Hyderabad Bags The Title of 'India's Most Vegan-Friendly City'!

Soon after earning the UNESCO title of 'Creative City of Gastronomy' in 2019, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has tagged Hyderabad as being the most 'vegan-friendly city in India'. The Pearl City has been accomplishing several accolades in the gastronomy field! 

Stark Contrasts

With people opting for vegan food, Hyderabad is sure in vogue with food trends. It is surprising that the city known for its royal Mughal delicacies and world-famous Biryanis is acing the vegan game now! The city has turned into a magnetic to vegan lovers. With the expanding vegan population, meat intake has also deteriorated. 

"The global interest in a vegan lifestyle has never been higher, and Hyderabad is leading the country in responding to it,” said Dr Kiran Ahuja, PETA India vegan outreach coordinator. 

What is Veganism? 

No, it's not the same as being called a vegetarian! For those who are still not aware of the concept, Veganism is a practice where one completely resists from indulging in animal products or does not approve of the commodity status of animals, including milk. It especially caters to diets. One who follows a completely animal-free diet is called a vegan! 

Vegan-Friendly Outlets in Hyderabad

The city is flooded with Vegan-friendly outlets. Owing to the popularity of vegan food, restaurants have emerged highlighting vegan delicacies on their menus. Such is the popularity of vegan food now! 

 Some of the popular vegan outlets in Hyderabad are
  • Terrassen Café – Poets and Oats serve only vegan dishes in particular such as pasta, pizzas smoothies, and coffee, among others. 
  • Smart Alec – Alternative Deli, serves vegan-friendly meat curries and butter chicken with mock meat. 
  • Cookie Queen and the Lush Glaze, are outlets for those with a sweet tooth. Gorge on a variety of vegan cakes, donuts, and tarts. Food items are completely free of animal-based ingredients which include milk, eggs, and butter. It's not a gimmick! 
  • Frozera serves a plethora of dairy-free ice-creams making it a vegan hub! 
Hyderabad has also provided easy access to Vegan-friendly products with a store called Plantarium, where a religious vegan follower can get vegan produce under one roof.  The products include vegan treats, cosmetics, proteins and more.

So since you know the popular Vegan-friendly diets, go try out some delicious vegan food in the vegan hub of Hyderabad! Are you happy that Hyderabad is a Vegan-friendly city? Let us know in the comments below! 

This post was published by Sony Punjabi

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