Munduk Waterfall

Munduk Waterfall, Bali Overview

Located in the central highlands of Bali, Munduk waterfalls greets visitors with a refreshing spray of water amid lush greenery. A steep descent of 300m leads to the site, where one can splash about in one of the rocky pools.The scenic beauty is complemented by the clove and coffee plantations nearby, making this an all-round pleasant experience.

Like many other waterfalls of Bali, the Munduk waterfall can also be reached after descending down a flight of about 300m making it pristine and quiet.

The Munduk village, in fact, is a perfect starting trek to different waterfalls, such as the Laangan Melanting waterfall, Red Coral waterfall and the Golden Valley waterfall. Traversing through the jungles, these lesser-known waterfalls are ideal for adventurous travellers looking to be away from the crowds.

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Things to Do at Munduk Waterfalls

The Munduk Waterfall is not only known from the waterfall itself but also, for the trek that it entails. After the descent, one has to climb up again to reach the site of the waterfall and although it might seem arduous, the trek, in fact, is not difficult. It barely takes around 15 minutes once you near the parking area. The water pool is small but you can try a swim if you like. The spot is also a photographer’s delight.

The trek takes around 3-4 hours to cover all the waterfalls and trails. The trail takes ones through the coffee and clove plantations, as well as, the lush forests. There are a few warungs and local restaurants that you will encounter during the trek. All the warungs also have great views of the surrounding forest and highland terrain. The view of the sunset from one of these is an added attraction.

Since the Munduk waterfalls are just not about a specific waterfall but the overall trek and experience of reaching it, watching the surrounding villages and rice fields is also a part of the adventure. One can also visit the Munduk village with its colonial architecture and pleasant climate.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the Munduk waterfall is in the dry season, especially from June to August. This is because during the rainy season from October to April it might get difficult to trek. The spray of the waterfall itself is also usually high and with the rains the chances of photography or easy walking are difficult. June to August, on the other hand, is not wet and neither too hot.

Food and Restaurants at Munduk Waterfalls

There are a few local restaurants or warungs that dot the trail. In fact, the warungs act as landmarks to direct towards the waterfalls. Some of the local restaurants that you can expect to see are the Eco Café 1, Eco Café 2 and Warung Classic. These warungs provide for local cuisine and drinks and are also great places to sit and soak in the view.


Below are some tips that will help you at the Munduk waterfalls:
  • If you planning to do the trek, wear comfortable shoes. Flip flops and slippers will make the trek difficult.
  • Carry water and snacks. Though there are local restaurants on the trail, you might need refreshments and water on the way.
  • The trek map that is usually provided by the locals, hotels, cab drivers or even online maps can be checked for more detailed information. You can choose to trek in reverse too.
  • It is better to start the trek early morning. This way you can avoid the peak heat.
  • The entrance fee for the waterfall is IDR 20,000 and extra IDR 5000 for car parking.

How To Reach Munduk Waterfall

  • The Munduk Waterfall is an hour’s drive away from Lovina and about two hours away from the tourist hub of Ubud. Munduk is also just a two-hour drive from the Bali Airport.
  • It is best to hire a scooter or book a cab and driver.
  • However, once you reach Munduk the trail to the waterfalls are directed on online maps, local maps, as well as, interacting with the locals.
  • The cafes and warungs serve as great points to set direction.
  • To reach the Munduk waterfall you can set your destination on maps as Eco Café 1 or Eco Café 2.
  • From there follow the path as directed.
  • Both the Red Coral and Munduk Waterfall are very close to each other and often get confused.
  • The Eco Café’s direct the trekkers in the right direction.

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