Luxuriate In This Extraordinary Houseboat - Xandari Riverscapes For the New Year's in Alleppey!

Alleppey, the beautiful abode known for its backwaters, plantations and palm-lined beaches in Kerala has an added attraction to its tourism- Houseboats, once underrated have come to light with every second traveller including them to their itineraries.
With Xandari Riverscapes you'll be floating your way into sightseeing and stopping along the route for meals and what not! The experience on this house barge made with efficient engines, freshwater holding tanks, and other speciality fittings makes it ecologically responsible too. One of the best Houseboats to unwind and locate yourself during your stay in Kerala would be Xandari Riverscapes, an exceptional experience amidst the verdant backwaters in the Land of God's!

Tradition & Convenience At Its Best

Fashioned out of rice barges in an ancient traditional manner, it is constructed out of jackfruit tree wood, with no nails—all the wood is stitched together and sealed with a natural waterproofing method made from fish oil. What makes this houseboat stand out is its historic design amalgamated with modern amenities. The canopy of the houseboat along with its all-natural thatch roofing and siding materials makes it appear distinctive amidst the pristine backwaters. 

Massive houseboats as the Xandari Riverscapes do not have access to some canals for its petite nature. The houseboat hence doesn't leave a storm unturned to help you see those canals as they arrange canoes and marshal tours through for guests onboard as they stop for lunch at some locations. If you think the floating boat is set to deprive you of on-foot strolls and shopping, you need not worry. The occasional grocery and shopping stores floating to the boat gives you a chance to lay your hands on Kerala's local produce and the Village Walk tour arranged by the houseboat gives you an insight into the local lifestyles. 

Facilities On Board 

The 'Kettuvallam' as they locally call it is here to help you relax, unwind and escape betwixt the commercial and calm waters. Up-to-date facilities and luxuries flank the boat for an unforgettable experience. 
  • With one, two or three-bedroom accommodations completely air-conditioned and other spaces like dining halls, living rooms and the viewing deck set in the open, one gets to experience both indoor and outdoor spaces on the boat. 
  • Meticulously designed to complement the natural spaces, the rooms are devoid of any television viewing to promote revelling in the tranquil zones and making the best of your stay. 
  • Hop onto the high deck and take Instagram-worthy pictures of the awestruck views like lands bearing rice, coconut and banana; ripples on Vembanad lake; and sightings of kingfishers and cormorants. 
  • With multiple stoppages en route, one of the best tours facilitated by Xandari Riverscapes would be a Village Walk tour of historic St. Andrews Basilica, Arthunkal which was originally built by the Portuguese missionaries in the 16th century. The world heritage site en route the backwater experience will keep you hooked to the enchantment of the experience. 

Food & Gastronomical Experiences

Xandari promises local taste for the palate like no other. Naadan, the authentic home-cooked feast comes with a dash of local spices from the hands of a traditional chef. The food is a preparation of fresh organic and local produce and freshly fetched fish for the best culinary delight! 
Dine-in under the sun or the star-lit sky with delectable food being served at noon and at supper to keep the diners in full appetite. You sure won't be missing out on shellfish and freshwater whitefish- Karimeen which is the reverent food here! 

In entirety, Xandari Riverscapes commits a distinguished experience with comfort and luxury at its crux. The pledge of the Houseboat to make the whole experience a memorable one will inspire you to the core, leaving you astounded on the top-notch hospitality and generosity of the property! 

When are you booking your stay with Xandari Riverscapes? Let us know in the comments below!

This post was published by Sony Punjabi

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