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What is the best time to visit Ayutthaya?

November-January is the best time to visit Ayutthaya in Thailand since this is the only time of the year when the rainfall is considerably lesser, and the weather is ideal. Ayutthaya is generally hot and humid all year round including the winter months of December and January.

The temperature remains in the thirties, and hence, for a day tour, you need to be well hydrated. January is the busiest month of all. So, during this month, the hotels and other reasonable accommodations options are a little pricey, in case you wish to spend the night there. Tourists are less likely to visit Ayutthaya during April.

The temperature in late-March and April often reach up to 45 degrees Celsius. However, in case scorching heat isn't an issue with you, this time of the year can be the best for you to travel to the place as the streets are devoid of crowds and the accommodations are budget-friendly. June to September is stormy, and sightseeing becomes tedious; hence, it's considered as an offseason.

Weather in Ayutthaya


Upcoming Ayutthaya Weather

Monthly Weather in Ayutthaya

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 35°/ 22° 1 days
February 36°/ 22° 0 days
March 37°/ 24° 6 days
April 37°/ 25° 11 days
May 36°/ 26° 17 days
June 34°/ 25° 20 days
July 33°/ 24° 16 days
August 31°/ 24° 27 days
September 31°/ 23° 18 days
October 33°/ 23° 22 days
November 33°/ 22° 4 days
December 33°/ 20° 1 days

More about Best Time to Travel to Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya in Peak Season

November to February is the peak season in Ayutthaya as the temperature drastically drops during this time, making tourism more conducive. If you are visiting for a temple tour, it is advisable to visit during this time, which is right after the rainy season to make walking and exploring conducive.

Ayutthaya in Off Season

July to October is the offseason in Ayutthaya as travel costs are more affordable; almost half the prices during the high season. There would hardly be a need to book your tickets in advance during the offseason.

Ayutthaya in Shoulder Season

April to June and September to October is the shoulder season in Ayutthaya. During these months, the weather is cooler, accommodative with lesser crowds. It is the ideal time to visit Ayutthaya if you are looking for a quiet time in the region.

Ayutthaya in Hot Season

March to May is the Hot Season in Ayutthaya. During these months, the average temperature is over 35 degrees (celsius). Mid-April would be the hottest time of the year, sweeping only as low as 27 degrees.

Ayutthaya in Rainy Season

May to October is the rainy season in Ayutthaya when the average warmest month in this period is during May. September generally receives most rainfall through the year, and it is advisable to avoid travelling to Ayutthaya during the time.

Ayutthaya in Cool Season

November to February is the cold season in Ayutthaya. These months are generally dry and most suited for tourism. November is the driest month of the yearly cycle.

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