What is the best time to visit Raigad?

The ideal time to visit the Raigad fort is during November to March as winters are not harsh here. The weather remains pleasant, and you will enjoy trekking or ropeway the most during winters. Summers are hot in Raigad as the mercury reaches up to 50 degrees Celsius. Therefore, March to June is generally avoided by tourists.

Weather in Raigad


Upcoming Raigad Weather

Monthly Weather in Raigad

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 17 31
February 19 33
March 21 33
April 24 34
May 27 34
June 26 33
July 24 29
August 25 29
September 24 29
October 23 32
November 18 34
December 18 33

Raigad in Winter (November - February)

The winter season is the best time to plan a trip to Raigad. Other than the pleasant weather, numerous festivities take place in the region during this season. The temperature stays at a comfortable range, encouraging local sightseeing; hence, this is undoubtedly the best time to visit Raigad. The mildly warm days and cooler nights characterise the entire month. In addition to that, the cold blowing winds make travelling to the nearby attractions a delightful experience. Carrying light woollen clothes is recommended.
Winter Season, Raigad, Khokari Tombs

Raigad in Monsoon (July - September)

Monsoon season in Raigad occilates from medium to heavy rainfall with showers increasing the humidity. Although the downpours lower the temperature to a considerable extent, it is still not enough to make the weather comfortable. Continuous showers obstructs outdoor activities and heavy rains are major factors for water clogging and floods. Hence, it is advised to avoid travelling to Raigad during Monsoon owing to the unpleasant weather.
Monsoon Season, Raigad Buruj

Raigad in Summer (March - June)

Summers in Raigad is sweltering as the temperatures go up high making the days quite hot. The evenings are cool and they give relief from the scorching heat of the sun. Although summers begin to hit Raigad by the end of March, the slightly warmer days and cool nights create a good time for tourism. Vacationers can participate in sightseeing and tourist activities. Holi is celebrated with immense joy and happiness in Raigad during this month. By the month of April, the weather gets unberable with hot dry winds and scorching heat. Tourist activities and sightseeing are hindered because of this unfavourable weather; hence, it is not an ideal time to visit Raigad during summer.
Summer Season, Raigad, Raigad Fort

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