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Nagaon, Goalpara Overview

Nagaon holds the distinction of being Assam's most populous district and one of the largest district in the area. It is also famously known to be the 'Rice bowl of Assam' and is rich in paddy. This district happens to be rich in wildlife too, as a part of this area is covered by the world famous Kaziranga National Park, which makes Nagaon a tourist magnet that is flocked with tourists all year round. Apart from being rich in flora and fauna along with having strong agricultural roots, Nagaon also has a lot to offer to tourists with many other natural and human-made attractions.

Nagaon is unique in more ways than one. The site is the birthplace of Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardeva, the great founder of Vaishnavism religion, artist, dramatist, author, etc.; but is also home to the rare one-horned rhinoceros. It would thus in no way be an overstatement to say that from religion to fauna, Nagaon is a tourist's paradise.

Other noteworthy attractions that you will find in Nagaon include the Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary; the Champawati Kunda falls in Chapanala, and Kaliabor, which is a famous historical place. It was the scene of several battles against the Muslim invaders. Silghat is a vital and picturesque river port lying on the South bank of the mighty Brahmaputra and has several temples that enthral visitors with their beauty and magnificent architecture. Nagaon is also especially famous for its two 'satras', the Narowa Satra and the Salaguri Satra, which are believed to have been founded by Srimanta Sankardeva himself in 1494 after he returned from his first pilgrimage. 

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History of Nagaon

The eastern, western and southern segments of Nagaon were initially ruled by different feudal kings or their agents. The geography of these segments helped to decide who their ruler would be.
The area was then spelt out as 'Nowgong', and it was only in the year 1832 that the place became a separate district administrative unit. Since the place was a newly organised village system, hence the name Nagaon ('Na' means 'new' and 'gaon' means 'village'). Until 1989, the Nagaon district comprised of the present Nagaon and the Morigaon district. Later, in that year, the Morigaon district was separated as a distinct district.

Places To Visit in Nagaon

Nagaon boasts of having numerous attractions that tourists especially love to visit. These attractions range from religious sites to wildlife reserves that are home to a variety of flora and fauna.

1. Namghars in Nagaon: An integral institution of worship in the Vaishnavite culture, almost every Assamese locality houses a Namghar. The word means the House of Prayers and is a congregation hall where people recite the name of Krishna. The architecture and structure of these Namghars are worth mentioning, and a unique element found here is the ghaaikhuta or laikhuta, which is an oversized column in the mandap (assembly place). No one is allowed to sit near this column since it is believed to be the seat of the Holy Spirit.
The most prominent Namghars in Nagoan are the Bharali Namghar, situated in Hatbar; and the Bordowa Namghar located in Nagaon Satra where Mahapurush Sankardev was born.

2. Kaziranga National Park: This national park needs no introduction for it is famous and reputed all across the globe. Home to the five big mammals that is the Great Indian one-horned Rhinoceros, Asiatic Elephant, the Royal Bengal Tiger, Eastern Swamp Deer and the Asiatic Wild Buffalo; the national park is also the abode of numerous other rare and endangered species. The national park is visited by both local and international visitors all year round. 

3. Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary: Situated at Laokhowa and covering an area of 70 square kilometres, the sanctuary is located at a distance of 25 kilometres from the central Nagaon town. The main attractions found here is the Great Indian One-horned Rhinoceros. Other animals include Tiger, Civet Cat, Leopard Cat, Leopard, Asiatic Buffalo, Wild Boar, Hog Deer, etc. A myriad of species of birds and reptiles are also found in Laokhowa.

4. Champawati Kunda: The Champawati Kunda is a famous waterfall that is located near Chapanala in the Nagaon district of Assam.

5. Silghat: Located 50 kilometres away from Nagaon, Silghat is a picturesque river port that lies on the southern bank of the Brahmaputra River. Silghat is also home to numerous temples.

6. Kaliabor: Kaliabor is the sub-division town that is situated at a distance of 48 kilometres from Nagaon and is a famous historical place. Kaliabor was initially the headquarters of Barphukans during the Ahom days and was also the scene of several battles against Muslim invaders.

Best Time To Visit Nagaon

Nagaon should ideally be visited during the winter or autumn season. Summer is very humid, and hence this time should usually be avoided.

Stay Near Nagaon

Nagaon has ample accommodation options that suit every budget. Also, there is also a circuit house and a government-run tourist lodge. Popular hotels and lodges here are Bora's Inn, Prasanti Lodge, Hotel Nagaon Point, Hotel Relax, Hotel Natraj and Bonroja Motel. The Department of Tourism and Assam Tourism Development Corporation Limited also operate lodges and resorts, and you can also stay at these places.

Shopping At Nagaon

The main shopping areas here are Daccapatty, Stadium Market, Mission Market and Marwaripatty, while the main marketplaces here are Bara Bazaar, Natun Baazar and Haibargaon Baazar.

How To Reach Nagaon

Nagaon is connected to NH 36 and 37 making it easily accessible from nearby towns. Buses to Nagaon are regularly available from all the major cities in Assam.

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