Shopping in Hyderabad - 14 Places For Retail Therapy in Hyderabad

Hyderabad- geographically represented as the capital state of Telangana and jewellery recognised for its lip-smacking biryani. Visiting Hyderabad is genuinely like dipping into its 400-year-old cultural lineage. If someone gives a try to explore the place, his valiant effort will go in vain; you just can't read the entire culture in your first attempt! Well, that doesn't mean you can't try. Shopping, which is an integral though time eating task could be your first step towards understanding Hyderabad. We suggest looking for something that would remind you of your Hyderabad voyage, like a totem. For that, you need the right place, the right product for the right price. We have compiled a list of Hyderabadi bazaars to exterminate your effort to ask.

Here is a list of 14 Best Markets to get the best experience of Shopping in Hyderabad:

1. Laad Bazaar

Shopping in Hyderabad, Laad Bazar

Acknowledged by the tourist as the paradise of bangles and known as 'Choodi Bazar' in the common tongue, Laad Bazar stretches about a Kilometer and is packed with bangles and other stuff. It is located in the west of Charminar. It is a bit crowded though due to its popularity, to counter it the use of cars and rickshaws has been barred. One has to walk through the lane or use a motorcycle to explore. To widen the image, all these products are in the same place in even the next shop. There are 350 of it! If you take it from us go and buy some stuff, you will not regret it. Brush up your bargaining or visit with someone who knows the place, heavy bargaining is the soul of the market.

What to buy: Laad Bazar is firmly established for selling bangles of all kinds, the speciality being the Lacquer bangles from which the place acquired its name. Laad Bazar is in business for 200 years right from the time of the Nizams. The place also displays semi-precious stones, pearls, jewellery, Nirmal, Kalamkari paintings, products such as silverware, Bidri ware, and hand-woven materials of silk, cotton and also velvet, brocade, and gold embroidered fabrics, traditional Khara Dupattas, and perfumes.

Open time: 11 AM to 10.30 PM 

2. Char Minar Bazaar

Char Minar Bazaar, shopping in hyderabad
In the city of that's consumed by modernism, the area of Char Minar stands out with its rustic charm. It is renowned for the Barsa Pearl embellished with gold and silver that's well known in the world. This is one of the best markets in Hyderabad.

What to buy: You can get a variety of clothing like sarees, Hyderabadi khada dupattas, sherwanis and so on. If you're a fashion designer, then this is the place for you. All sorts of indigenous items are available here. And of course! Barsa Pearls.

Open Time: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

3. Moazzam Jahi Market

Shopping in Hyderabad, Moazzam Jahi Market

What started out as a well-founded Fruit Bazar today is the eminent Moazzam Jahi Market. The market was a smart architecture built in the form of a tower with granite stone, ordered by the ruling Nizam himself in 1935.

What to buy: 
The place used to sell exotic fruits, it was not far, and the Nizam use to shop often. Later, the market was not just limited to fruits; it started dealing with ammunition as well. Apart from ammunition, Nizams use to buy hunting gear from these markets as it was brought up on its way to their hunting voyage.

Dozens of stalls today make a living by selling vegetables, fresh chicken and goat meat, dry fruits and even ice creams. People come in bulk to savour the exquisite sweetness carved in ice-cream, in the evening. This market is not just about ice cream, fruits or hunting but the historic lineage associated with it. Also, the fact that it is operational till now is fascinating!

Open time: 10 AM to 11.30 PM

4.  Begum Bazaar

Shopping in Hyderabad, Begum Bazar
Begum Bazar is one of the grandest markets in the history of Hyderabad. The market is quite aged, about 150 years old, but by seeing the energy here, it looks just like any other well-established Bazar in India.

What to buy: Begum Bazar is especially known for tobacco, but that isn't the only product hawked here. Traders from all around the city encounter products like household products and décor, kitchen essentials, cosmetics and daily use items, toiletries and perfumes and much more. Gold, Silver, and fresh fish are also sold with negotiable rates. 

You must have good bargaining skills to land a decent deal, and in this market, God! One who doesn't bargain is the one to target. So, with the one criterion for shopping now listed, pull up your socks, dress well and don't forget to pick up your wallet and dash to Begum Bazar.

Open Time: 10 AM to 12 PM

5. Koti Sultan Bazaar (Koti Market)

Shopping in Hyderabad, koti Sultan Bazar

This market is the oldest to be named in Hyderabad. Women gathering around the shop and fighting over clothes and jewellery was a trend established long ago here. It is practised like a culture till date. The 200 years old market is considered as a fashion symbol around Hyderabad. 

What to buy: From silver junk jewellery to precious stone, the place has it all. Other Indian traditional clothing is again something to look out for in the shops here.
Before you dash out in the market, just remember to have a complete day to savour.

Open Time: 10 AM to 6 PM

6. Nampally

Shopping in Hyderabad, Nampally

It is a delight for every tourist to visit Nampally as this is the place where like-minded Shopaholic energies will surround you

What to buy: The market is at the pinnacle of trade in Clothes, footwear, bangles, bags and wallets, jewellery. If there is any chance of you visiting between January and mid-February, visit The Numaish Exhibition where you will get about everything you want and surprisingly on remarkable pricing.

Open Time: 10 AM to 12 PM

7. Shilparamam

Shiparamam, Shopping in Hyderabad
Located in HiTec City, Shilparamam gives its visitors a village shopping experience in Hyderabad. The place has a setting of 15 huts made in a rural way so that it supports the theme of the products. The place serves as an exhibition and a market for Handicrafts, genuine natural fabrics and goods. Shilparamam village also has a museum and recreational areas too.

What to buy: handicrafts, Fabrics from all around the country.
Open time: 10:30 AM - 8:30 PM

8. Perfume Market (Hyderabad Perfumers)

Perfume Market, Shopping in Hyderabad
Somewhere in between the Laad Bazaar and Moti Chowk, you'll find the Perfume Market. The market is famous for its century-old business that has been passed on through generations. You wouldn't need to search for it, the fragrances of the perfumes called Ittar will pull you towards the destination.

What to buy: luxurious scents locally knowns as 'Ittar', small vile of perfumes and glass bottles. 

9. Tobacco Bazaar

Tobacco Bazar, Shopping in Hyderabad
The Tobacco market is located on M.G. Road and can satisfy all your materialist needs. It's also known as General Bazar following the same credentials. Initially, the market seems just like a narrow lane, but soon it reveals its true self and let slip about 300 shops to be explored. You might need some extra cash and a lot of patience if you are planning to visit with your Missis. The market is in play for 60 long years and has a reputation for displaying the best fabrics in the state.

What to buy: The collection of Chiffon, poochampally, brocade, kurtas, dupattas, salwar kameezes and blouses will charm you and pull you to every next outlet. Quality shirts, trousers and suiting fabrics also await your attention. To point out the diversity again, you will be stunned by the pricing. The materials start from a price as low as INR 40 to INR 2000 a meter; you need to choose. The place won't let you down that's for sure, you need to spare some hours and a little cash to get the best out of it.

Open time: 10 AM to 10 PM

10. Abids Street

Abids Street, Shopping in Hyderabad

For quality traditional craftwork visit Abid's street. From clothing to gadgets, there's something for everyone here. 

What to buy: This is a perfect place for saree shopping in Hyderabad
Open Time: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

11. Antique Market

Antique Market, Shopping in Hyderabad

If you want to capture the ideal Hyderabadi culture, then head to the Antique Market. Every piece of material has a history that's been told and retold by retailers and sellers here. Hyderabad city is one of the major cities to have this exquisite metal craft that has an intricate inlay working on silver sheets on a zinc and copper alloy. 

What to buy: Nizam era crockery and items, utensils and chandeliers, Bidri crafts. 
Open Time: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

12. Pot Market

Pot Market, Shopping in Hyderabad
A market in Secunderabad that's famous for accessories in Hyderabad. The bazaar is always bustling with people and exchanges. Not just pots, there are other sorts of utensils which you can place your hands on.

What to buy: Pots, assorted utensils. 
Open Time: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

13. Jummerat Bazaar

Jummerat bazaar, shopping in hyderabad
This is a flea market that's set up near begum bazaar every Thursday. This market is famous for shopaholics and among locals. Its also the local chor bazaar, and since most products are stolen here, they come at low prices. Hence you can carry a whole set of utensils at a price as low as INR 100. 

What to buy: cheap utensils, clothing, shoes, silverware and wooden items. 
Open Time: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

14. Sunday Book Bazaar

Sunday Book Bazaar, Shopping in hyderabad
Are books your drugs? Then Sunday Book Bazaar is your spot. Apart from buying a book, the Sunday book bazaar lets you sell your used books and part your knowledge. 

What to buy: Old printed editions, second-hand books, rare out of print books. 
Open Time: 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Things to Buy in Hyderabad
  • Hyderabadi Pearls
  • Lac Bangles
  • Pochampally Sarees
  • Bidri Work
  • Kalamkari Fabrics
Now go and roam in the narrow lanes, searching for the best pick and haggle the hell out! What are you waiting for? Go and buy a lot of spending less in Hyderabad now!

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This post was published by Rishabh Thakur

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