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Suluban Beach, Bali Overview

Situated in Labuan Sait close to Uluwatu and Padang Padang, Suluban Beach is a scenic beauty obscured by limestone formations and full of rocky openings and mini pools. Accessible only through a narrow and steep pathway, the beach offers waves from 3-12 feet, making it a delight for surfers of all levels.

Suluban Beach is also known as ‘Blue Point’ since many people associate this beach with the Blue Point Bay Villas, situated at the top of the beach. The word ‘Suluban’ originates from the Balinese word ‘mesulub’ which means to bow down, as one has to bow down before getting a peek into this paradise-like wonderful beach. Today, this small beach is world-renowned for being one of the world's favourite surf destinations.

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Things to Do

Suluban Beach is a great place to have a chilled out time, surf the waves or just get lost in the scenic beauty of the place. Here is a list of some of the things to do at the Suluban Beach:

1. Surf:
Suluban Beach is the perfect spot for all surfers with the ocean offering massive waves of 3 to 12 feet height. All this makes for a paradise for surfers to go crazy and spend the day playing and enjoying the waves on their surfboards.

2. Experience Kecak-Ramayana Monkey Chant:
Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple allows one to get a feel of the authentic Balinese culture. A typical evening at the temple entails the Kecak narrating the story of Ramayana and the different artists depicting the story through dance and music.

3. Shopping in Uluwatu:
How can one miss out on shopping on a vacation?  Shopping is unsaid and one should not miss out any opportunity to pick out some lovely pieces. Visit the local market near Suluban Beach to pick out some beautiful pieces of local artworks, junk jewellery, souvenirs, gift items, and much more.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to enjoy and bask in the beauty of Suluban Beach is during the dry season months. This is usually in the middle of the year between May and September. At this time there are no showers and one can make the most of a dry sunny day by the beach.

Where to Eat

A day at the beach is incomplete without some tasty treats, and Suluban Beach offers a great food scene to explore some amazing authentic and international cuisines.

1. Mike's Kitchen Suluban:
The place is a great place with an amazing ambience to enjoy some of the best food in Bali. The place is good to grab a hearty breakfast or dinner and the pork ribs are a must-try!

2. Bawang Merah Beachfront Jimbaran:
This place is set in a great beach facing location which offers the perfect experience to munch on some great food all the while taking in the scenic views of the beach. The best part is the seafood, which is out of this world! Finally, the place makes for a great romantic setting for couples.

3. Mamasan Bali:
Mamasan Bali is an amazing place for some authentic Indonesian food, and it is known for the huge variety of drinks that it serves. However, go only if you have the heart to eat extremely spicy food.

4. Single Fin Bali:
The restaurant offers an amazing ocean view and is a great place to feast on. The place gets brownie points since it offers amazing food and drinks and that too at affordable prices.

5. Ulu Restaurant:
Ulu Restaurant is a great place to try some fresh and tasty seafood along with authentic Balinese cuisine. It is a chill place to hang out and play soft music to create a relaxed atmosphere and spend some quality time.


  • Remember to bring out your beach gear, swimwear, sunglasses and lots of sunscreens to have the most fun at Suluban Beach.
  • The beach is great for surfing; however, the large waves may make it difficult to take a swim so one needs to be careful.

How To Reach Suluban Beach

  • Suluban Beach is situated in the Peninsula Hill which is approximately at a distance of about 34 km from Denpasar.
  • If one is planning to take a drive from Kuta it will take approximately 45 minutes to reach but one will have to incur entry fees of approximately IDR 20000, which is applicable for the visit for the entire day.
  • Suluban Beach is not easily accessible by public transport so it is advisable to hire a private taxi or a scooter to reach the beach.

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