Food of Patan

There is a variety of food available in Patan. Most restaurants have traditional Nepali food and also general restaurants have Mediterranean, French, and other types of western food. The set meals combine a 'wo? which is a lentil or ?chatamari? (rice) pancake which is savoury with some excellent Pancha Kwa (stew served with bamboo shoots, potato, and dried mushrooms) for a usual light lunch. 

Must-Visit Restaurants in Patan:
  • If you're craving Nepali food, Newark kitchen is the best option.
  • Mediterraneo serves Spanish food.
  • Café Swotha at Narayan temple serves excellent French food.
  • JaZoo and Jalan serve the best Asian food including Nepali, Chinese, and Thai.

Patan Photos

Patan (Lalitpur) - 3rd Largest City of Nepal
Patan Royal Palace - Popular Attraction in Patan City
Ashok Stupa - Built By Ashoka (Great Indian Emperor)

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