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What is the best time to visit Dapoli?

Monsoons season falling between June and August is the best time to visit Dapoli as the lush vegetation, and bountiful mountains come to life leaving pleasant weather. Although the town remains cool throughout the year, the summers are less crowded, and hence planning an off-season visit to Dapoli can be a great weekend getaway. Otherwise, the tourists visit Dapoli in huge numbers during monsoon when the town comes to life with greenery or during winters when the weather is pleasant, and festivals are on a queue.

Weather in Dapoli


Upcoming Dapoli Weather

Monthly Weather in Dapoli

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 18 31
February 20 33
March 21 33
April 24 33
May 27 34
June 26 33
July 24 29
August 25 29
September 24 29
October 23 32
November 19 34
December 19 33

Dapoli in Monsoon (July - September)

Monsoon is another good time to visit Dapoli. This is the time when the entire town looks green and enlivened with a lovely ambience when one can explore the beautiful attractions. The rainfall here is average during July and August. The beaches, lined with coconut trees look beautiful which is a treat to the eyes of every beach lover. However, water sports are down during this time especially during heavy showers so ensure you plan a trip to Dapoli when the rains are moderate.
Dapoli, Karde Beach, Monsoon season

Dapoli in Winter (October - March)

October to March is the peak season in Dapoli. The weather remains pleasantly cool and least humid with most beaches crowded with tourists. You can indulge in leisure walk on the coastline, go on sightseeing or a picnic with friends or family or even head to the Murud and Karde beach for dolphin watching. This is also the best time for water activities like boating, swimming etc. Many festivals also occur at this time like Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri and Diwali. There are also beach festivals organised on New Year Eve.
Winter afternoon, Dapoli

Dapoli in Summer (April - June)

Dapoli remains cool throughout the year. The summer temperatures do not rise above 35 degrees. It is not extremely hot during the summer, but the humidity remains high, which causes dehydration and sweating. The early months of summer are, however, pleasant and budget travellers can visit Dapoli that time for an experience just as good as visiting it in the peak season. The beaches are less crowded during summers. One can take a walk around the beach during summer evenings and spend the night in a camp near the beach, to enjoy the night sky. It is a perfect romantic getaway for summer, owing to the quiet and less crowd.
Dapoli, Summer sunset

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