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"City of Khmer relics and crab eating macaques"

Lopburi Tourism

Lopburi is one of the oldest cities in Thailand, located around 150 kilometres from Bangkok city which takes around 2.5 hours. It is a city which houses historic ruins and artifacts which play a major role in Thailand's culture. It is famous for monkeys, architectural remains of Khmer empire, rock climbing and sunflower fields. It can be easily done as a day trip if you are planning to come from nearby cities. Unlike other tourist cities, Lopburi has a very laid back atmosphere and it rarely experiences any influx of tourists.

Lopburi province is located on the Lopburi river and it experiences tropical savannah climate. It is divided into the Old and the New town. Railway station and the important tourist sites lie in the Old town area whereas all the buses leave from and arrive at the New town. You will reach Lopburi via Saraburi and on the way, you will come across supermarkets and a mall. After crossing two kilometres, you will get past the first roundabout where you will spot some government offices and further 2 kms will lead to the second roundabout which is the new town and third roundabout after 2 kms from the new town will lead to the old town. Old town offers low and medium scale accomodation whereas new town has some lodges which provide better facilities.

Things to do in Lopburi

1. Ban Vichayen

Ban Vichayen
Architectural ruins situated in Lopburi town

2. Phra Prang Sam Yot

Phra Prang Sam Yot
Located in the Wichayen road in Lopburi, it is known to the visitors as the infamous monkey temple due to the abundant monkeys that have made it their home.

3. King Narai's Palace

King Narai's Palace
Also known as the Somdet Phra Narai National Museum, this palace-turned-museum houses some of the ancient royal artefacts. Housing over 1864 artefacts, King Narai's Palace is the Chantarapisarn pavili (Read More)on of the palace that was turned into a museum.

4. Wat Phra Si Ratana Maha That

Wat Phra Si Ratana Maha That
Wat Phra Si Ratana Maha That holds intricate architectural remains of the 14th century. This tourist attraction is situated just opposite to the Lopburi railway station and the architectural structure (Read More)s of the Buddhist monastery which were first constructed in the 14th century involved further extensions until the 17th century. The central Prang depicts the life of Buddha.

5. Sub Lek Reservoir

Sub Lek Reservoir
Sub Lek Reservoir is a natural reservoir located 15 kilometres from Lopburi town. One can enjoy the view by sitting on the platforms along the water and it is advised to visit in the early hours to av (Read More)oid the crowd and the heat.

7. Peacock temple

Peacock temple
The Peacock Temple is located near the Sub Lek Reservoir and it takes around 20 mins from the town to reach this place. It was once a temple and now it has become a sanctuary for the peacocks. You can (Read More) experience amazing view of the hills and the Sub Lek Reservoir after climbing 500 steps which usually takes one hour.

8. Rock climbing

Rock climbing
Rock climbing in Lopburi is ideal for those who seek adventure. Around 40 rock climbing mountains are located in Khao Chin Lae and in order to start the climb, you have to first enter the Buddhist mon (Read More)astery where you will be requested by the monks to donate and then you can start the trek. Noom guesthouse arranges for rock climbing and hill-climbing activities and they also rent locking carabiner, helmet, harness and shoes. You can either pay individually for each equipment or the whole set is available at 1200 THB.

9. Sunflower fields

Sunflower fields
A visual delight for those who love to see the flowers in full bloom. A number of sunflower fields are located in Lopburi and people who arrive by train from Bangkok can get a nice view of the sunflow (Read More)er farms. One can rent a motorbike or a car and explore the fields and it provides a great chance to click breathtaking and colourful pictures. Some farms sell sunflower products like seeds, oil, printed tees and umbrellas.

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Lopburi Customs

Crab eating macaques are found in abundance in Lopburi and you can easily spot a lot of them in the streets and in the Khmer temple area( Sarn Phra Karn and Prang Sam Yot). Monkey buffet festival is celebrated every year in November last week to honour the monkeys as the locals have accepted them as an integral part of their cultural. During the festival, the locals and the tourists gather to people feed thousands of monkeys with fruits and vegetables.

Language of Lopburi

Locals don't really speak much english except for the staffs at the hotel reception, tourist guides and waiters at the restaurants.

History of Lopburi

Lopburi is one of the oldest cities in Thailand known for its rich history, heritage and Buddhist shrines. It holds historic and cultural significance which dates back to many centuries. It was initially the summer capital of King Narai and after the establishment of Ayutthya, it has been considered as the second capital.

Nightlife in Lopburi

Lopburi being a fairly quiet town has only a few bars and the nightlife is comparatively dull compared to other cities in Thailand. Foreigners usually visit the bars in the old town. Butterfly bar located in the Phayakamjad Road across the Narai Palace serves whiskey, beer and tasty food. A small club named Ben more (look out for the sign near the local park) is also quite popular. Another bar named The Bank situated in the centre is frequented mostly by the local youths.

Shopping in Lopburi

There are a handful of supermarkets and souvenir/gift shops in Lopburi. It includes Big C with KFC and cineplex, Great avenue, Monkey mall with a Tesco Lotus store, Robinson lifestyle and Jaymart. Traditional and handmade products can be brought from Baan Rak Samun Prai, Baan Nam Jun,Talay Chup OTOP Centre, Thale Chupson and Pracha Suksan Arts and Crafts Center.

Best Time to Visit Lopburi

How to Reach Lopburi

How to Reach Overview

Lop Buri can be reached by bus, train, mini van or car from Bangkok , Ayutthya and other nearby cities such as Singburi and Saraburi.

How to reach Lopburi by bus

There are buses running from Bangkok to Lop Buri. However, they are not direct buses. If you board at Bangkok, you have to get down at Saraburi and then catch Nakhon Sawan bus from there to reach Lopburi. The time from Nakhon Sawan might take upto four hours and around six buses ply daily. Direct buses are available from Singburi, Ang Thong, Phetchabun and Nakhon Sawan. Similarly, air conditioned mini vans also operate daily from Mo Chit in Bangkok and it usually takes around 4-5 hours and the cost is generally 100 -150 bht and the last mini van leaves Bangkok by 6 pm. Mini vans leave from city centre in Ayutthya and the cost ranges from 80-100 bht. Likewise, mini vans also leave from Bus Stations in Ang Thong and Saraburi and the ticket costs 30 -80 Bht.

Local transport in Lopburi

Lopburi doesn't really have any tuk tuks. The city can be explored on foot as the places lie within a walkable distance from each other.Otherwise, Songthaews which are pickup trucks with two bench seats is the common means of transport. They can be easily spotted along the Wichayen and Phra Narai Maharat roads, connecting the old and the new town. They will be red/brown, white or green in colour and just wave your hand at the Songthaew to pick you up. They usually don't operate after 6 pm, so it is better to wind up your outdoor activities before six in the evening

Lopburi Photos

Lopburi, Thailand
Lopburi Monkey Temple has 3 prangs that are 800-year-old, Thailand
Aerial View of Suwan Khiri Pidok temple, Thailand
Phra Prang Sam Yod - Archaeological Site in Lopburi City

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FAQs on Lopburi

What is famous about Lopburi?

One of the best towns to explore historical remains / laid back atmosphere / easily accessible from Bangkok and Ayutthya/ Great place for history lovers

What is not so good about Lopburi?

The town is infested with monkeys and they can be a nuisance. Too many cases of snatching the handbags, littering on your head from tree branches and stealing of your belongings are reported regularly and it is advisable to be cautious and not to feed them.

What is the best time to visit Lopburi?

The best time to visit Lopburi is from November to February.
It is during the winter season that the sunflowers in the fields are in full bloom and the sunflower festival is held from November - January. The winter season is the best season to venture out and enjoy the sightseeing as it can really be intolerable during the summer months. 
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What is the local food in Lopburi?

There are a considerable number of options to choose from when it comes to restaurants. Lots of road side stalls serve cheap and delicious street food in the evenings. The most popular restaurants include : 1.Budsi's Place - This restaurant is run by two amazing hosts Budsi and Jared, known for their splendid service and hospitality. They offer Asian, Mexican and Barbecue cuisine. Dishes - Burrito, cocktails, vodka iced drinks, Massaman, Pangang curry, tacos, Big Paul, Chicken Quesadilla , pickled pork and Chicken cashewnut. The price is very reasonable and do watch out for BBQ Fridays and Taco Tuesdays. 2. Bua Lang restaurant - This restaurant has a very nice ambience with natural garden setting and a small pond. They serve Thai and Chinese cuisine and the popular dishes are - fried salted sea bass, braised pork ribs, chilli paste with vegetables, stir fried mixed vegetables and rice. The price starts from around 200 Bht a person. Its popular among locals for the fair price and fresh produce. 3. Maad Me - A very small restaurant a little off the main street and though it doesn't have a great ambience, the food is however top notch. Thai cuisine is served which includes dishes like - Forest Mushroom and Prawn Soup, Stir fried king prawns, sour fish soup with veggies, vegetable dip with sambal, deep fried Nam Dok Mai fish curry. The price is very cheap and they also offer a complimentary Khanom Thuai (rice pudding). The other restaurants include Paebanrimnam Restaurant which serves beer, whiskey, juices, tea and coffee; Nomburi - popular dessert place, Lopburi steak house, Zon cafe and Kimochi Izakaya.
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What is the best way to reach Lopburi?

Lop Buri can be reached by bus, train, mini van or car from Bangkok , Ayutthya and other nearby cities such as Singburi and Saraburi.
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What are the things to do in Lopburi?

The top things to do in Lopburi are Ban Vichayen, Phra Prang Sam Yot, King Narai's Palace, Wat Phra Si Ratana Maha That, Sub Lek Reservoir , Lopburi Zoo. You can see all the places to visit in Lopburi here

What are the places near Lopburi?

The top places near to Lopburi are Bangkok which is 117 km from Lopburi, Pattaya which is located 209 km from Lopburi, Ayutthaya which is located 48 km from Lopburi, Hua hin which is located 259 km from Lopburi, Koh kret which is located 98 km from Lopburi

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