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Want to travel one of the most beautiful places in India, but are low on budget? Well, you are at the right place then. Ladakh is my home town and I’m going to help you tour it keeping in mind your budget.

To begin with let me tell you a little about Ladakh not that you wouldn’t already know.

Located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh is a beauty like no other. Also known as ‘the land of high passes’, Ladakh’s snow clad mountains and almost barren lands are one of India’s most toured places. People from all over the world come to visit this place which lies at a height of more than 3,000 meters (9,800 feet) between the Himalayas and Kunlun mountain range. It is divided into two: 1. The Muslim Kargil district and 2. The Buddhist Leh district.

Coming to the most important part, the weather. Summer in Ladakh exceed upto 35 degrees while winter drops up to -40 degrees. The best time to visit Ladakh is June- September, the weather is favourable and the roads clear.

Aerial view of Ladakh

Aerial view of Ladakh (Source


1. Travelling to Ladakh:

There are two ways to Ladakh. First is from Delhi via Manali to Ladakh and second is from Srinagar to Ladakh, either way you get to enjoy a road trip but it completely depends on which route you are willing to take.

First:- Delhi to Manali: Rs. 1500 (per person) by private bus and Rs. 500 (per person) by Government bus.

          Manali to Ladakh: Rs. 2500 (per person) by cab.

Second:- Srinagar to Ladakh: Rs. 2500 (per person) by cab.

Road trip from Manali to Ladakh

Road trip from Manali to Ladakh (Source)


2. Place to stay once you reach Ladakh:

Among all the places i know one of the best places to stay is the Hotel Lumbini which charges you Rs. 1000 per night with a comfortable double bed, room service, beautiful scenery and provides Breakfast and Dinner. Lunch is not provided as during that time you will be mostly touring so you can eat outside. The hotel provides wi-fi and is loacted in Fourth road, Leh.

View from Hotel Lumbini

View from Hotel Lumbini (Source)


3. Site seeing in Leh:

The most famous places for site seeing in Leh are: Shey, Thiksey and Hemis. These places are mostly famous for the ancient monastries that stand tall and breathtakingly beautiful. Another important place that you should not miss is ‘The Leh Palace’. With almost 8 levels, it portrays the style of living and the architecture of the King’s times in Ladakh.

Site seeing price: Rs. 1200 per person.

View of The Leh Palace from the eastern side

View of The Leh Palace from the eastern side (Source)

Inside view of the palace (wooden stairs)

Inside view of the palace (wooden stairs). (Source)

Monastery in Thiksey

Monastery in Thiksey (Source)


4. Khardungla Pass:

Khardungla pass is located almost 39 km North from Leh. It is one of the world’s highest motorable passes with an elevation of 5,359 m (18,380 ft). People love to go here and enjoy the view and click lot of pictures. So, if you have that feeling in your gut to stand at an unbelievable height to see a heavenly view then buckle up people, this is going to be one hell of a ride.

Price: Rs. 1000 per person (to and fro) by cab.

A photo taken at the Khardungla Pas

A photo taken at the Khardungla Pass (Source)


View from Khardungla Pass

View from Khardungla Pass (Source)


5. Pangong Lake:

Well i dont think i have to give much explanation here. I know most of the tourist come to Ladakh to see this place. The Pangong lake is one of the largest brackish lakes in Asia, with a height of 4,250 m and takes almost 5 hours to get there from Leh. Though a night stay at the Pangong lake is not advised due to the harsh weather during the night, it is a beautiful place to visit and just admire Mother Nature.

Price of a cab to Pangong lake: Rs.2500 per person (to and fro)


Pangong Lake

Pangong Lake (Source)


6. Tsomoriri:

Tsomoriri is another famous lake made from spring water and snow – melt. This lake is accesible mostly only in Summer and is astonishingly beautiful. A night stay in a tent is allowed. It is ringed by hills that rise over 6,000 m. The main inhabitants of this area are known as ‘Changspas’, nomadic shepherds.  The salt water lake is almost 4,000 m above sea level. A lake at such a height is truly one of Nature’s many magical creation.

Night stay at Tsomoriri: Rs. 1500 per person.

Travelling to and fro from Tsomoriri: Rs. 2500 per person.


Tsomoriri (Source) 

Tent at Tsomoriri

Tent at Tsomoriri (Source)


7. River Rafting:

Last but not the least River rafting in the Indus. The rapids are normally grade I and II. One of the most famous routes are from Phey to Nimo. This is one of the most enjoyable part of the tour, rafting in the Indus between all the high hills. An eperience of a lifetime.

Price: Rs. 800 per person.

View of Indus river from above

View of Indus river from above (Source)


River Rafting

River Rafting (Source)


I hope the above information will be useful and if my calculations are right a stay of 6 days should cost you around Rs. 19500 excluding your personal shopping. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get your travelling shoes on for an experience you will never forget.



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