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1. Thimphu, Bhutan

Thimphu, Bhutan
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Known For : Buddha Dordenma Tashichho Dzong Changangkha Lhakhang

Thimphu is known as the heart of Bhutan nestled in its central-western part. Replaced by Bhutan's ancient capital - Punakha, Thimphu was declared the capital city of the Himalayan Kingdom in the year 1961. Originally pronounced as 'Thimbu', the city is known as the most modernised place in Bhutan with internet cafes, restaurants and pubs.

Distance from Guwahati: 459 km

Best Time: September to November, March to May

45 Thimpu Attractions

2. Paro, Bhutan

Paro, Bhutan
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Known For : Tiger's Nest Monastery (Paro Taktsang) Rinpung Dzong Paro Chele La Pass

Paro is a small town situated in the Paro Valley of Bhutan. It is one of the most fertile as well as historic valley of Bhutan which is the widest in the Kingdom. It is home to 155 temples and monasteries dating back to the 14th century and also Bhutan's sole international airport. The Paro Airport is the largest International Airport of Bhutan and has been one of the prime locations for numerous tourist visit. It is known to be the most challenging airport to land on.

Distance from Guwahati: 501 km

Best Time: September till November.

37 Paro Attractions

3. Punakha, Bhutan

Punakha, Bhutan
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Known For : Punakha Dzong Rafting and Kayaking in Mo Chhu River Punakha Suspension Bridge

Punakha is one of the 20 districts (dzongkhags) of Bhutan bordered by the Gasa, Wangdue Phodrang and Thimphu districts. Located at the height of 1200m above sea level, Punakha offers a mesmerising view of the Himalayas.

Distance from Guwahati: 409 km

Best Time: March to May

11 Punakha Attractions

4. Darjeeling, West Bengal

Darjeeling, West Bengal
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Known For : Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Tiger Hill Batasia Loop

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Jaw-dropping locales, mesmerising sunrises, the untouched beauty of the hills, the old-world charm of the past, and the welcoming smiles of the local people all add up to make Darjeeling one of the most beautiful hill stations in Eastern part of India. Spread over a steep mountain ridge, nestled amidst acres of lush green tea plantations, Darjeeling stands at the height of 2,050 meters above sea level, thus boasting of cool climes all year round. This scenic hill station is the perfect getaway for a romantic honeymoon and is just around 700 kilometres away from Kolkata.

Distance from Guwahati: 503 km

Best Time: February to March, September to December

23 Darjeeling Attractions

5. Hajo, Assam

Hajo, Assam
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Known For : Hajo Powa Mecca Hayagriva Madhava Temple Kedareswar Temple

At a distance of about 24 km from the city of Guwahati, Hajo adores the banks of Brahmaputra. An ancient pilgrim centre, Hajo finds its uniqueness in being an attraction for three religions - Hindu, Muslims and Buddhists. Shrines dedicated to Durga, Shiva, Vishnu, Buddha and major Muslim saints are found all over this place, making it an important pilgrimage centre for people from all these three religions. The most famous temple is the Hayagriva Madhava Mandir which also attracts Buddhists as it is believed to be the site where Buddha attained Nirvana while the Powa Mecca Mosque finds popularity among Muslims.

Distance from Guwahati: 36 km

Best Time: July to March

5 Hajo Attractions

6. Bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh

Bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh
3.6 /5 View 9+ photos

Known For : Bomdila Monastery Apple Orchards Bomdila View Point

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With majestic Himalayas bestowing their shadow, the beautiful town of Bomdila will offer you all an area in this terrain should.

Best Time: April to October

8 Bomdila Attractions

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7. Shillong, Meghalaya

Shillong, Meghalaya
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Known For : Umiam Lake Elephant Falls Police Bazar

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A beautiful city encircled by pine trees, Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya. It derives its name from Lei Shyllong, an idol worshipped at the Shillong Peak. Standing as tall as 1496 meters, Shillong provides a relief from the heat across the country. This hill station is known for its picturesque sights and traditions. The soothing climate makes Shillong suitable to visit in all seasons. The light drizzles and the cooling gentle wind adds to the joy of visiting this hill station. This place is also known as the ?Scotland of the East?. One can find descendants of the Khyrim, Mylliem, Maharam, Mallaisohmat, Bhowal and Langrim tribes.

Distance from Guwahati: 98 km

Best Time: September to May

31 Shillong Attractions

8. Elephant Falls

Elephant Falls
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Named after an Elephant like stone at its foot, the Elephant Falls are amongst the most popular falls in the North-East, situated next to Shillong. It is a tourists' paradise with three layers of the falls accessible to the layman from different vantage points. The Britishers named this fall so owing to the presence of an elephant-shaped rock on one side of the fall. However, the stone disintegrated and was washed away due to an earthquake in 1897. Elephant Waterfalls is a superb place for spending some time in the midst of nature while capturing the incredible moments for your keepsake.

Distance from Guwahati: 105 km

9. Mawsmai Cave

Mawsmai Cave
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Meghalaya is home to some amazing and mysterious cave systems and Mawsmai Cave is by far the most popular of the lot. Located just 6 km away from the heart of Cherrapunjee Mawsmai cave is a breathtaking maze of caves in the East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya. The well lit caves are a view to behold when the glistening lights meet with the limestone to create countless hues and patterns of light.

Distance from Guwahati: 151 km

10. Nohkalikai Waterfalls

Nohkalikai Waterfalls
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The fourth highest waterfalls in the world, Nohkalikai falls plunge some 335 meters from a verdant cliff to the ground giving the portrayal of immense and natural magnificence. The pride of the state of Meghalaya, the falls are one of the most beautiful and grand waterfalls in the country. Tucked in between evergreen rainforest of the Khasi Hill and flowing with all its majesty and might, the falls plunges into a lagoon which is as blue as the afternoon sky.

Distance from Guwahati: 147 km

11. Mawlynnong

4.3 /5

Mawlynnong is a small village in the East Khasi Hills district in Meghalaya, the abode of changing clouds. Mawlynnong is famous for its matrilineal society as well as having been declared Asia's cleanest village which comes under the Pynursla community development block and legislative assembly constituency.

Distance from Guwahati: 166 km

12. Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake
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Umiam Lake, a mesmerizing man-made reservoir, is located at a distance of 15 kilometres north of Shillong which is the capital of the north-eastern Indian state of Meghalaya. The lake was formed after a dam was constructed to generate hydroelectric power. The scenic Umiam Lake is encircled by lush green East Khasi hills that form one of the best panoramic sights for nature-lovers in the country. The sunrise at the lake is a treat to watch and shouldn't be missed. The Umiam Lake has a park adjoining it which is a hotspot for picnics and frequented by locals for a getaway from their busy scheduled.

Distance from Guwahati: 82 km

13. Nuranang Falls

Nuranang Falls
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A largely unknown and virgin place, deep in the forest of Tawang, Nuranang Falls offer a pristine and beautiful experience. One of the most spectacular waterfalls in the country, the Nuranang Falls are a beautiful white sheet of water that descends from the height of about 100 meters. Part of the Nuranang River which originates at Sela Pass, Nuranang Falls is largely unknown to the popular tourist trail making it an offbeat and tranquil spot. Popular as the BTK waterfall, the Bap Ten Kang has crystal clear water which elevates your spirits and encourages you to indulge in swimming. 

Distance from Guwahati: 418 km

14. Sela Pass

Sela Pass
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One of the most breathtaking places in the Himalayan vista, Sela Pass is a lifeline for the people of Arunachal Pradesh, and it is as heavenly as it gets. The Sela Pass and Himalayas combine to enchant one and all by their mystic beauty. One of the most stunning gifts of nature to the North-East, Sela Pass is a lifeline for the people of Arunachal Pradesh as it is the only way that connects Tawang district of the state to the rest of the country. Besides its geographical importance, Sela Pass is breathtaking place always covered in snow providing some beautiful views of the eastern Himalayan range. The rocky pass is also home to one of Arunachal's most beautiful lakes - the Sela Lake. Being a sensitive region, one needs an inner line permit to visit Sela Pass.

Distance from Guwahati: 374 km

15. Madhuri Lake

Madhuri Lake
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Being home to the Himalayas, Arunachal Pradesh is home to many beautiful lakes but none as beautiful and enrapturing as the Madhuri Lake also known as Sangetsar Lake. One of the remotest lakes of the country and perhaps of the world as well, Sangetsar or Madhuri Lake is a breathtaking combination of rocky mountains and an ever-present lake whose beauty is beyond spellbinding. The lake was made popular due to its appearance in the Bollywood movie Koyla and is also known as Madhuri Lake named after the lead actress in the movie.

Distance from Guwahati: 512 km

16. Trongsa, Bhutan

Trongsa, Bhutan
3.8 /5

Known For : Trongsa Dzong Jigme Singye Wangchuk National Park Chendebji Chorten

Trongsa is a hilltop town situated at the centre of Bhutan; hence known to be the heart of the Himalayan Kingdom. It's translated as "new village" in Dzongkha that has a backdrop of the black mountains offering beautiful views of the surrounding valleys.

Distance from Guwahati: 517 km

Best Time: November to February

7 Trongsa Attractions

17. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary
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Home to the densest population of One-horned Rhinos in the world, the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Assam, approximately 30 km away from Guwahati in the Morigaon District. The wildlife sanctuary also sees an astounding diversity of bird species. No wonder then that it is also called 'Bharatpur of the East'. It has gained immense popularity due to its proximity to Guwahati. Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is often visited as a stopover en route to Kaziranga National Park.

Distance from Guwahati: 49 km

18. Umananda Island

Umananda Island
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The smallest river island in the world, Umananda Island is a place with legends aplenty, a place where man and the wilderness co-habit in peace and serenity. Umananda Island lies at the heart of the Mighty Brahmaputra River which flows through the middle of the city of Guwahati. An island with many legends associated with it, it's pristine and calm environ has not been destroyed by the presence of human beings as yet. It was known as Peacock Island among the British Colonists who named it so based on its shape. The Island is home to a very rare and endangered species called _ãÄGolden Langurs_ã_ who are considered to be highly sacred among the people of the Himalayas.

Distance from Guwahati: 67 km

19. Dawki

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A small border town in the Jaintia Hills, Dawki and its famed river Umngot is a must visit if in Meghalaya. Sandwiched between India and Bangladesh, Dawki is a major center of trade between India and Bangladesh. The small city, besides being a trade hub is also famous for its tourism scene, with many people flocking to the city in order experience a boat ride in its famed Umngot River and enjoy the nearby sights and sounds

Distance from Guwahati: 174 km

20. Kalimpong, West Bengal

Kalimpong, West Bengal
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Known For : Durpin Dara hill Cactus Nursery Morgan House

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Kalimpong is a virgin hill station in West Bengal renowned for its panoramic valley views, Buddhists monasteries and churches and Tibetan handicrafts etc.

Distance from Guwahati: 493 km

Best Time: March to June, September to December

21 Kalimpong Attractions

21. Dooars, West Bengal

Dooars, West Bengal
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Known For : Mahanada Wildlife Sanctuary Sumsing and Suntalekhola Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

Starting from river Teesta in the East to river Sankoshi in the west, Dooars is a local name given to the floodplains of North-East India around Bhutan. The name 'Dooars' has emerged from 'door' as Dooars is the gateway to Bhutan.

Distance from Guwahati: 364 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

4 Dooars Attractions

22. Jakar, Bhutan

Jakar, Bhutan
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Known For : Jakar Dzong Khurjey Lhakhang Jambey Lhakhang

Nestled at the foothills of Choekhor Valley, Jakar is the largest and the most beautiful valley in Bumthang. It is popularly known as "Little Switzerland". Jakar is the principal administrative town of the district of Bumthang.

Bumthang consists of four valleys - Tang, Ura, Choekhor and Chumey, out of which Choekhor is the largest and considered the most beautiful. Jakar is a small one-street town that lies at the foothill of this very valley. Being surrounded by tree-lined mountain ranges, dotted with monasteries and Dzongs, it proves to be a treat for both history buffs and nature-lovers. This town was formed by the group of villages below the Jakar Dzong.

Distance from Guwahati: 582 km

Best Time: March to May, September to November

11 Jakar Attractions

23. Bumthang, Bhutan

Bumthang, Bhutan
3.1 /5

Known For : Kurjey Lhakhang Jakar Dzong Jambay Lhakhang

Home to four beautiful mountain valleys and an array of ancient monasteries and temples, Bumthang takes its place as the most historic of all districts in Bhutan. Considered to be the spiritual centre of the Himalayan Kingdom, Bumthang is a beautiful place to visit if one has a keen interest in religion, spirituality and history.

Distance from Guwahati: 596 km

Best Time: March to May and September to November

11 Bumthang Attractions

24. Gorichen Peak

Gorichen Peak
3.7 /5

Gorichen Peak is the highest peak of Arunachal Pradesh and it is located between Tawang and West Kameng districts of Arunachal Pradesh. Situated at an altitude of 22,500 feet above sea level, this peak is roughly 164 kilometre from Tawang.

25. Jigme Singye Wangchuk National Park

Jigme Singye Wangchuk National Park
3.7 /5

A perfect example of serenity in nature, Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park is one of the country's largest national park areawise. Located in Trongsa and occupying parts of other districts such as Wangdue Phodrang also, it is a popular birdwatching spot in Bhutan.

26. Double Decker Living Root Bridge

Double Decker Living Root Bridge
3.7 /5

Hidden deep in the lush, green forests of the wettest place in India: Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya; one can find the magnificent Jingkieng Nongriat Double Decker Living Root Bridge; more commonly known as the Umshiang Double Decker Living Root Bridge or simply just the Double Decker Root Bridge.  This area is famous for root bridges made of Indian Rubber Tree, but the Double Decker Bridge is the most famous of all due to its large size. It is 3 kilometers long and placed at a height of 2400 feet! A unique attraction and quite an innovative mix of nature and engineering. The Umshiang River flows beneath the bridge.

Distance from Guwahati: 163 km

27. Kohima, Nagaland

Kohima, Nagaland
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Known For : Dzukou Valley and Japfu Peak Kohima Museum Touphema Village

259 active cases 137 in last 7 days

Kohima is the hilly capital of Nagaland, which is one of the seven sister states of India. ?Kohima? is the anglicized name given by the British, the original name being 'Kewhira' derived from the Kewhi flowers found in the region. Famous for its ethereal environment and untouched beauty, it is a land of folklore passed down through the ages. Situated at a height of 1500 metres above the sea level, it is endowed with quaint hills, emerald forests and a picturesque landscape. It is the go-to place for all you adventure enthusiasts as it is ideal for trekking, camping and hiking.

Distance from Guwahati: 355 km

Best Time: October to June

11 Kohima Attractions

28. Nagaon

3.6 /5 View 6+ photos

Nagaon holds the distinction of being Assam's most populous district and one of the largest district in the area. It is also famously known to be the 'Rice bowl of Assam' and is rich in paddy. This district happens to be rich in wildlife too, as a part of this area is covered by the world famous Kaziranga National Park, which makes Nagaon a tourist magnet that is flocked with tourists all year round. Apart from being rich in flora and fauna along with having strong agricultural roots, Nagaon also has a lot to offer to tourists with many other natural and human-made attractions.

Distance from Guwahati: 126 km

29. Mayong Assam

Mayong Assam
3.6 /5 View 5+ photos

Mayong, also known as 'the land of black magic', is a cluster of villages situated at a distance of 40 km from Guwahati. The village lies on the banks of the Brahmaputra River in the district of Morigaon in Assam. Mayong is a famous tourist spot and the famous stories of black magic and the magicians of the land make the place all the more enticing to the tourists. The ones who have been to the place say that there is an eerie silence surrounding the place which is completely opposite to the chaotic history associated with it.

Distance from Guwahati: 64 km

30. Balpakram National Park

Balpakram National Park
3.5 /5

Located near the Garo Hills in Meghalaya in India about 3,000 feet above the sea level, the Balpakram National Park is a famous national park which is well known for its pristine beauty. The word Balpakram means the 'land of perpetual winds', and the national park is blessed with charming grace and breathtaking scenes.

Distance from Guwahati: 287 km

31. Garo Hills

Garo Hills
3.5 /5

The Garo Hills form the west part of the state and are known for the famous Garo tribes whose belief in nature and folklore are as enchanting as the verdant hills they live in. The Hills are famous for being home to some great waterfalls too.

Distance from Guwahati: 140 km

32. Jaintia Hills

Jaintia Hills
3.5 /5

Forming the southern, eastern and northern part of the state Jaintia Hills are a sacred, pristine patch of hillocks and forest whose beauty and freshness is unparalleled. The part of the erstwhile Jaintia Kingdom the Jaintia Hills are dotted with famous monoliths of stones, unscarred forests and some beautiful lakes such as Umhang Lake.

Distance from Guwahati: 231 km

33. Kyllang Rock

Kyllang Rock
3.5 /5

Some 78 km away from Shillong, a unique giant rock made out of red granite, Kyllang Rock is a giant dome placed in the West Khasi Hills of Meghalaya. The Rock which is 5400 ft above sea level and has a width of around 1000 ft is a mammoth block of granite which is part of the Khasi folklore and seems beautiful in its shape. A hike to the top of Kyllang Rock allows you to treasure the marvellous landscape of the surrounding area.

Distance from Guwahati: 117 km

34. Nohsngithiang Falls

Nohsngithiang Falls
3.5 /5

The Nohsngithiang Falls, located at a distance of about 4km from Cherrapunjee, is one of the tallest waterfalls in India and a major tourist spot in Cherrapunjee. Since it is situated in the Mawsmai village of the East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya, it is also known as Mawsmai Falls. The Nohsngithiang Falls falls from a height of about 1033 feet, segmented into seven different sections, giving it the epithet of Seven Sister Waterfalls. The scintillating waterfall is seasonal and plunges over the limestone covered hills only during the rainy season.

Distance from Guwahati: 150 km

35. Cooch Behar, West Bengal

Cooch Behar, West Bengal
3.2 /5 View 45+ photos

Known For : Rajbari Madan Mohan Temple Sagardihi

695 active cases 624 in last 7 days

Cooch Behar, once the province of Koch dynasty, is a small planned town in North West Bengal Coch Behar makes up as a good option for weekend getaways for the eco-tourists along with those with an inclination towards history and archaeology.

Distance from Guwahati: 320 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

5 Cooch Behar Attractions

36. Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary

Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary
3.1 /5

This royal sanctuary plays home to the royal bengal tiger and many more varieties of flora and fauna. At least 40 mammal species occur in Pakke Tiger Reserve.

37. Cherrapunji

4.0 /5 View 14+ photos

Known For : Double Decker Living Root Bridge Dawki Mawlynnong

1,426 active cases 513 in last 7 days

Earlier the wettest place on the Earth, Cherrapunji in Meghalaya, also known as Sohra, is known for its double-decker living root bridge. Located around 50 Kms from Shillong, this sub-divisional town is famous for its rich flora and natural attractions. Although Mawsynram is now the wettest place on earth, Cherrapunji still holds the record for the highest recorded rainfall in a calendar year. Apart from the famous living root bridge, other natural attractions include cave formations such as the Mawsmai Caves and Krem Phyllut. Asia's cleanest village, Mawylyngnong is another famous tourist spot here, where visitors can live and experience the food and culture of the village.

Distance from Guwahati: 145 km

Best Time: September to May

16 Cherrapunji Attractions

38. Kaziranga National Park, Assam

Kaziranga National Park, Assam
3.4 /5 View 40+ photos

Home to the largest population of the one-horned rhino on earth, Kaziranga National Park is one of India?s national treasures in terms of flora and fauna. Located in the state of Assam in North-Eastern India, its total area is shared by the districts of Nagaon, Golaghat and Karbi Anglong placing it roughly at the centre of the state. Approximately around five hours by road from Guwahati, Kaziranga National Park stands tall as the epitome of successful wildlife conservation in India. In 1985, it was awarded the status of a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Distance from Guwahati: 224 km

Best Time: October to June

39. Phobjikha Valley (Gangtey), Bhutan

Phobjikha Valley (Gangtey), Bhutan
3.8 /5 View 15+ photos

Known For : Gangtey Goemba Black Necked Crane Information Centre Kuenzang Chholing Shedra

Against the backdrop of western slopes of the Black Mountains in Wangdue Phodrang, lies the bowl-shaped Phobjikha valley that offers breathtaking views of vast expanses of green fields. It is home to the endangered black-necked crane that migrates to this area during winters. Phobjikha valley also called Gangtey, is one of the few glacial valleys in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Distance from Guwahati: 467 km

Best Time: October to December

9 Phobjikha Attractions

40. Kurseong, West Bengal

Kurseong, West Bengal
3.9 /5 View 17+ photos

Known For : Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Museum Ambotia Shiva Mandir Tea Gardens in Kurseong

757 active cases 660 in last 7 days

Also known as the 'Land of White Orchids', Kurseong is a hill station located close to Darjeeling famous for its waterfalls, temples and Buddhist gompas apart from the excellent view that the place provides.

Distance from Guwahati: 508 km

Best Time: April to May, August to October

9 Kurseong Attractions

41. Siliguri, West Bengal

Siliguri, West Bengal
3.2 /5 View 14+ photos

Known For : Salugara Monastery ISKCON Temple, Siliguri Mahananda Weir Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated in the Jalpaiguri and Siliguri districts of West Bengal, Siliguri is a city known as the Gateway to North-East India. Siliguri has its own international airport which serves mainly as a base for tourists to camp in before moving out to explore nearby tourist attractions such as Kalimpong, Darjeeling, Gangtok and Bhutan. However, Siliguri itself is a perfectly good holiday destination, with sufficient things to see and do.

Distance from Guwahati: 473 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

19 Siliguri Attractions

42. Guwahati, Assam

Guwahati, Assam
3.1 /5 View 24+ photos

Known For : Umananda Temple Kamakhya Temple Assam State Museum

Famously regarded as the gateway to North-East India, Guwahati is the largest city in the state of Assam. It is also the largest metropolis in the entire North-Eastern region of India, making it the most preferred staging point to other destinations in the region. Sandwiched by the river Brahmaputra on one side and the Shillong Plateau on the other, this city was formerly known as Pragjyotishpura. The name Guwahati is derived from the union of two Assamese words - ?Guwa? meaning Areca Nut and ?Haat? meaning market.

Best Time: October to Apr

34 Guwahati Attractions

43. Manas National Park, Assam

Manas National Park, Assam
3.6 /5 View 28+ photos

Manas National Park is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site, a Project Tiger Reserve, an Elephant Reserve and a Biosphere Reserve in Assam. The only tiger reserve in Assam and also famous for the rare golden langur and the red panda, Manas is one of the best-kept national parks in India.

Distance from Guwahati: 148 km

Best Time: October to Apr

44. Wangdue Phodrang, Bhutan

Wangdue Phodrang, Bhutan
3.2 /5

Known For : Wangdue Phodrang Dzong Jigme Singye Wangchuk National Park Phobjikha Valley

Being one of the largest Dzongkhangs (District) of Bhutan, Wangdue Phodrang has everything from monasteries and temple to wildlife and rustic villages. The reason why the region is different as compared to others is that it is very diverse in terms of subtropical forests in the south to cold, snowy areas in the north. With Wangchuck Centennial Park in the northern part and Jigme Dorji National Park in the southeastern region, Wangdue Phodrang is a host of numerous plants and animal species.

Distance from Guwahati: 394 km

Best Time: March to May, September to November

7 Wangdue Phodrang Attractions

45. Zuluk

3.8 /5

Perched at a height of 10000 feet above the mean sea level, Zuluk (also called Dzuluk or Jhuluk or Juluk) is a dainty hamlet resting in the lap of the East Himalayas in Sikkim. The region is blessed with panoramic vistas of ice capped mountains, deep gorges, dense woods and sparkling streams.

Distance from Guwahati: 555 km

46. Mawsynram, Meghalaya

Mawsynram, Meghalaya
4.0 /5 View 5+ photos

Known For : Mawsmai Caves Mawsmai Falls Nohalikalai Falls

1,426 active cases 513 in last 7 days

Acknowledged as the wettest place in the world, the mesmerizing village of Mawsynram, located 61 kms south of Shillong is a nature lover's delight and the perfect destination for a weekend trip. Mawsynram trounces Cherrapunjee by a slight margin in being the wettest place in India.

Distance from Guwahati: 154 km

Best Time: September to November

5 Mawsynram Attractions

47. Nameri National Park, Assam

Nameri National Park, Assam
3.9 /5 View 10+ photos

Nameri national park is famous for its elephants and other animals including tigers, leopards, gaurs, wild pigs, sambars, etc. and also for being a bird watchers paradise.

Distance from Guwahati: 148 km

Best Time: November to Apr

48. Jowai, Meghalaya

Jowai, Meghalaya
3.8 /5 View 10+ photos

Known For : Tryshi Falls Nartiang Monoliths Krang Suri Falls

8 active cases 4 in last 7 days

Located in the Jaintia Hills district, Jowai located at a distance of 66 Kms from Shillong, is famous for its bucolic setting and breathtaking views with the perfect mix of heritage and culture. Jowai, much like Cherrapunji prides itself in being a destination much loved for a scenic drive and boasting of lakes, vast open valleys and waterfalls. The Thadlaskein Lake and Lalong Park are the famous tourist hot spots while Syntu Ksiar is also a popular destination on the shores of river Myntdu. Festivals such as Behdeinkhlam, Chad Sukra and Laho Dance attract many tourists from across India each year. 

Distance from Guwahati: 157 km

Best Time: October to Mid May

12 Jowai Attractions

49. Dharan

3.8 /5

Known For : Budha Subba Temple Namaste Falls Pindeshwor Temple

Dharan is a city located near the Southeastern border of India and is a replica of Indian culture and tradition. Dharan is the gateway to the Mahabharat hills and is one of the biggest pilgrimage locations in Nepal. This low-lying hilly region is extremely clean, colourful and culturally diverse as well as a centre for football in Nepal, hence it being called 'mini-Brazil'. Located in the Sunsari District of Eastern Nepal, the city does not have extreme climates, making it a pleasant destination for tourists throughout the year.

Distance from Guwahati: 608 km

8 Dharan Attractions

50. Orang National Park, Assam

Orang National Park, Assam
3.5 /5 View 34+ photos

Located in the beautiful state of Assam, Orang National park is the oldest game reserve in the state, situated on banks of river Brahmaputra. Located at a distance of 110 Kms north of Guwahati, this national park is shared by the districts of Darrang and Sonitpur. It is officially known as Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park. Orang Park is known for its One-horned Rhinos and Royal Bengal Tigers.

Distance from Guwahati: 148 km

Best Time: November to Apr

51. Tura, Meghalaya

Tura, Meghalaya
3.6 /5 View 9+ photos

Known For : Tura Peak Siju Caves Balpakram National Park

101 active cases 56 in last 7 days

Located in the western part of Meghalaya, as the administrative headquarters of the West Garo Hills district, Tura is an eco-tourist hub of the state. It is located 311 Kms from Shillong and 219 Kms from Guwahati in Assam. As opposed to Shillong, which is growing highly multi-cultural, Tura is relatively deeply rooted in its native Garo roots. Tura and the other regions of the district boast of rich undisturbed biodiversity and natural attractions such as waterfalls, caves and rivulets. The primary languages spoken are Garo and English.

Distance from Guwahati: 216 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

9 Tura Attractions

52. Nongpoh, Meghalaya

Nongpoh, Meghalaya
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Known For : Thrills Fun Park Umiam Lake Lum Nehru Park

122 active cases 32 in last 7 days

Nongpoh, located 60 Kms from Guwahati in Assam and 51 Kms from Shillong is a petite town to be found to the North of the East Khasi Hills. Situated very close to the gorgeous Brahmaputra plains, this location is quite a favourite as a stopover before reaching Shillong from Guwahati.

Distance from Guwahati: 48 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

6 Nongpoh Attractions

53. Morigaon, Assam

Morigaon, Assam
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Known For : Sitajakhala Sivakunda Kachasila Hill

The town of Morigaon, located 80 Kms east of Guwahati, is the administrative headquarters of the Morigaon district. Enriched with a strong regional history, fascinating legends and unique traditions and culture, the town and the surrounding regions are home to many religious and cultural sites. The River Brahmaputra marks the northern limits of the district and the west offers the sight of snow-capped Himalayas. The district of Morigaon is also an agricultural land where vegetables, jute, mustard, wheat and paddy are mainly grown and provide a steady source of income for the locals. Dotted with many attractions and enriched with flora and fauna, Morigaon is also known as Marigaon.

Distance from Guwahati: 78 km

Best Time: November to February

9 Marigaon Attractions

54. Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh
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Known For : Tarin Fish Farm - Paddy cultivation Kile Pakho Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

341 active cases 219 in last 7 days

The cradle to a unique tribal group and a balmy climate, Ziro is the peace seeker's paradise. Ziro is a quaint old town in Arunachal Pradesh, home to the Apa Tani tribe and famous for its pine hills and rice fields.

Distance from Guwahati: 440 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

8 Ziro Attractions

55. Majuli, Assam

Majuli, Assam
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Known For : Kamalabari Satra Dakhinpat Satra Garmur

Majuli is a lush green environment-friendly, a pristine and pollution-free freshwater island in the river Brahmaputra, just 20 km from the Jorhat city and located 347 Kms from Guwahati. With a total area of 1250 sq. km, Majuli is the world's largest river island and it attracts tourists from all over the world. Among one of the most surreal places in India, Majuli is also a strong contender for a place in UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. Mostly inhabited by Tribals, the culture of Majuli is unique and quite interesting and is one of the key reasons why people love this place so much. It is also called the cultural capital of Assam. The festivals celebrated here are all joyous and vibrant. The main festival in the town of Majuli is called Raas and it is an exciting and interesting spectacle.

Distance from Guwahati: 334 km

Best Time: July to March

5 Majuli Attractions

56. Bhalukpong, Arunachal Pradesh

Bhalukpong, Arunachal Pradesh
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Known For : Outdoor activities Sessa Orchid Sanctuary Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary

60 active cases 36 in last 7 days

Apart from being the nature lover's paradise, Bhalukpong can provide you a complete experience with wildlife and a host of activities complimenting its natural beauty and the environment of a place lesser known

Distance from Guwahati: 233 km

Best Time: October to March

3 Bhalukpong Attractions

57. Royal Manas National Park

Royal Manas National Park
3.6 /5

The oldest national park in Bhutan, Royal Manas National Park is one of the largest national parks in the country. Known as the "conservation showpiece of the Kingdom", it is the largest example of tropical and sub-tropical ecosystems in Bhutan. Occupying south-central Bhutan, it shares its southern borders with Manas Tiger Reserve in India. Rich in wildlife species, including many of the endangered ones, it is a natural marvel that displays the distinct flora and fauna of Bhutan and the Himalayan Region.

58. Bongaigaon, Assam

Bongaigaon, Assam
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Known For : Bagheswari Temple Kakoijana Wildlife Sanctuary Kachugaon Game Reserve

An important city of Assam, Bongaigaon was the last capital of the Kamatapur Kingdom and home to many historical monuments of Assamese culture. Centrally located within the state at around 180 Kms northwest of Guwahati, the city depicts a vibrant Assamese township and culture. The scenic beauty of Bongaigaon is well preserved.

Distance from Guwahati: 184 km

Best Time: October to May

13 Bongaigaon Attractions

59. Imphal, Manipur

Imphal, Manipur
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Known For : Loktak Lake and Sendra Island Kangla Fort Tharon Cave

Imphal has a untouched charm surrounding its natural beauty, sceneries and landscapes as well as a significant history leaving hints of the past around the city.

Distance from Guwahati: 489 km

Best Time: October to Apr

17 Imphal Attractions

60. Rumtek Monastery

Rumtek Monastery
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The Rumtek Monastery is one of the largest and most significant monasteries in Sikkim, perched on top of a hill 23 km from Gangtok. Originally called as the Dharma Chakra Centre, it belongs to the Kargyu sect of Buddhists who originated in Tibet in the 12th century. Verdant green mountains surround the monastery and thus serves as a visual treat besides being a focal point for spiritual solace. If you climb on top to the Rumtek Monastery, you can have a breathtaking view of the whole Gangtok town situated right opposite the hill. Besides this, the architecture of the striking monastery is one of the finest in the world.

Distance from Guwahati: 542 km

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