This Village in Ladakh Houses Alexander's Descendants! Read to Know More.

Indus valley civilization was a highly developed civilization in ancient India. A once-prosperous civilization with many settlements along the banks of the River Indus was stretched from across Indus and Beas by Alexander. Even after his return to his homeland, he left his people back in the valley, who later settled in Ladakh. Today, his descendants live peacefully as inhabitants of the village of Dah and Hanu. This village is believed to be the last Aryan villages in India. 

The Brokpa Tribe

The Brokpa Tribe, Ladakh
You will find a total of five villages in the mystical valley as you follow the flow of the river from Leh towards the border. Among Dah, Hanu, Bheema, Garkon and Sanit, the last Aryan settlements are only in Dah and Hanu. The Aryans here are known as the Brokpa or Dards. You will notice many Aryan features such as tall, strong-built, light-skinned with high cheekbones and light eyes as you meet the locals. They communicate in Brokskat throughout the villages.

Safeguarding Genes

Confluence of Indus River
There were totally three Aryan soldiers who were left behind by Alexander in Indus Valley. The generations that eventually followed them throughout many centuries formed the tribe which has been ensuring that the ancestral genes are pure by strictly marrying within the community. They do not encourage their new generations to marry out of the community and do not easily accept if they do. Many such newly-wed couples have found a home in other places like Leh. Polygamy is very common in this tribe. 

Germans in Search Of The Aryan Genes?

There were rumours that many German women visited these villages looking for descendants of Alexander. They were believed to be visiting only to conceive and inherit the pure Aryan bloodline. 

The Brokpa Lifestyle

The Brokpa Lifestyle
Majority of Brokpas are farmers as farming is the key occupation of the Aryan men. They mainly cultivated Apricots and sell many products made with Apricots. Fresh, sun-dried or jams, they literally make full use of these apricots. They also rear livestock like cows, goats and yaks. Their staple diet is wheat, vegetables and Yak milk.

Aryan Festivities

Cham Dance, Ladakh
Originally stone worshippers, the Aryans eventually accepted Buddhism. One of the important festivals is Bononah festival. A three day festival in the month of September. The houses are built with stone and low ceilings and fire hearths.

Eventual Developments

Since a few years now, they also have electricity and gas connection for cooking. The younger generations have moved to the bigger towns and cities for job opportunities and many even serve the Indian army close to their village. Even after ages, they have maintained their culture and do not let the modernisation change their ancestral pride. The people of these villages are known for their warm hospitality and mannerism.

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