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Entry Fee : IDR 5,000 per head

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Gitgit Waterfall, Bali Overview

About 10 kms from Singaraja, Air Tejung Gitgit or Gitgit waterfalls offers a refreshing experience for visitors to the Bali highlands. A wooden walkway leads to the 40m tall gushing waterfall, which falls into a rocky pool. One can take a dip in the picturesque pool in lush greenery, before heading on to the nearby Mekalongan waterfall.

Nestled between lush green clove plantations in the middle of a jungle, Gitgit Waterfall is a great place to relax and be close to nature. Due to the water splitting into two different streams, Gitgit Waterfall is also known as 'Twin falls' or 'Air Terjun Kembar Gitgit'. The scenic view of bubbling water meandering through green trees and plants is captivating. This is a great place to sit and enjoy the soothing sound of the water.

The picture-perfect view of fresh cold water falling surrounded with lush greenery is simply magnificent. This place is sacred for the locals and you will be able to feel the positivity in which the place is enveloped. You can also dangle your feet into the small pond formed at the bottom and spend some peaceful time enjoying the picturesque beauty of this place.

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Things to Do at Gitgit Waterfalls

Gitgit Waterfalls is a great destination for Trekking, Swimming and Picnics (Source)

1. Swimming: Stand under the cold water of Gitgit Waterfall and feel the perfect pressure of the water falling on your body. This will make you not only feel rejuvenative but also will relax your aching muscles. The small pool that forms below the waterfall is a great place to plunge into and enjoy the cool water. But, be careful while swimming as the pool has some rocks below which might hurt you.

2. Trekking: To reach this waterfall you can even indulge in trekking and pump up your adrenaline level. Trekking to this point will not only help you explore and witness the magical beauty of this place but will also add the element of thrill in your trip. Trekking to Gitgit Waterfall is not an easy one but the serene view of the waterfall at the end of the trek will be worth all the hardships.

3. Picnic: The serene waterfall provides for a great backdrop to have a picnic. You can spend some time lazing and relaxing near the waterfall amidst nature. The small shacks located near the waterfall will treat you with palatable Balinese dishes that will satiate your stomach. The melodious voice of the water flowing combined with scrumptious food will be a perfect way to enjoy some quiet time.

4. Visit Gitgit Temple
A small Hindu temple is located near Gitgit waterfall, known as Gitgit Temple. A holy rock wrapped in poleng cloth in the temple is prayed to. This pristine temple is visited by a number of people who come here to make offerings and seek blessings. This temple is a must-visit because of its positivity and piousness.

Best Time to Visit Gitgit Waterfall


The best time to visit Gitgit Waterfall is between the months of November and February, after the monsoon season. The rains makes the waterfall replete which water and it can be witnessed at its full glory. You must visit this waterfall early in the morning before 10:00 AM as it is less crowded and you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Mekalongan Waterfall

Mekalongan is Gitgit Waterfalls twin, located close by (Source)

If you want to trek a little more and explore this splendid place you must visit Mekalongan Waterfalls. It is an extension of the Gitgit Waterfall that is located a few meters away, giving the pair the label 'Twin Waterfalls'. This place is equally serene and tranquil and will provide you with picture perfect views and quietude.

How To Reach Gitgit Waterfall


Gitgit Waterfall is located in the Northern region of Bali. It is located at a distance of 12 km from Singaraja. A number of bemo (mini buses) run from Singaraja and Bedugul that will take you to this bubbling waterfall. You can also hire a cab or a taxi from any part of Bali to reach this mesmerizing place. You can even rent a scooter and drive down to Gitgit waterfall.

For the adventure-lovers, this waterfall is the best start to a day. The trek is a little challenging, towards the waterfall, surrounded by rocks and trees, but it is worth it for the waterfall itself is a sight to behold. Tourists, after exploring the waterfalls, may take a tour around the local shops and try local delicacies like Laklak, which consists of cakes topped with coconut milk and syrup.

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