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"The Gateway of Rayalaseema"

Kurnool Tourism

A place of much historical value with beautiful surrounding areas, Kurnool, is a small town in Andhra Pradesh where much of history left its imprints. The city also is known as The Gateway of Rayalaseema.

Kurnool has in its domain remains of the palace of Gopal Raju (the last Hindu king), ruins of a medieval fort built by Vijaynagar Empire having ancient Persian and Arabic inscriptions and the summer palace built by Kurnool rulers during the 16th century.

Kurnool is derived from the names Kandanavōlu or Kandanōlu, which used to be a crossing across Tungabadra river where the caravans were believed to have greased the tires. The Belum Caves have historical importance in the city as well as the Ketavaram rock paintings which are dated back to the Paleolithic era.

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History of Kurnool

Kurnool is an ancient city that was in existence for almost 2000 years. According to historians, it was during the 11th century that the Odderas were transporting stones in carts for the construction of a temple in Alampur and they halted at Kurnool. It was here that the locals supplied grease for the carts and the place came to be known as Kandenavolu (Town of Grease) and eventually Kurnool. Paintings dating back 30,000 to 40,000 years, and as far back as from the Paleolithic era, have been discovered in Kurnool. The state of Kurnool is believed to have been established by a Pathan general and was ruled by Nawabs following this. The town was annexed by the British in 1839. Nawad Dawood Khan was the heir to the kingdom during India’s partition in 1947, following which he emigrated to Pakistan and some of his descendants famously fought in the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971.


Kurnool has an interesting anecdote associated with its name. It is derived from the word Kandanavolu, which is a combination of Kandana meaning grease, and Volu. In the ancient times, when bullock carts were used as a means of transportation by the people, they used to stop at the river Tungabhadra, and apply grease to the wheels of their bullock carts before crossing the river. This gave rise to the name Kandanavolu.

Restaurants and Local Food in Kurnool

Local cuisine with sumptuous taste and varieties of sweet dishes with traditional South-Indian flavors are a must try here. When in this area, you should try out the local dishes like Laskora Undalu or Raskora Undalu (coconut laddu), Sunnundallu - Laddu made from with roasted Urad Dal (Minapappu) and Jaggery (Bellam), Nellore Chicken Biriyani, Pachadi - typically made of vegetables, greens and roasted green or red chilies, Pappu Koora (Lentil based dish) boiled vegetables stir-fried with a small amount of half-cooked lentils (dal), Vepudu (Fry) crispy fried vegetables, typically including okra (bendakaya), ivy gourd (dondakaya), potato (bangaladumpa), colocasia and several regional vegetables but prepared separately for different days., Garelu (A type of Vada), Dosa, Sambhar and more.
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Suggested Itinerary

Day 1- Arrive, check-in and rest. Then visit Oravakallu Rock Garden, Mahanadi Temple, Ahobilam Temple and Belum Caves.
Day 2- Visit Navabhrama Temples, Kondareddy Bruz, Shivaji Spoorthy Kendra, Nava Narsimha Temple and Sakshi Ganpati Temple.

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Scenic beauty. Historic settlement.

What's Not So Great?

Difficult to reach.

For Whom?

Kurnool is a great place for nature lovers and history buffs.

How To Reach Kurnool

Hyderabad is the closest major city at a distance of 210 km. Kurnool is also well connected by roads and rail. Cabs an also be hailed at cheap prices from hyderabad.

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Rohit Shroff 1 year ago
- Travelers are advised to be well prepared for the monsoon if they are travelling during the monsoon season as kurnoor is expected to have heavy rainfall.
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