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Timings : 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM; Wednesday closed

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Halasuru Lake

Ulsoor Lake, Bangalore Overview

One of the largest lakes in Bangalore, the Ulsoor Lake is sprawled over an area of 50 hectares. Ulsoor lake was built by Sir Lewin Bentham Bowring, who was Bangalore's commissioner at that time. Sit back or walk in the periphery of the park or click a few shots of the endemic birds that call this destination their home. One of the most popular activities in Ulsoor Lake is boating.Ulsoor Lake is also an important venue for the celebrations of Ganesh Chaturthi, sometime during August and September every year.

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Activities at Ulsoor Lake


1. Boating
The lake has a radius of about 3 kilometres which makes it the perfect destination to go on a little boating adventure. A special boating club dedicated to this activity is present here as well, and you can either take a pedal or rowboat to go on an excursion around the waters of Ulsoor Lake. You can make stops at the many islands that are situated here, and admire a view of the lake from different points. The cost for the same is about INR 35 and is an affordable way to relax and unwind in the company of family and friends. 

2. Walking
You can go for your morning or evening walk on the track encircling the lake.

Legend of Ulsoor Lake

Interestingly, the Ulsoor Lake has an interesting historical legend associated with its name. It is believed that the area in which the present day lake is situated was once covered in a thicket of forests. One fine day, Kempe Gowda, a ruler of the Vijayanagar Empire, was travelling through the place and was rendered exhausted.

He decided to take shelter under a tree, which turned out to be the same tree under which Mandava Rishi worshipped God Someswara. The Lord appeared to him in a dream and told him about a hidden treasure. When Kempe Gowda woke up from his slumber, he dug up the treasure and using the riched he built the Someswara Pagoda. Ulsoor Lake was created by him in the process.

History of Ulsoor Lake

A popular local legend says that the Ulsoor Lake was created by King Kempe Gowda sometime in the second century. In those days, the lake was known as the 'Halsur' or 'Alasur' lake. However, the present day lake was created by Sir Lewin Bentham Bowring, the then Commissioner of Bangalore during his period of service. A number of restoration efforts have been made to recreate the former beauty of this destination. Some of these include aeration of wastewater that is lead into the lake, improvement of park and swimming pool , desilting of the lake bed, installation of silt traps at the mouth of the stormwater inlets, diversion of underground sewage lines from the eastern part of the city, restoration of aquatic life by introduction of fish species natural to the lake and induction of suitable water plants.

Ganesh Chaturthi at Ulsoor Lake

One of the most colourful celebrations held at the Ulsoor Lake is that of Ganesh Chaturthi, which generally occurs in the months of August or September. Music, dance and traditional practices are observed this day with tourists thronging the premises in large number. Idols of Lord Ganesh are immersed in the waters of the lake, with a promise that the Lord shall return to bless them the next year as well.

How To Reach Ulsoor Lake

Being centrally located, Ulsoor Lake can be reached by a host of public transport options. You can take an auto-rickshaw to the lake from MG Road, or take the metro to reach this destination from the Ulsoor or Trinity Metro Stations. Buses ply to Ulsoor Lake from Ulsoor, M. G. Road, CMH Road, Ulsoor Road and Ulsoor Lake stop as well. Other than these, you can always take a cab to reach your destination.

Ulsoor Lake Reviews

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abhijit sreepada

on Ulsoor Lake 5 years ago
Located close to the city center and easily reachable, the Ulsoor or Halasuru lake is a well known lake in Bangalore. Having a rich history, Ulsoor lake is home to the childhood memories of many. Wit (Read More)h a tree lined perimeter and many parks around its circumference, it makes for an amazing urban getaway. In the evening I would recommend walking or jogging around the lake or sitting in one of the many cafes that overlook it for some serenity and solitude away from the fast paced life of Bengaluru. Although it isn't possible to swim in the lake, boating is a fun experience.

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