What is the best time to visit Alleppey?

The best time to visit Alleppey is between October and February when the temperature is moderate (around 33°C), making it a perfect time to explore the city. Alleppey experiences monsoons between June and September. It is not advisable to tourists, but the monsoon lovers and the offbeat travellers can consider visiting in June. The town receives light rainfall occasionally that takes the mercury level down allowing tourists to explore the attractions. But as the season progresses, the region gets torrential rain, making it an unsuitable destination for travellers. Summers are also not recommended for the extreme heat that hits the region as the temperature can go as high as 40°C shutting all the outdoor activities. 

Weather in Alleppey


Upcoming Alleppey Weather

Monthly Weather in Alleppey

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 23 31
February 23 33
March 25 34
April 27 36
May 26 34
June 25 33
July 25 33
August 25 31
September 25 31
October 25 32
November 24 31
December 23 31

Winter (October - March)

Winters (October to February) are the best time to visit and explore Alleppey. The city experiences temperatures between 18°C and 33°C during the season which begins in November and lasts till February. The waterways are opened allowing houseboat rides on the backwaters of Alleppey around this time of the year.

The markets bustle with activities and the attractions open up inviting visitors from all over the world. And while there, one may also witness some of the important festivals celebrated in Alleppey like the Chakkulathukavu Pongala which is celebrated in November-December, the Annual Beach Festival which is organised in December-January and Chettikulangara Bharani which is celebrated in February/ March.Allepey Backwaters
 Allepey Backwaters

Monsoon (July - September)

Alleppey usually receives heavy rainfall during the monsoon season that begins in June and lasts till mid-September. June may be considered a decent time as the rains have not peaked up, but mid-July onwards, visiting Alleppey is not advisable. There are perks of visiting a tourist destination during the off-season as the terrain transforms into a fresh green paradise; the accommodation tariffs drop drastically, and the flight/ train/ bus tickets become cheaper, but safety is a big concern as the region is susceptible to torrential rains. September can also bring some respite. There is moderate rainfall, and the scenic beauty is at its best. Waterways may not be open for the tourists. If boating or a houseboat ride is the motive of travelling to Alleppey, monsoons are not at all advisable. But while there, in September, one may witness the festival of Onam and watch the Snake Boat Race in the backwaters.
Snake Boat Race
Snake Boat Race

Summer (April - June)

Summertime is an off-season for Alleppey and is a least advisable time for a trip to Alleppey. The season begins in March and goes on till May. This is when the temperature hits a maximum of 39°C keeping the days scorching hot. After sundown, the minimum temperature hovers around 26°C. Most crowd to the city on the special occasion of Temple Festival held in March every year. It is a 10-day long festival full of vigour and celebrations that can be witnessed.
Houseboat in Allepey
Houseboat in Allepey

Events in Alleppey

Nehru Trophy Boat Race

11th August

The most popular event is the Snake Boat Race, which is why it is often called the Nehru Snake Boat Race. A famous tourist attraction, the winner of the race is celebrated for months to come.

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