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Food of Bhaktapur

Dal-Bhat Tarkari and Wo (lentils) are a few common dishes in Bhaktapur. Apart from that, Wai-wai and Chowmein can also be easily found here.

Here is a list of places to eat in Bhaktapur:
  • Royal curd
  • New Chhen Restaurant that offers Newari food and snacks
  • Temple View Restaurant that is right opposite the Malla King Palace.
  • Namaste Restaurant, a cafe that has a view of Taumadhi Tole
  • New Cafe Te Peacock, an authentic Nepalese cafe.
  • New Watshala Garden Restaurant that offers a fusion between Nepali and Belgian food
  • No-Name Restaurant that offers good Wo.

Bhaktapur Photos

Bhaktapur (Khwopa) - Ancient Newar City Filled with Temples
Taumadi Square - Situated Next to Darbar Square
The Palace of Fifty-five Windows

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