Best Time To Visit Bidar

What is the best time to visit Bidar?

The best time to visit Bidar is from October to March which are the cooler months. Tourists visiting during this time can also enjoy various festivals and cultural programs. During the summers, Bidar is quite hot, but sudden bouts of showers tend to be very refreshing. However, it is not exactly the best time to explore the place. Winter season is pretty pleasant, though a bit cold, poses to be an amazing time to witness the glorious past of the city. Monsoon season receives moderate rainfall but is recommended to be avoided.

Weather in Bidar


Upcoming Bidar Weather

Monthly Weather in Bidar

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 29°/ 17° 3 days
February 31°/ 18° 1 days
March 33°/ 21° 2 days
April 36°/ 23° 4 days
May 39°/ 27° 2 days
June 34°/ 24° 15 days
July 28°/ 21° 27 days
August 27°/ 20° 22 days
September 27°/ 20° 26 days
October 27°/ 20° 28 days
November 29°/ 18° 5 days
December 27°/ 17° 2 days

More about Best Time to Travel to Bidar

Bidar in Summers (February - June)

Summers get uncomfortably hot here. The month of May is the hottest with the temperature going up to 40 degrees Celcius. Avoid travelling to Bidar during these months if you cannot tolerate the heat.

Bidar in Monsoon (June - September)

This is the most visited period in Bidar with the average rainfall ranging around 885 mm. During this time, the temperature of the city is a blend of humid and warm.

Bidar in Winter (December - February)

Starting from December to February, winter is the best season to visit Bidar. December is the coldest month with the maximum temperature ranging around 27 degrees Celcius. The minimum temperature remains around 16 degrees Celcius during the nights. If visiting during this time, carry warm clothes with you as the evening tends to get very cold.

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