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Located along the coast of the Arabian Sea, the Alibaug Beach is a picturesque stretch of sand situated in Maharashtra. Alibaug is a black-sand beach which offers the panoramic sight of the Kolaba fort from the shores. Amber sand lies underneath its coarser black counterpart, and its unique sight is further accentuated by the rocks that lazily lie around the entire landscape. The ruins of the fort are clearly visible from the Alibaug beach which can be easily accessed by waddling through the waters in low tides and a short boat ride during high tides. The beach is famous for its picturesque sceneries of sunrise and sunset that one must marvel when in Alibag. It is a great place to spend time in leisure while you marvel at the Arabian sea and landscapes of sunrise, sunset and the silhouette of the Kolaba Fort.

Named after the Alibaug coast, the Alibaug beach is not only popular for its scenic beauty but also for its rich history and many adventure sports activities. You can take a boat ride through the waters of the beach, which overlooks the Colaba Fort in all its glory. An unwavering symbol of all that the Maratha Empire stood for, this historic monument stands strong along the coast even today. The coastline of the beach runs for 4 kilometres along the shores of the Arabian sea and is also a settlement of a few fishing villages, where you can experience the lifestyle and culture of the locals. While here, you can also visit the Ganpati Temple, which is almost 400 years old. Visit the Alibaug Beach to experience its unique shades which range from illustrious history to thrilling activities.

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Water Sports at Alibaug Beach

One of the most popular tourist attractions of Alibaug, the beach is not only famous for its coastal beauty, but for the number of adventure sports and recreational activities as well. You can enjoy the horse riding on the shores of the beach as you take a ride along the coast. Water sports at  Alibaug Beach include enthralling activities such as paragliding, motor-boat ride, sky kayaking, kite surfing and jet ski. The water sports in Alibaug are extremely famous among the tourists and are also available at a reasonable cost.

Beach Resorts around Alibaug Beach

Being one of the most important tourist destination in Alibaug, there are several beach resorts around its shores that offer the scenic view of the Arabian sea and the historic Kolaba Fort. Sanman beach resort, Rituraj inns, the Fern Silvanus beach resort and Alibaug beach resort are some of the famous beach resorts around Alibaug to make your vacations exotic and full of comfort. These facilities are well equipped with luxurious rooms and plush eating facilities. You can enjoy various luxuries amenities at the resort such as- spa, swimming pool, tennis court, barbecue and indoor sports along with the scenic landscapes of sunrise and sunset.

How To Reach Alibaug Beach

Alibaug beach is located 2 km from the city center and 1 km from the local bus station of Alibaug. The local transport is well-developed in Alibaug, you can take a bus, auto-rickshaw or taxi to reach the Alibaug beach.

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