Srinagar to Leh (NH 1D) in 15 Pictures #TWC

It is undoubtedly the most scenic road I have seen in India. It’s been almost a year since I took that journey and I can’t wait to go back. The beautiful silence and calmness that surrounds you all the way, it makes you think if you are in a dreamland.

I will let the pictures talk now:


The Journey Begins


We are all in this together!


The first tea break.


Sonmarg, a beautiful town in Kashmir. I could just sit there for hours.


The state of J&K is further divided into two regions – Kashmir and Ladakh. Here we enter the latter.


Just another road on the way!


Kargil War Memorial – It will surely give you Goosebumps no matter how non-patriotic you may be.


Not just another Milestone.


As we get closer to Leh, we start to see more inhabited villages.


For some time, I simply stood there and touched these rocks. Just to feel the texture!


From mountains to desert. This road has it all.


The famous Zanskar River. This is where the tributaries of Indus in Pakistan meet the tributaries of Indus in India.


It is said that this hill is an exception to Newton’s law of Gravity, for the metals. It surely attracts many people too.  ;)


This was just a random shot from my Phone camera when we were reaching the city. It ended up as one of the favorites.  :)


Here we are. At Leh. Completed a journey to start many more.

Have you been to Kashmir/Ladakh? What is your favorite road trip until now? Share your experiences!

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Submitted by: Swati Saxena

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