What is the best time to visit Guwahati?

October to April is the best time to visit Guwahati since the city is blessed with a humid subtropical climate. One might also want to plan their visit around the Bihu festivals during April, January and September- October, to see a unique and enjoyable side of Assam.

Weather in Guwahati


Upcoming Guwahati Weather

Monthly Weather in Guwahati

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 12 26
February 14 28
March 17 29
April 21 30
May 24 32
June 25 32
July 26 32
August 26 35
September 25 34
October 23 33
November 18 30
December 14 27

Guwahati in Winter (October - March)

Guwahati is a perfect place to visit during winters, which is from November until March. Travellers who have a knack for chilly winters can visit the nearby attractions, like Chandubi, to explore a surreal environment. You can even participate in the Magh Bihu Festival that takes place in January and treat yourself with a sumptuous feast of the local cuisine. The entire city transforms into a cultural haven. One can dance along to the folk music in different programmes organised throughout the city. The chilly climate and the enjoyable atmosphere create a fantastic ambience to explore the city and discover its surrounding areas. Warm clothes and woollens are necessary as the temperature dips down significantly. Also, do not forget to carry an umbrella because of the possibility of intermittent showers.
Tirupati Balaji Temple Guwahati
Tirupati Balaji Temple Guwahati

Monsoons arrive into Guwahati in July and continue until October. Since the city is under heavy rainfall during these months, it is recommended not to plan any trips to Guwahati in this season as the relentless downpour hampers sightseeing. Water clogging issues on the roads bring all kinds of transportation to a halt. Many nearby attractions become inaccessible as well.
Brahmaputra River, Guwahati
Brahmaputra River, Guwahati

Guwahati is blessed with a moderate climate during summers when the temperature remains within an average range of 30-40 degree Celsius.
Though the humid climate makes the mornings uncomfortable for tourists, summer evenings are pleasant. April and May are generally considered as the peak summer months in Guwahati. It is also during this time when the city is engulfed in the celebrations of Bohag Bihu festival. Furthermore, one can also witness the grandly organised Ambubachi Mela in Kamakhya Temple around June. Priests and saints from every nook and corner of the country travel to Guwahati to become a part of this auspicious occasion. Planning your holidays to Guwahati during summers would be enjoyable as you can experience the festivities along with the natural glamour of this place.
Guwahati City
Guwahati City

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Best Time to Visit


Best Time to Visit


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Events in Guwahati

Ambubachi Mela at Assam

22nd June - 26th June 2019

The Ambubachi Mela is a grand gathering in an around the Kamakhya Devi temple situated at Nilachal Hill in the city of Guwahati of Assam. Falling in the month of Asaadh of the traditional Hindu calendar, the Ambubachi Mela is a four-day celebration, which often falls in June. A prime festivity of the Shakti traditional, the Mela witnesses a torrent of Sanyasis during the festive days at the Kamakhya Devi temple, performing strict ascetic modes of devotion. Primarily, the festival is aimed at honouring the fertile richness of mother earth. The idea is celebrated as the annual menstrual cycle of Kamakhya Devi at the Kamakhya Temple during these four days, known as the Ambubachi Mela.

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