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What is the best time to visit Lopburi?

The best time to visit Lopburi is from November to February.
It is during the winter season that the sunflowers in the fields are in full bloom and the sunflower festival is held from November - January. The winter season is the best season to venture out and enjoy the sightseeing as it can really be intolerable during the summer months. 

Weather in Lopburi


Upcoming Lopburi Weather

Monthly Weather in Lopburi

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 35°/ 22° 0 days
February 36°/ 22° 0 days
March 38°/ 25° 6 days
April 37°/ 25° 12 days
May 37°/ 26° 20 days
June 34°/ 25° 21 days
July 33°/ 24° 15 days
August 31°/ 24° 24 days
September 31°/ 23° 17 days
October 33°/ 23° 21 days
November 33°/ 22° 1 days
December 33°/ 19° 0 days

More about Best Time to Travel to Lopburi

Lopburi in May-october

May marks the start of the summer season and the high temperatures make it hard to do any sightseeing or enjoy outdoor activities. The heat may also cause severe suburn and rashes. It is advisable to avoid visiting in this season.

Lopburi Photos

Lopburi, Thailand
Lopburi Monkey Temple has 3 prangs that are 800-year-old, Thailand
Aerial View of Suwan Khiri Pidok temple, Thailand
Phra Prang Sam Yod - Archaeological Site in Lopburi City

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