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Sekumpul Waterfalls, Bali Overview

Nothing spells natural paradise like a gorgeous waterfall, and Sekumpul waterfalls in Northern Bali have at least 7 of them! Sekumpul, meaning 'a group of', is a collection of seven waterfalls located in north Bali. Fed by upland streams, they are considered the most beautiful waterfalls on the island. The seven waterfalls are separate and scattered, varying in height and shape. The overall ambience is cool and calming, marked by high cliffs and lush greenery.

Trekking around the Sekumpul Waterfalls is a well-known tourist activity, and there are plenty of authorised guides and enthusiastic locals who will accompany you on your trek. At each waterfall, you’ll get to see cool water cascading down the rock face to a welcoming pool below, beckoning you to jump in. Getting to the cascading waterfalls in a lush green valley requires quite the effort, however- it's a 3-hour trek over hundreds of stairs, dirt tracks and streams. Nature-lovers and photography enthusiasts must visit this mesmerizing spot while exploring Bali.

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Sekumpul Waterfalls Trek

Trek to Sekumpul Waterfalls in Bali (Source)

Reaching the nature trails that begin the trek involves going through the namesake village of Sekumpul in the Buleleng regency. From there, there are two paths towards the falls. One leads towards purpose-made gazebos that offer a spectacular view of the falls from a distance. From that vantage point, one can see at least six of the waterfalls crashing down. For a closer look, the forest trail leads down to the base of the falls. This trail takes one through rice paddies, coffee plantations, and other fields.

One will go through villages and cross several people’s houses; they’re always warm, waving at you as you cross by. The path is also marked by fruit trees along each side. For as far as the eye can see, there’s greenery all around, each new shade adding to the painting-worthy scenery. It's no wonder that these falls are perfect for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers. But don’t forget, taking this path is no easy task!

One of the Waterfalls of the Sekumpul Waterfalls Collection (Source)

Of the seven waterfalls, two are large and impressive, adjacent to one another. Over 250 feet in height, they crash down into majestic pools of water that are perfect for a good swim. Reaching them involves a steep trek, avoiding jungle vines and manoeuvring from fruit plantations, and crossing a gentle river.

The journey requires careful footwork and attention to the trail, generally taking around two hours. About a half-hour trek ahead of these waterfalls (requiring more river crossings) reveals three more waterfalls resting on high clifftops. They are occasionally called Lumukih Waterfall and Gombong Waterfall, named after neighbouring villages, but the whole area is generally called Sekumpul, a group.

Sekumpul Waterfalls are a collection of Seven Waterfalls in Bali (Source)

Depending on which path you choose, the trek can be anywhere between two to four hours long. We'd recommend venturing down to the jungle below – not only do you get to see the falls up close, but you can get into your swimsuit and jump into the cool swimming pools that are formed. Locals often bathe and play in the water, why not join the fun?

Tips for Visiting Sekumpul Waterfalls

  • The trek to Sekumpul Waterfalls is tricky, marked with rocky patches and wet surfaces that make it quite easy to lose your balance or miss a step. Don’t forget to wear shoes with good grip that are comfortable for the long trek.
  • Preferably wear shoes that you can get wet.
  • Making your way all the way down to the cool swimming pools and realizing that you don’t have a bathing suit is sure to be disappointing! Pack a swimsuit for a wonderful end to the testing trek!
  • On your way to the falls, you’re bound to see signs labelled 'Sekumpul Registration'. These are hiking tours that are hoping to get you to employ their services for a hiking tour. If you are sure that don’t want a guide, be firm in your stance if and when they approach you.
  • At some stops on the road, you might be stopped and asked for an entrance fee to the falls. Don’t be fooled – the real one is down the windy footpaths, close to the waterfall. Tourists need to pay IDR 5,000 per person. If you’re asked for a fee near the road, politely decline, and be on your way.
  • Some hotels and tour companies offer a full-day package to Sekumpul, including transport, a local guide, refreshments, lunch, and of course, the entrance fee to the falls. These are generally priced at around IDR 80,000 for the whole package. (Sometimes, there’s room to negotiate!)

How To Reach Sekumpul Waterfalls

Sekumpul is located over 70 kilometres from Denpasar and it takes around two and a half hours to reach by road. It takes around the same time to reach Sekumpul from Ubud. If you are coming from Kuta, it will take over three hours by road.
The Road to the Sekumpul Waterfalls is in Monsoon Condition and Rough Terrain (Source)

While following the road, you might have trouble finding signs towards the waterfalls. In that case, ask the locals for directions. You’re especially bound to find people while crossing Lemukih village which is 2 kilometres from Sekumpul. You'll know you're on the right track when you spot a large parking lot. Some people prefer to hire a driver for this journey, as reaching Sekumpul includes a lot of mountainous driving. The roads are poor at multiple points, and depending on the time of travel, you might hit a lot of traffic. During the last 30 minutes of the drive to the falls, the mountainous roads follow one lane, with steep drops on each side.

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