Best Street Food in Hyderabad - 18 Hyderabadi Dishes That You Must Try

Planning to visit Hyderabad with your family and friends? Or even visiting the city on a business trip? If you're a foodie and do not want to miss out on any of the treats Hyderabad has to provide, well, you are at the right place. Here are some of the delicacies of Hyderabadi street food that are a must try to anyone visiting the city of Nizams.

1. Hyderabadi Biriyani- Street Food at its Best in Hyderabad 

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani, Street Food in Hyderabad


Let's start with the most cliched but yummiest dish that Hyderabad has to offer - The world-famous Hyderabadi Biriyani! This is available everywhere and anywhere in Hyderabad, and hence you can go and try it at any place as the basic recipe remains the same everywhere. This yummy meaty main course with the right amount of spices and flavour is every non-vegetarian's paradise.
Top Places To Try It:
1. Hotel Shadab, Ghansi Bazaar
2. Meridian Cafe & Restaurant, Punjagutta
3. Shah Ghouse Cafe & Restaurant, Toli Chowki

2. Hyderabadi Haleem- Best Food in Hyderabad

Hyderabadi Haleem_Street Food in Hyderabad


This tasty stew is another favourite. Introduced in Hyderabad during the Nizam rule, this famous Hyderabadi street food dish has been localised by adding traditional spices thus evolving to the best and the most famous Hyderabadi haleem. This stew consists of lentils and meat along with pounded wheat and made into a thick paste and commonly found during the months of Ramadan.
Top Places To Try It:
1. Pista House, Shalibanda Road, Charminar
2. Shah Ghouse Cafe & Restaurant, Toli Chowki
3. Paradise, Paradise Circle, Secunderabad

3. Phirni

Phirni_Holidify, Street Food in Hyderabad


This sweet dessert is yet another Ramadan special. Usually made and served in clay pots, this fragrant rice and milk-based dessert is a lovely treat for your taste buds. Easy on the stomach, this flavour infused dessert is the one to gorge on after a heavy and delicious meal.
Top Places To Try It:
1. Shah Ghouse Cafe & Restaurant, Toli Chowki
2. The Grand Trunk Road, Madhapur

4. Boti Kebab- Finest Taste in Hyderabad

Boti Kebab_Holidify, Street Food in Hyderabad


These delicious kebabs are all you need to turn any bad day around! These intensely marinated lamb starters are a must try for any meat lover who's on the hunt for some iconic street food in Hyderabad.
Top Places To Try It:
1. Hotel Shadab, Ghansi Bazaar
2. Paradise, Paradise Circle, Secunderabad
3. Bawarchi, Nallakunta

5. Qubani Ka Meetha- Best dish in Hyderabad

Qubani Ka Meetha_Holidify, Street Food in Hyderabad


This authentic Hyderabadi dessert is yet another speciality and hence a necessity to try if you ever visit Hyderabad. This best delicacy in Hyderabad is made using dried apricots and usually topped with almonds. It can be eaten with ice-cream or can even be garnished with malai (thick cream).
Top Places To Try It:
1. Utsav Restaurant, Secunderabad
2. Parivar Dhaba, Nizamabad
3. Paradise, Paradise Circle, Secunderabad

6. Mirchi Ka Salan

Mirchi Ka Salan_Holidify, Street Food in Hyderabad


Sided with the famous Hyderabadi Biriyani, Mirchi ka Salan is yet another delicacy which is worth a mention. This gravy dish has coconut, peanuts and sesame seeds as a base and green chillis as the main ingredient. This is usually made with the long hot chillis available in Hyderabad. So, prepare yourself for a spicy treat when trying the street food in Hyderabad.
Top Places To Try It:
1. Hotel Rumaan Restaurant, Toli Chowki
2. Hotel Nayaab, Ghansi Bazaar
3. Hotel Shadab, Ghansi Bazaar

7. Hyderabadi Chicken 65

Hyderabadi Chicken 65_Holidify, Street Food in Hyderabad


OM NOM NOM!! The only words that come to my mind when I think of this heavenly appetiser. This spicy deep fried starter garnished with coriander leaves, and onion is the best way to start your 3-course meal.
Top Places To Try It:
1. Bawarchi, Nallakunta
2. Hotel Tulips Grand, Boduppal
3. Paradise, Paradise Circle, Secunderabad

8. Pesarattu Dosa

Pesarattu Dosa_Holidify, Street Food in Hyderabad


Pesarattu Dosa or Moong Dal Dosa is similar to the normal Dosa with the difference being that the batter is made of moong dal. It is one of the favourite breakfast dishes in Andhra Pradesh and also very nutritious. It is sided with ginger chutney, and this combination makes your taste buds go wild. Other south Indian states include Dosa in their street food menu, but this little twist to the south classic has earned this dish a spot on the list of the best street food in Hyderabad. 
Top Places To Try It:
1. Pragati Gully
2. Charminar Market

9. Lukhmi

Lukhmi_Holidify, Street Food in Hyderabad


This oddly shaped yet scrumptious samosa is the most popular starter served at every Hyderabadi wedding. It is filled with spice infused minces lamb meat which is tangy and covered with an outer crispy layer and is a must try for any non-vegetarian.
Top Places To Try It:
1. Charminar Market
2. Alpha Hotel & Restaurant, West Marredpalli

10. Nihari

Nihari_Holidify, Street Food in Hyderabad


Another Eid Special, Nihari is mouthwatering lamb stew that just pure ecstasy to your taste buds.  This is usually cooked along with the marrow and sometimes also with a brain. This delicacy is cooked overnight and even buried underground so that the essence of the masala seeps into the meat. It is so famous during Eid that it is also known as the National Dish of Pakistan.
Top Places To Try It:
1. Hotel Shadab, Ghansi Bazaar
2. Charminar Bazaar 
3. Shah Ghouse Cafe & Restaurant, Toli Chowki

11. Double ka Meetha

double-ka-meetha_Holidify, Street Food in Hyderabad


This iconic Hyderabadi street food is tasty dessert which is a common preparation during the Hyderabadi Muslim weddings. This bread pudding dessert is made of bread slices soaked in saffron and cardamom infused milk. It is also popularly known as 'Double Roti' as it swells up to double of its original size after baking.  
Top Places To Try It:
1. Hyderabad House, Ameerpet
2. Pragati Gully
3. Hameedi Confectioners, Mozamjahi Market

12. Murgh Do Pyaza

Murgh do Pyaza_Holidify, Street Food in Hyderabad


Popularly known as 'Chicken do Pyaza', this sweet and spicy dish is relished with naan or roti. The origin of its name comes from the fact that during its preparation, it requires 'double' a number of onions as compared to any other chicken dish. This yummy curry has a rich and tangy tomato gravy and sometimes eggs are also added to make it even more exquisite in taste.
Top Places To Try It:
1. Palate House Family Restaurant, Miyapur Crossroad
2. Paradise, Paradise Circle, Secunderabad
3. Kangan, The Westin, Hitech City

13. Keema Samosa

Keema Samosa_Holidify, Street Food in Hyderabad


Samosas are one evening snack that drives any Indian crazy! But the Keema Samosas of Hyderabad will make you run wild! This yummy monsoon delicacy is usually made with spicy masala and minced meat and is a must-have snack for any samosa lover! This iconic Hyderabadi street food is most famous during the Ramzan time as well.
Top Places To Try It:
1. Hotel Shadab, Ghansi Bazaar
2. Golkonda Fort stalls
3. Sahib's Barbeque, Hitech City

14. Gosht Pasinde

Gosht Pasinde_Holidify


This is also yet another Ramadan special made with leg of lamb, marinated and seasoned with cumin, pepper and cardamom. Garnished with almonds and chopped tomatoes, this dish is usually eaten with naan or rice.
Top Places To Try It:
1. Ohri's Tansen, Necklace Road

15. Irani Chai

irani tea_Holidify


How could I end this post without mentioning the 'Soul of Hyderabad', the ever famous Irani Tea. Setting dock in the Nawabi city for business, the Persians introduced this delicacy to this city of India. As a tourist, you must let the cafes of Hyderabad pamper your taste buds with its exquisite taste. It is best had with another famous delicacy that Hyderabad has to offer,  Osmania biscuits.
Top Places To Try It:
1. Nimrah Cafe & Bakery, Champapet Main Road
2. Nilofer Cafe, Lakdikapul
3. Paradise, Paradise Road, Secunderabad

16.Dum Pukht

Dum Pukht Biryani
If you ever find yourself in Hyderabad, Dum Pukht biryani is a dish that you MUST try. It is a biryani cooked with loads of desi ghee in low flame. It is flavoured with loads of herbs found locally. The aroma of the dish will make you drool incessantly for days to go. People who have had this dish before often exclaim that it's like no other and they can't wait to have just another spoonful of this heavenly delicacy.
Top Places To Try It:
1. Shahi Dastarkhwan
2. Chicha’s
3. Jewel of Nizam

17. Paaya

Paaya is a dish made of goat trotters and roasted spices. The moist goat trotters are marinated beforehand to make the goat trotters succulent and flavorful. It is served with piping hot rice and will make you go ‘yum’ in just seconds. The dish packs flavour in every bite and is considered to be one of the best dishes in India.
Top Places To Try It:
1. Hotel Shadab
2. Shah Ghouse Café and Restaurant
3. Sahib's Barbeque by Ohri’s

18. Pathar Ka Gosht

Pathar a gosht
A classical Hyderabadi street food dish, Pathar Ka Gosht is a popular lamb dish. This dish is made of lamb slowly cooked on the flame. It has a very smoky and charred flavour to it. Some people also load it with spices and hot chilli.  It is often served with onions and other vegetables on a bed of steamed rice.
Top Places To Try It:
1. Azizia Hotel
2. Al Rahaman
3. Jewel of Nizam
Famous Street Food Places in Hyderabad
Sindhi Colony
Pragati Gully
Charminar Market
Govind’s Bandi, Gulzar Hauz
Ram Ki Bandi, Nampally
Sardarji's Chaat, Gachibowli

So, the next time you visit Hyderabad, hope you can try out all these yummy dishes. Comment and let us know if you feel any more dishes needs a mention!

This post was published by Sofia Thomas

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