Beaches in Alibaug for the Ideal Beachside Vacation

The beaches in Alibaug are major tourist flocking spots as people come over from all over the state on weekends. The amazing combination of sun, sand and sea found at these unspoilt beaches are perfe (Read More)ct to help you unwind over the weekend and recharge before returning to the fast-paced life of the city. Alibaug is quite well connected with Mumbai by the sea with ferries plying regularly except during the monsoon. One can also reach Alibaug by road from Mumbai, but that takes more time.

Here is the list of 14 Beaches in Alibaug for the Ideal Beachside Vacation

1. Alibaug Beach

Alibaug Beach
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Located along the coast of the Arabian Sea, the Alibaug Beach is a black-sand beach which offers the panoramic sight of the Kolaba fort from the shores. Named after the Alibaug coast, this beach is one of the most popular beaches in Alibaug. It is located near the city centre and can be easily accessed by public transport. Amber sand lies underneath its coarser black counterpart, and its unique sight is further accentuated by the rocks that lazily lie around the entire landscape. The ruins of the fort can be easily accessed by waddling through the waters in low tides and a short boat ride during high tides.

Distance: 2.3 Km from Alibag City Centre

2. Kashid Beach

Kashid Beach
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One of the most popular and alluring beaches of Maharashtra, the Kashid beach comes with a promise of a perfect and relaxed beach holiday. One of the more scenic beaches of Alibaug, along with the white sands and turquoise waters are an eye-catching sight one can't miss. Activities such as parasailing, jetskiing and horseriding are quite popular among tourists. Night camping is another popular activity here among younger visitors. 

Distance: 33 Km from Alibag

3. Nagaon Beach

Nagaon Beach
4.3 /5

The shores of Nagaon beach stretches for 3 km along the Arabian coastline. Characterised by lined palms, betel, and suru trees, this beach is most famous for its cleanliness and for hosting water-based adventure activities available at a reasonable price. Due to its calm waters, low-tides and plain surface of the beach, Nagaon is considered safe and ideal for families and elderlies to visit.

Distance: 9 Km from the Alibaug city centre

4. Mandwa Beach

Mandwa Beach
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A popular weekend beach destination from Mumbai city, this beach is situated in the village of Mandwa in Maharashtra. It is very accessible because of the direct ferry services which are available near Mandwa beach to and from Mumbai city. There are several beach food shacks and stalls here, with the addition of watersport offerings for a bit of adrenaline-pumping fun. This beach has been made famous as a location for the film Agneepath

Distance: 18 Km from city centre

5. Kihim beach

Kihim beach
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Kihim beach is found to the north of Alibaug, situated in the small village of Kihim. Commonly known to people in Mumbai as a weekend getaway, it is accessible via Roads and ferries. The lush greenery, gorgeous waters, proximity to Mumbai, fresh air and cleanliness of the shores is what makes this beach popular among the beaches in Alibaug. Apart from the watersports and beachside activities such as horse rides, the beach is famous for migratory birds and resident birds. 

Distance: 10 Km from city centre

6. Murud Beach

Murud Beach
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A relaxing stretch of glittering white sand, Murud beach is not as cluttered by tourist rush as are the more popular beaches of Alibaug. Watersports such as parasailing and banana boat rides are quite popular here. Many visitors come here to watch the sea dolphins swim close to the shore and sometimes play with swimmers. Seeing the sun set behind the forts in the vicinity is also recommended before heading back to the city.

Distance: 48 Km from city centre

7. Rewas Beach

Rewas Beach
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Rewas Beach is famous and significant for the Rewas Jetty that facilitates the Mumbai Launch service. It is 6 km away from Kihim. One can find many private beach bungalows along the coast here. The scenery surrounding the jetty is particularly attractive to photographers and is in full bloom during the monsoons.

Distance: 23 km from Alibaug city centre

8. Varsoli Beach

Varsoli Beach
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Varsoli beach is one of the lesser-visited beaches of Alibaug. As it isn't visited by many tourists, it is one of the few beaches of Alibaug that retains more of its natural charm with the added appeal of being less crowded. Located close to the city, Varsoli beach is known for its beach resorts and cottages that are best suited for a peaceful getaway. The beach serves as a naval base for the Indian Navy and is also known for its variety of adventure sports.

Distance: 3 Km from city centre

9. Kasim Beach

Kasim Beach

Located at an hour's drive from the main town of Alibaug in Kashid, Kasim Beach spells peace, quietude and serenity in all their forms. The beach has an extensive coastline ideal for long walks or simply to sit and bask in the sun. One of the relatively quieter beaches in the area, it has shining silver sands and is lined with gorgeous palm trees.

Distance: 30 km from city centre

10. Korlai Beach

Korlai Beach

Korlai Beach is one of the hidden gems among the beaches of Alibaug. Situated at a little distance from the town, the main beach is located in the small fishing village of Korlai. Korlai beach has little tourism as it is not known to many, which in turn makes it an ideal weekend getaway spot. Besides the gorgeous sweeping views of the blue sea on one side and the emerald grassy hues on the other, the beach also boasts of an age-old fort and a lighthouse.

Distance: 23 Km from city centre

11. Akshi Beach

Akshi Beach
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Located between Nagaon beach and Alibaug beach, Akshi beach is located at a secluded spot in Alibaug and hence does not attract a huge number of tourists. The calm waters and the cleanliness of the beach are the few things that make this one of the best beaches in Alibaug. The coastline has numerous cottages and hotels. The shoreline is relatively horizontal making it a unique spot for activities like boating, sunbathing and swimming. Akshi beach also attracts a lot of different species of birds, making it a famous bird-watching spot.

Distance: 7.4 Km from city centre

12. Awas Beach

Awas Beach

Located a little on the outskirts of Alibaug, around 7 kms from Mandwa, Awas Beach is a beautiful stretch of golden sands lined with casuarina and suru trees. One of the well-kept secret beaches of Alibaug, the beach rarely has visitors which means it is ideal for romantic getaways or to spend quality time in solitude. The village adjacent to the beach houses some beautiful resorts which are frequented by families and couples alike. Lack of tourism in the place also leads to cleaner shores, quieter aesthetics and an overall gorgeous view.

Distance: 15 km from city centre

13. Revdanda Beach

Revdanda Beach
3.2 /5

Home to the ruins of the Portuguese fort veiled in wild plantations, Revdanda beach is probably one of the most uncommon beaches among those in Alibaug. What stands out are the cannon holes in the fortification walls that border the sea. The atmosphere at the beach and nearby is serene making it ideal for those who shy away from large crowds and activities. It is a lovely picnic spot during the weekends.

Distance: 17 km from city centre

14. Saswane Beach

Saswane Beach
3.0 /5

A relatively lesser known Saswane Beach lies on the coastline extended after Awas and Alibaug. The beach faces an elite residential village with sparse bungalows and posh apartments. With a grove of coconut trees in the distance, the Mumbai skyline presents a mesmerising picture. It is frequented by travellers both from Pune and Mumbai due to its flexible location and as it encourages water sports (except during monsoon).

Distance: 17 Km from city centre

So there you have it! If you're looking for a coastal getaway from the city, especially the bustling metropolitans like Mumbai and Pune, then head on over to one these scenic beaches of Alibaug and wash your troubles away. Breathe in the fresh coastal breeze to find yourself recharged and rejuvenated.

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