Food of Mustang

Mustang is famous for its Thakali and Newari food as well as local wines, apples, Tibetan bread, KKhapse, Marpha, dried food and beers. People often have local tea with salt here while trekking. As for eating joints in Mustang, one can find a range of restaurants and cafes to eat at. However, roadside stalls are the most common eating spots for travellers.

The most common delicacy in Mustang is momos (dumplings) but you can also find Thai, Burmese, Chinese, Malaysian, Singaporean, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and Naga food. The staple diet includes dal (lentils), bhat (rice) and tarkari (curried vegetables). While such diversity can be seen in lower Mustang, upper Mustang is highly influenced by Tibetan culture, so you may find more food items dominated by yak cheese, noodles, Tibetan momos and Noodles.

Mustang Photos

Kagbeni Village Located on Upper Mustang Valley
Kingdom of Lo, Upper Mustang Valley
Amazing HImalayan Mountain View from Upper Mustang

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