint is a typical South Indian restaurant offering about 21 kinds of dosas, delicious and tummy filling South Indian thalis and extremely refreshing ice-cream dessert named as Easy Sunday.

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