Siachen Glacier Now Open for Tourists

The Indian Army is all set to open doors of the Siachen glaciers to tourists. Sources suggest that this move is being pushed to allow civilians to witness the resilient and gallant lives of soldiers who battle severe weather conditions to ensure the safety of our country and its citizens. 

This initiative is being processed months after Ladakh was declared a Union Territory. This initiative was mentioned by An Army Chief General Bipin Rawat in the presence of officers and Lieutenant Generals at a seminar. The Chief said that this move is a positive initiative for national integration. 

Goma, Siachen Glaciers

Accessible Areas

Not all areas of Siachen are accessible to tourists. Similar to how some training centres have been opened to citizens, some posts of Siachen will be open for visitors. Not all citizens will be permitted into the premises near Siachen but only the locals residing there, who serve as porters to the army. 

High altitude operational positions in the terrains of Ladakh are being considered to throw open for tourists. The army is currently approving the positions which will be kept open for civilian access. The coordination and the plan are in implementation. 

The Army has been questioned on whether or not Pakistan will intervene in such developments but they responded to such fears by saying that the area was under the jurisdiction of the Indian administration and that there could be no interventions in their decisions, said the sources. 

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