Visiting Kuala Lumpur with Kids - Where to Go & What to Do

Whether you are travelling to Kuala Lumpur with a toddler or a teenager, the city will never fail to offer you and your family with a host of options to keep you entertained and to help make the most out of your stay in the Malaysian capital. Fully interactive physical activities are also aplenty, and are sure to be a hit amongst the teenagers; while younger ones are sure to have a blast in the expansive animal farms and special kid entertainment centres scattered all across the city. 
Here are a couple of places you could visit Kuala Lumpur with kids. 

Places to Visit with Kids in Kuala Lumpur

1. Aquaria KLCC

A fish tank at the Aquaria KLCC
Aquaria KLCC (Source)
Aquaria KLCC is a world-class aquarium. Located in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, the which is home to a wide variety of freshwater and marine sea life, including blue rays, sea snakes, tiger sharks, coral fish, and sea horses, all of which are a true delight to watch, especially while visiting Kuala Lumpur the kids. Take part in numerous activities such as touching the marine life, diving with the sharks, and enjoying on the boat deck. Do not miss out on the fish feeding sessions, which take place every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday in the gigantic aquarium. 
Operating hours: 10:30 AM to 08:00 PM on all days
Location: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Complex, Kuala Lumpur City Centre
Entry fee:
Adults: RM65
Kids: RM56 

2. Farm in the City

Farm in the City
Farm in the City (Source)
If you want your kids to experience a zoo, but in a non-traditional way, then Farm in the City is the place to be. This beautifully landscaped zoo is located along the Damansara Puchong highway and is divided into different sections. Farm in the City also has a special section which allows kids to play with rabbits and guinea pigs. 
Operating hours:
Mondays and Wednesdays to Fridays: 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Saturdays and Sundays: 09:30 AM to 06:00 PM 
Location: Jalan Prima Tropika Barat, Bandar Putra Permai, Seri Kembangan
Entry fee:
Kids: RM48
Adults: RM58

3. Sunway Lagoon Theme Park 

The Sunway Lagoon Theme Park in Kuala Lumpur
Sunway Lagoon Theme Park (Source)
This 80-acre park located in Petaling Jaya is home to endless entertainment options, making it truly more than just an ordinary water theme park. The theme park is divided into five different zones. Popular attractions here include thrilling water slides, an enjoyable ride over a manmade river, surf beach, wave pool, pirate ships and lots more. The theme park is also home to 90 different species of animals including hornbills, gibbons, and civets.
Operating hours:
Mondays and Wednesdays to Fridays: 11:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Saturdays and Sundays: 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Location: Jalan PJS 11/11, Petaling Jaya
Entry Fee:
Adults: RM170
Kids: RM140  

4. District 21 Kuala Lumpur 

District 21, Kuala Lumpur
The play zone at District 21 (Source)
Spread over a total area of 6,500 square meters, District 21 Kuala Lumpur is an indoor theme park, entirely adorned with metal beams, steel walls, suspended ropes, and chains. While visiting Kuala Lumpur with kids, do drop by here as kids have a great time enjoying the numerous kid-friendly rides like the merry-go-round, Low Ropes, which is a scaled-down rope obstacle course, and GoPedal, which is a pedal go-kart with a 100-meter long track. The theme park is completely geared with safety equipment such as safety helmets, knee pads and elbow pads.
Operating hours:
Mondays to Fridays: 12 noon to 08:00 PM
Saturdays and Sundays: 10:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Location: IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, Selangor
Entry fee:
Weekdays - RM58
Weekends - RM76
Free entry for those on a wheelchair and children the height of 90 cm.

5. Petronas Twin Towers

A view of Jalan Ampang District with Petronas Twin Towers
Petronas Twin Towers (Source)
The Petronas Twin Towers once boasted of being the tallest building in the world, and you can certainly not miss this attraction. The two 88 storey high buildings are joined at the 41st and the 42nd floor by a 58-meter long double-decker Sky Bridge, which offers some breathtaking panoramic views of the vicinity and the city. Since a pass is mandatory to enter the bridge, make sure that you reach the attraction as early as possible.
Operating hours: 09:00 AM to 07:00 PM on all days
Closed on Fridays from 01:00 PM to 02:30 PM for prayers. 
Location: Near Concorde Hotel Monorail Stop, between Jalan Ampang and Jalan Raja Chulan
Entry fee:
Adults: RM28
Kids: RM14

6. Kidzania

Kidzania National Stores (Source)
Kidzania is a kid-sized city, spread over 80,000 square feet of area, designed and developed exclusively for kids. Children between 4 and 14 years can experience hands-on, real-life occupations in the city through role play.   
Operating hours:
Sundays to Fridays: 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Saturdays and other public holidays: 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM
Location: Curve NX, Kuala Lumpur
Entry fee:
2-3 Years - RM37
Upto 17 years - RM77
Adults - RM41

7. Petrosains Kuala Lumpur

Petrosains, Kuala Lumpur
Petrosains, The Discovery Centre (Source)
Petrosains Kuala Lumpur is an interactive science discovery centre which is good to spend a few hours indulging in fun-filled activities and learning science and technology in a fun and interesting way. Decorated in a museum-style concept, the attraction is located on the fourth floor of the Petronas Twin Towers. It has on display everything from fossils to exhibits of the present age. The Exploration Section is perfect for budding geologists to understand the field better, and F1 lovers can also understand better the science behind their favourite vehicles in the Speed Section. Also, while visiting Kuala Lumpur with kids, make sure you don’t miss out on watching a 3d movie at The Molecule Nano World, which is the mini theatre at the centre. 
Operating hours:
Tuesdays to Fridays: 09:30 AM to 05:30 PM
Saturdays and Sundays: 09:30 AM to 06:30 PM
Location: Level 4, Suria KLCC, Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur City Centre
Entry fee:
Upto 12 years - RM16.50
Above 12 years and adults - RM28

8. KL National Planetarium

KL National Planetarium
KL National Planetarium (Source)
The national planetarium of Malaysia, Planetarium Negara is a domed theatre located on the top of a beautiful hill; and is a centre dedicated exclusively to science and astronomy, which also doubles up as an excellent learning centre for kids. Spread over a total area of 120,000 square feet, the planetarium screens interesting shows every hour, and the exhibit halls are also worth a visit. Watch out for the numerous exhibits on anti-gravity and space toilets, and the movies that are screened in the planetarium. 
Operating hours: 09:00 AM to 04:30 PM on all days of the week except Mondays
Location: Jalan Perdana, Tasik Perdana
Entry fee: Entry to the gallery is free.
Ticket Prices:
Adults - RM12
Children - RM8

9. Zoo Negara

Zoo Negara
The monument at Zoo Negara (Source)
Apart from being a pleasant day out, Zoo Negara is also the only place in Malaysia where can witness giant pandas, as of yet. The zoo is also home to the Children’s World, where kids can pet miniature ponies, rabbits and goats. The other popular exhibits include a Butterfly Garden, a Bird Aviary, a Penguin House and a Show Amphitheatre, where sea lions, macaques and macaws perform twice each day. 
Operating Hours: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM on all days
Location: Zoo Negara, Hulu Kelang, Ampang, Selangor Darul Ehsan 
Entry fee:
Kids: RM43
Adults: RM82

 10. Skytrex Adventure

Skytrek Adventures
An informative session before the trek (Source)
Skytrex Adventure is an experience of its own kind. It offers a unique ‘tree-to-tree sky trekking experience’, wherein adventure enthusiasts can swing, glide and fly on the numerous aerial obstacles that are in front of them, suspended from the gigantic trees of the lush rain forest. 
Operating hours:
Tuesdays to Fridays: 09:00 AM to 02:00 PM
Saturdays, Sundays and other public holidays: 08:30 AM to 03:00 PM
Location: Batu 20, 1/2, Jalan Sungai Congkak, Kampung Padang
Entry fee: RM35 to RM55 depending on the course chosen

11. Berjaya Times Square and Berjaya Times Square Theme Park

Berjaya Times Square Theme Park
Berjaya Times Square Theme Park (Source)
The Berjaya Times Square is one of the largest shopping centres in the entire world and is the perfect place to rewind and relax while visiting Kuala Lumpur with kids. The on-site theme park at the square, the Berjaya Times Square Theme Park, is the largest indoor theme park in all of Malaysia. Spread over two floors, the adventure park is home to a myriad of fun adventurous rides for people of all age groups.
Operating hours for the theme park:
Mondays to Fridays: 12 noon to 10:00 PM
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Location: Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
Entry fee:
Upto 12 years - RM47
Above 12 years and adults - RM57

12. i-City Theme Park

iCity Theme Park, Kuala Lumpur
A merry-go-round at the park (Source)
i-City is an outdoor theme park which boasts of being one of the top 25 most colourful and vibrant places in the entire world. The perfect amalgamation of entertainment and technology, the theme park is divided into four different sections, including a Water Park; a City Walk, which is home to a House of Horrors; a 5D Cinema and a Trick Art Museum.  
Operating hours: 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM on all days of the week except Sundays
Location: Jalan Multimedia 7/AJ CityPark, I-city, Shah Alam, Selangor
Entry fee: Entry is free
Tickets for individual rides range from RM5 to RM50, depending on the ride. 

13. Lake Gardens Kuala Lumpur

Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur
Lake Gardens (Source)
Also known as the Tun Abdul Razak Heritage Park, the Lake Gardens in Kuala Lumpur is located right in the centre of Kuala Lumpur. The whole area has a lot of walking paths and trees so that visitors can easily walk around and explore the area. The Butterfly Park and the Bird Park are two attractions that the little ones will especially enjoy. 
Operating Hours: Lake Garden: 07:00 AM to 08:00 PM on all days
Butterfly Park and Bird Park: 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM on all days
Location: Jalan Parlimen, Kuala Lumpur 
Entry fee: 
1. Butterfly Park:
Adults: RM24
Kids: RM132
2. Bird Park:
Adults: RM63
Kids RM42 

14. Batu Caves

The statue at the Batu Caves and the colourful stairs that lead to it
Batu Caves (Source)
One of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Kuala Lumpur, the Batu Caves comprise of three major caves, many smaller ones, and a 100-year-old temple with idols and statues erected inside the main cave. The temple is a significant religious landmark for all Hindus. At the foot of the Batu Hill, you will also find two other cave temples- the Art Gallery Cave and the Museum Cave, both of which house numerous statues and paintings of Gods and Goddesses. 
Operating hours:
06:00 AM to 09:00 PM on all days of the week
Location: Batu Caves, Sri Subramaniam Temple, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Entry fee: Varies according to the cave that you visit. 

15. Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands
Genting Highlands (Source)
The place is located in a rainforest, at a distance of around 45 minutes from the capital. Once you reach the top, you will literally be spoilt for choice with the endless entertainment options that are available for both kids and adults. Enjoy your day in leisure at Kuala Lumpur with kids. Indulge in while horse riding, taking care of some adorable elephants, exploring the cave temples and walking paths, and spotting butterflies; or if you prefer, enjoy an adrenaline rush in the open-air theme park. 
Operating Hours: 
Theme park: 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Skyway Gondola: 07:00 AM to midnight
Location: Genting Highlands, Pahang
Entry fee:
Adults: RM85
Kids: RM55 

16. KLCC Park

KLCC Park (Source)
This 50-acre garden is home to the manmade Lake Symphony, which also has a 43-meter long bridge cutting across it. Without a second thought, the Lake Symphony is the reason most people visit the park, and the water fountain shows that take place here in the afternoon and evenings are especially popular with the kids. There is also a two-acre children’s playground, including a 1.3-kilometre long jogging track and a public children’s swimming pool. 
Operating Hours: 07:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Location: Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur City Centre
Entry fee: NIL

17. Titiwangsa Lake Gardens

Titiwangsa Lake Gardens
Titiwangasa Lake Gardens (Source)
One of the best parks in all of Kuala Lumpur when it comes to availability of facilities as well as general maintenance, the Titiwangsa Lake Gardens are perfect for a day out with the entire family. The lake forms the centre of attraction of the park. It is surrounded by facilities and premises for horse riding, bike riding, boating and rollerblading, as well as jogging and walking paths, football pitches, stadiums and sports centres. So head to the park with a picnic basket, and enjoy a day in leisure with your kids. 
Operating hours: 07:00 AM to 09:00 PM on all days
Location: Taman Tasik Titiwangsa
Entry fee: NIL

18. KL Forest Eco Park

KL Forest Eco Park
The canopy walk at KL Forest Eco Park (Source)
If you want your young ones to experience exploring a Malaysian rainforest, then head to the KL Forest Eco Park. This small forest reserve is located in the city itself, and is, in fact, the only tropical rainforest to remain in the middle of the city to date. All trails that you will find in the park are fairly easy and are thus suitable for children and beginners, and the park also houses a fascinating canopy walk that little ones will definitely enjoy. Additionally, the eco-park also has other facilities in it, such as a playground, a campsite, and a wooden gazebo. 
Operating hours: 07:00 AM to 06:00 PM on all days of the week
Location: Bukit Nanas, Jalan Puncak, Off Jalan P. Ramlee
Entry fee: 
Kids: RM4
Adults: RM122
International Visitors:
Kids: RM18
Adults: RM40

19. Taman Tugu

Taman Tugu, Kuala Lumpur
Taman Tugu Forest Trails (Source)
Lush green vegetation is spread over 40 acres of land, and you will find approximately 4 kilometres of forest trails here, which are safe to be explored by kids and adults alike. In fact, the youngest one to have ever walked on the trail was a 2-year-old! The attraction also has enough benches to take a break, swings and an observation tower.
Operating hours: 07:00 AM to 06:30 PM on all days
Location: Taman Tugu, Pesiaran Sultan Salahuddin
Entry fee: NIL

20. Thean Hou Temple

Thean Hou Temple
Thean Hou Temple (Source)
The Thean Hou Temple is one of the oldest temples in all of Southeast Asia and has a lot to offer to its visitors in terms of its architecture, cultural history and mythology. The six-tiered Buddhist temple is dedicated to Tian Hou, the goddess who protects fishers. Devotees also visit the temple to worship the Goddess of Mercy, Guan Yin. Built on a hill, the temple comprises of a modern Buddhist pagoda, images of Buddha, statues of Tian Hou, Guan Di and Wei Tou.
Operating hours: 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM on all days
Location: 65 Persiaran Endah, Off Jalan Syed Putra, Wilayah Persekutuan
Entry fee: NIL  

Where to Eat in Kuala Lumpur with Kids?

Jalan Alor Food Street, Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Alor (Source)
The local breakfast of Kuala Lumpur, ‘roti canai’, is liked by almost every kid, and fried rice and chicken rice on the side are always good options at any time of the day. Also keep in mind that Malaysian drinks are extra sweet, and even fresh fruit juices have some additional sugar in them. Since this is not healthy for kids, make sure that you ask for drinks without added sugar, or stick to bottled water. 
  1. Lot 10 Hutong
  2. Saravana Bhavan 
  3. Tar Boosh
  4. DC Comics Super Heroes Café
  5. Hello Kitty Gourmet Café 
  6. Chemistry Lab Café 
  7. Jalan Alor
  8. Sri Ananda Bahwan Restaurant
  9. Blokke
  10. Out Of Africa

Staying in Kuala Lumpur with kids

  1. Berjaya Times Square Hotel
  2. Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon
  3. Sunway Clio Hotel
  4. Park Royal Serviced Suites
  5. Hotel Maya
  6. Ramada Plaza Kuala Lumpur

Getting Around Kuala Lumpur with Kids

GoKL Bus, Kuala Lumpur
GoKL Bus (Source)
The Kuala Lumpur Airport in itself comprises of two separate terminals, the main terminal (KLIA) and the low-cost terminal (KLIA2). Both of these terminals are interconnected via a train, and you can board the modern KLIA Express from either to reach the KL Sentral train station, following which you can book a cab to reach your hotel. Or you can book a taxi to your hotel directly from the airport. Either way, it will take you around 45 minutes to reach your final destination. 

Do bear in mind that taking a stroller along will be quite challenging for you since you will have to cross stairs multiple times throughout the day. If you absolutely must, make sure that you carry a lightweight umbrella fold stroller with you, so that it is easy for you to handle. 

Here are some more modes you could take:
  1. Monorail 
  2. GoKL
  3. Walkways
  4. Taxis 

Medical Assistance for Children in Kuala Lumpur

First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit (Source)
Since you will be travelling with kids, it is better to be prepared for any medical emergency well in advance. Moreover, make sure that you take all necessary preventive measures to ensure that you have a safe and comfortable trip. 
  1. General practitioners are available in almost every neighbourhood. In case of emergencies, you can consult the doctors without any previous appointment. 
  2. Recommended hospitals for visitors include Columbia Asia Medical Center, Fatimah Hospital, Penawar Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital, among others.
  3. The three leading pharmacy chains in Kuala Lumpur are Guardian, Watsons and Caring; and every mall will definitely have at least one of these. 7-Elevens and MyNews shops are also located on every second street corner, and they do stock on basic toiletries and medications.
  4. The Malaysian government provides ambulance services in Malaysia, and you can dial 999 anywhere in Malaysia to call an ambulance. 
  5. Baby products are readily available, and so is baby food in the form of fruit purees and formula, but your baby might not be used to them, so it is best to carry all of this along. 
  6. Most shopping centres also have their own department stores, where you can easily get a lot of baby stuff, in case you have forgotten to carry something.  

Tips to Remember While Visiting Kuala Lumpur with Kids

Visiting Kuala Lumpur with Kids
A family picnic outing (Source)
  1. Bear in mind that it can take up to two weeks to get used to the hot climate in Malaysia, and swelling of the feet and ankles are common symptoms of the same. Make sure that you avoid these by staying hydrated at all times, and avoiding any excessive activity in the sun. 
  2. The city is not stroller friendly, so it is best to carry a lightweight stroller. A carrier is also a feasible option, but the heat can make it uncomfortable for children. 
  3. It is advisable to book a hotel with a swimming pool.
  4. If you intend to have breakfast in your hotel on most days, make sure that it is a part of your package since it can get quite expensive if billed separately. 
  5. Make sure that you and your kids use mosquito repellents at all times since dengue fever outbreaks at certain times of the year are quite frequent in Kuala Lumpur. 
  6. Since the weather will be hot and sticky, do not forget to carry a good quality sunscreen, sunglasses for your kids and also wide-brimmed hats. 
Agreed that suitcases and baby strollers usually don’t mix up well, especially if you happen to have really energetic kids. Still, Kuala Lumpur is truly a fascinating place to visit with your young ones. The city holds true to the famous slogan of ‘Malaysia: truly Asia’, and a trip here will help your kids to explore Indian, Malaysian and Chinese cultures all at once. The food there is to die for, and so are the numerous attractions. In fact, if you plan properly and thoroughly in advance, a trip to Kuala Lumpur with kids can be one of the best trips of your life!

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