What is the best time to visit Harihareshwar?

October to March are the best months to visit Harihareshwar when the hot weather is a bit at rest. The Diwali and Shiv Ratri celebrations during this period along with Ganesh Chaturthi in September can make a visit to Harihareshwar a more enchanting one. The summers are quite warm, followed by a humid monsoon and pleasantly cool winters.

Weather in Harihareshwar


Upcoming Harihareshwar Weather

Monthly Weather in Harihareshwar

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 29°/ 20° 0 days
February 31°/ 21° 0 days
March 31°/ 22° 0 days
April 33°/ 24° 0 days
May 32°/ 26° 0 days
June 30°/ 26° 21 days
July 28°/ 25° 31 days
August 28°/ 25° 30 days
September 28°/ 24° 29 days
October 31°/ 24° 16 days
November 32°/ 24° 3 days
December 31°/ 23° 0 days

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Harihareshwar in Winter (October-February)

Winters in Harihareshwar are characterised with a pleasant temperature range ranging from 14 to 22 degrees Celcius, along with subtle breeze blowing during the day. The moderate climatic variations make this season the best choice for anyone who wants to visit the place.

Harihareshwar in Monsoon (June-August)

Monsoon in this region can be your second best choice to pay a visit. The temperature range is moderate, but the increased humidity can be a problematic factor. Apart from the humidity, the weather here during these months is pleasant and comfortable.

Harihareshwar in Summer (March-May)

Planning to visit Harihareshwar in summer may not be the best option. Summers in this region is accompanied by extreme climatic conditions and the weather get a bit uncomfortable to explore the city.

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