Packing For Beach Vacation: 22 Essentials For A Beach Holiday

Packing for beach vacation should not be a tiring job. Especially when you're travelling by a flight we often worry about the a limit on how much weight one can carry. You don't want to pack extra so that you end up paying more for excess luggage and you don't want to pack less so that you don't have enough material when you are travelling. You want to pack in the right amount so that it doesn't occupy too much of space and is easy to carry.

One must keep in mind to make a checklist of items required for their travel. Packing for business is different from packing for vacation. So one needs to make a checklist every time to ensure they are carrying all those things that would be required. Now here's a list of items that are essential and one must take with themselves while going for a beach vacation. 

1. A Waterproof Case

waterproof case
If you want to bring along with you your expensive phone or other gadgets, like a tablet or any other such device, it is a must to carry a waterproof casing for them. It will protect your device from getting wet while you're on the beach, and in addition to that, you will also be able to use the phone's touchscreen while it is inside the case!

Some cases are so reliable that you can take your phone with you for a swim. Your dream of taking underwater photos of the sea or the ocean will now be possible!

2. Waterproof Bag

waterproof bag
Carrying a waterproof pouch which packing for a beach vacation is a no brainer. If you want a few days of stress-free beach time, then take a waterproof backpack with you, in which you can put your valuables and enjoy your vacation without worrying about them getting wet.

This kind of bag is also handy to carry your towels and other items which will get wet. You can place them in a separate compartment from other belongings so that water does not seep into different compartments.

3. Carry a Beach Umbrella 

beach umbrella
And it is indeed different from the ones we usually carry in our bags to save ourselves from the scorching heat and rain. The beach umbrella has an anchor that settles in the sand and does not fly away with the strong winds. 

You can save your beach essentials from heating up under direct sunlight, and take breaks from swimming as and when you need. The beach umbrella is also essential to protect your body from getting too heated and from the UV rays.

4. Sunscreen 

It is an essential thing to carry to a beach vacation, but make sure the sunscreen is red safe. It is a common knowledge for all that the regular sunscreens cause a lot of damage to the sea and ocean life. So, it is better to opt for a sunscreen that not only protects you from the harmful sun rays but also does not harm the aquatic plants and animals.

5. Protective Beach Footwear

protective beach footwear
It is another essential for your beach vacation. No matter whether it is a beach slipper, slip-on or mesh fully converted shoes, footwear that protect your feet from the broken glass shreds, broken seashells and other debris. 

The best choice, in this case, would be to buy rubber or plastic footwear that are easy to clean, but one may even choose mesh as they do not collect sand, are breathable, dries quickly and can be worn while swimming too!

6. Sunglasses

Don't forget to carry these essentials for your beach vacation. Even if you are not someone who wears them too often, sunglasses will save your eyes from direct sunlight, which may harm your eyes and worsen your eyesight.

7. Beach Mat or Blanket

beach mat or blanket
You will notice nearly everyone at the beach carrying a beach mat or a blanket on which they lay all their things and sunbathe. You should also take one such mat to your beach vacation. The reasons are many. It will save you from getting sand inside your clothes. The blanket, if thick enough, will also protect you from the heated sand. You can also use a towel as your beach mat.

We suggest using mats that are made of rain-cheater material or parachute material. Some mats even come with pockets in all the sides so that you can put heavy stuff inside them as weights so that the carpet does not fly away with the strong winds!

8. Bathing Suit

bathing suit
Bring with yourself swimsuit or a bathing suit if you are going on a beach vacation. However, if you feel you may not get a proper place to change into your outfit from something that you are wearing, then wear your swimsuit inside shorts and a t-shirt or a swimsuit coverup, which can be quickly taken off at the beach.

9. Leave-In Conditioner for Hair

leave in conditioner
Because the salty water at the beach does a lot of harm to your hair, we suggest that you bring with yourself a bottle of leave-in conditioner to save yourself from the harmful water. You can use the conditioner multiple times as and when you go for a swim.

10. Carry Your Favourite Book

a book to read
If you are someone who likes to enjoy some alone time, or are travelling only with your partner, or love reading a good book at any given time, then you should get yourself an excellent book to read at the beach. A good book is a reliable source of entertainment and for passing the time while you are at the beach with your friends and family.

You can read while you sunbathe, or enjoy the beautiful sight of the water hitting the sandy beaches with the wind blowing through your hair.

11. Beach Hat

beach hat
A pretty hat will not only make you look excellent and fashionable but will also prevent your skin from developing wrinkles before age. It will save your eyes from sunlight, and your face from the sunshine too. A hat is a definite must!

12. Portable Charger With a Waterproof Covering

portable charger
Carry a portable charger with yourself to the beach. There are only a few beaches around the world that provide visitors with charging stations on beaches. So, carry with yourself a portable charger, with, of course, waterproof covering. If you don't get a proper cover, you can also wrap cling-film around your charger.

13. Toys to play in the sand 

toys to play in the sand
We all have dreamt of days when we would go to the beach and play in the sand, making castles and mermaids out from them. If you are one such person who dreams of playing in the sand, then carry toys with yourself.

14. Snorkelling kit

snorkeling kit
If you are going near a reef or a diving site, then carry with yourself a snorkelling kit. Although if you are planning to go snorkelling with a diving group consisting of experts, you will get a complete swimming kit, including snorkelling masks. However, one can never be too safe. So, to avoid a situation where they don't have enough gear or snorkelling kit, or if you want to go diving by yourself, then carrying a pack will save you a lot of time and money.

15. Camera

Since you are going to the beach, photography is a must. For this, we suggest something like a GoPro camera, which is water-resistant and works completely perfectly underwater without a protective case! So, if you are into photography under and over water, then carry with yourself a camera that can be used underwater. You never know what you can find inside!

16. Chapstick 

Chapsticks are often not included in essential beach lists, because it is tiny and people do not understand how important this little buddy of our is! Heat can make your lips dry. So carry a chapstick without fail!

17. Water bottle 

water bottle
Taking your water bottle is an everyday item that is missed out from people's lists of essentials to carry for a beach vacation. So here is it- us mentioning the essential element in this list. And we can never give enough information about how important water is and not having to buy plastic bottles through your trip!

18 Earbuds/headphones

While headphones will play your songs and keep unwanted noise out of your audible range, earplugs can help you when you go swimming. It will not let water and sand slip inside your ears.

19. Tissues

We can genuinely not emphasise enough the importance of this item. Wet tissues, with benefits of natural ingredients like cucumber and aloe vera, will keep your skin hydrated and feeling clean, even when you are at the beach! So, make sure you choose your wet tissues wisely.

For dry tissues, which you will require on your visits to the loo, you can carry a toilet roll. Remember to wash your hands and clean them with tissues before and after every meal you eat!

20. Reusable baggies/small dry bag

reusable bags
Even if you cannot see into the far future, you should know by now that you will have a lot of wastes to throw while you are getting out of the beach. So carry a bag to put all the scraps and garbage in the bag. 

You can also carry a waterproof bag to put the wet clothes in that.

21. Locks for Your Bags

locks for your bags
If there is no one to look after your stuff while you are out into the ocean for a swim, then we suggest you keep your belongings locked.

22. Other toiletries

If you are planning to use the public washrooms to wash before you return to the hotel, or wherever you are staying, then we suggest you carry a small soap and shampoo with yourself.
You may also take deodorants and brush or a comb for your hair. And a hand sanitiser can go a long way by getting rid of germs. If you are carrying all this, then why forget a first aid kit?

Packing For Beach Vacation List - What's In The Beach Bum's Backpack? 

1. Sunscreen:
You don't want to come home with severe skin burns and tans. Hence, carrying sunscreen is a must while packing for your beach vacation. Apply and reapply as needed. Now, you may think that buying sunscreen is a child's play and that you can pick up any from the store counter. This is where you are wrong, my friend. Do your homework and get the right SPF sunscreen. It is advisable to buy SPF 30 or more for the best effects.

2. Towels
One dry towel for body
One beach towel to lie down on
But if you're the Monica among your F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the categories of towels you would want to carry while packing for your beach vacation will certainly be longer.

3. Hat and Sunglasses
Hats add on to your whole beach look. They also protect you from the sun. Plus, hats look great in photos. Now replace "hat" with "sunglasses" in the previous sentences and read it again.

4. A book
If you're fond of reading or if you want to pretend you are fond of reading but look over at other people, carry an interesting book along while packing for a beach vacation. The calming sound of waves provides a great ambience for reading.

5. Ziplocks
Ziplocks are the underdogs of what you need to pack for a beach day. Many tend to forget them. Ziplocks are an essential item as you don't want to put your wet and smelly clothes directly inside the backpack and spoil everything else.

6. Snacks and Water
Because eating after a swim is satisfying AF.

7. Anything For Fun
Choose from sand toys, football, volleyball, beachball, or kite to enjoy games with your squad.

Beach days are the best days. Make a checklist a day prior to leaving to make sure you don't forget anything. You don't want to regret it later!

Beach Holiday Essentials Checklist - What's Inside A Business Person's Backpack?

Business travel can be stressful. There are presentations to prepare, meetings to attend, and deals to close in a short period of time. In addition, one also has to rack brains about things to pack for the trip. Keeping a checklist would definitely be a destresser in such situations. Read on to know what are the essentials to carry on a business trip.

What to Wear – Men


Swimming bottoms:
The choice of swim shorts is the most important part of your trip. There are a plethora of choices available in this area. While current trends state that the swimwear you wear should be up till the end of your thigh and above the knee. However, if this makes you uncomfortable, it's completely alright to choose a longer option. Make sure to choose the perfect size. It should stick to your body while also making you feel comfortable. These are the ideal pair if you plan on swimming.

Board shorts:
Board shorts are professionally worn by surfers. In addition, board shorts can be worn by those who prefer more flexibility and leisure. Compared to swimming bottoms, board shorts offer more breathability and comfort.


Tank top:
If you are not conscious of your body, flaunt it all you want in the water. But it's good to carry a tank top along to wear outside water.

A t-shirt is a classic beachwear clothing that also works off the beach. Keep it plain or put on one with a quirky print, the choice is yours.

Short sleeve shirt:
Tank tops aren't appropriate for all places. Wear a short-sleeved shirt or use it as a cover over the tank top. Keep it unbuttoned if you want.

What to Wear – Women

From Speedos to bikinis, there are several options for women depending upon their choice. Like it is the case for men, confidence enhances your fashion choice when it comes to swimwear. None the less, wear the thing you are most comfortable in.

Shorts are the ideal option for a beach day as you can literally pair anything for a fashionable and comfortable look. They also work on windy days.

Floral, plain, stripes or patterns, dresses on the beach are eye-catching and add onto your beach fashion look. There are so many options that you will be spoilt with choice.

Here's a list of footwear options you should wear on a beach
1. Flip flops
2. Flip flops
3. Flip flops
4. And... flip flops

Next time you're heading out to a beach, make sure you have all the listed items above with you to make your travel easy and convenient. Also, decide for yourself what items you need extra like any medication that you might think you would need in case of an emergency or any other regular medicine that you take. Make sure to have fun but make sure you do that safely as well. 

This post was published by Rimi Sharma

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