Exciting Water Sports in North India For A Thrilling Experience

Water Sports in North India

There are many water sports in North India due to its vast coastlines and the need to beat the country's summer heat. Head over for river rafting, surfing, kayaking, sailing and more!

Here is the list of 16 Exciting Water Sports in North India For A Thrilling Experience

1. Rafting in Rishikesh, Rishikesh

Rafting in Rishikesh, Rishikesh
4.0 /5

Rafting in Rishikesh particularly is hands down the best; one could endeavour in India. From the gifted natural circumstances to the top professional assistance, the place has just the best to offer. There are some certified operators, whose safety arrangements are well in place, and there are customised packages for camping and rafting at Rishikesh. Your food, water and rafting arrangements are taken care of by operators if you want a stress free outing. The peak season sees Rishikesh pretty crowded, so you can keep a check over that detail when you are planning.

2. River Rafting in Tattapani

River Rafting in Tattapani
3.4 /5

Tattapani is a destination for water sport activity fanatics. River rafting in the cold water of River Sutlej, one of the longest rivers of India can be a lot of fun and exciting. With bewitching landscape all around, the ideal time for this activity is during May and June. One can also enjoy this activity from Chabba (12 kms) to Tattapani or from Sunni (5 kms) to Tattapani. Another option is a stretch of 36 kms from Pandowa to Tattapani.

3. Rafting in Manali, Kullu

Rafting in Manali, Kullu
4.5 /5

The River Beas in Kullu, is popular for rafting of all grades of rapids, for amateurs, tourists as well as trained and professional rafters. End of April to June and September to October are the best months for rafting in Kullu. Avoid the monsoons and the winters if you want to go for Rafting here.

4. Water Sports and Fishing in Bilaspur

Water Sports and Fishing in Bilaspur
3.4 /5

The Gobind Sagar lake has facilities for countless water sports from Water Skiing, Sailing, Kayaking, Regattas, Motor Boat Racing and more. The motor boats can be hired at a nominal fee. Fishing is also a favorite and popular activity at the lake as it has a wide variety of fishes which include Labeo Dero and Pitutrata. One can also visit the Water Sport Training Center in the upper Nihal area.

5. River Crossing and River Rafting in Dalhousie

River Crossing and River Rafting in Dalhousie
3.3 /5

River crossing is done across the river Ravi or Saal under the supervision of trained instructors while River Rafting too is a growing favorite in Chamba, usually done on the Rivers Ravi and Saal, too. Both private as well government tourism organizations organize these activities.

6. Rafting, Spiti

Rafting, Spiti

Rafting is one of the most thrilling things to do in Spiti. Riding the tides in the backdrop of emerald hills and lush greenery is an experience of a lifetime. You can try the activity in the Pin and Spiti rivers. This rafting activity covers a distance of 180 kms on an average.

7. Shikara Ride, Srinagar

Shikara Ride, Srinagar
4.6 /5

The paramount reason why people come to Srinagar is for the relaxing and memorable Shikara rides. Taking the ride across the scenic Dal Lake at the backdrop of the majestic slow clad Himalaya's is indeed an experience in itself both enjoyable and unparallel. Shikara rides can be taken in one of the circuits from Nehru Park past Hazratbal, Nagin, Rainawari and back.

8. River Crossing in Tirthan Valley

River Crossing in Tirthan Valley
3.5 /5

River crossing in the Tirthan Valley is an adventure sport for people who are looking for some adrenaline rush in the quiet valley. A person is tied to a safety harness and slides from one point to the other, with the turbulent River Tirthan gushing underneath. The icy cold spray of the river while taking on the sport, sure is a motivating factor for enthusiasts.

9. Rafting in Upper Alaknanda, Chamoli

Rafting in Upper Alaknanda, Chamoli
3.5 /5

Rafting on Upper Alaknanda River is exhausting and tiring but more than that it is exhilarating and rewarding. The chase on the wild rapids and the ever changing landscape of gorges and dense forests pumps up the excitement level to maximum. The rafting starts with grade III and touches the IV and IV+ and thus raising the bar of required prior experience. If you are one of the adventure junkies and love water sports, then pack your bags and face the challenge.

10. Rafting in Ladakh

Rafting in Ladakh
4.2 /5

Rafting expedition is done on Zanskar River, called the Grand Canyon of India, with high cliff like gorges at certain places. The Zanskar Rafting expedition is one of The best river trips in The world.

11. Rafting in Tiuni, Dehradun

Rafting in Tiuni, Dehradun
3.5 /5

If you have experience and courage then get ready to raft on India’s one of the wildest river Ton and get on a nerve wrecking ride of your life. Rafting is an adrenaline gushing roller coaster journey on the white water of River Ton flowing through the western part of Himalayas. Considered as one of the most untamed and technical rivers of India, it gives you a lifetime experience of hard core rafting amid the wilderness of Tons Valley.

12. White River Rafting, Sonamarg

White River Rafting, Sonamarg
4.1 /5

Sonamarg promises to quench your thirst for an adventure filled, adrenaline gushing vacation. One can even go for a long rafting expedition starting from Baltal and ending at Shutkari Bridge at Sonamarg.

13. White River Rafting, Pahalgam

White River Rafting, Pahalgam
3.9 /5

Indulge into pure awesomeness in the rivers flowing in and around Pahalgam by rafting in its gentle gradients. A 2km stretch on the Aru branch of Lidder River is the popular rafting spot in Pahalgam. In Pahalgam, white river rafting generally starts in the month of June.

14. River Rafting in Corbett National Park, Corbett National-park

River Rafting in Corbett National Park, Corbett National-park
3.2 /5

River rafting in the Kosi is one of the most beautiful ways to enjoy the speedy waters. Some adventure water sports are also organized on the river.

15. Rafting in Kali Sarada, Almora

Rafting in Kali Sarada, Almora
3.5 /5

A perfect destination for first time rafters and family adventure, a ride on the Kali Sarada River through eastern Kumaon region is simply mind blowing. Demarcating the India and Nepal border, the ride will take you past the wonderful stalactite and stalagmite formations, beautiful dense forest and quaint little villages opening up to nature’s treasure trove of eastern Kumaon region. With a serene beginning till the confluence of Rivers Kali and Saryu, the ride pumps up for occasional huge rapid making a descent to the plains on the final day.

16. Rafting in Bhagirathi, Tehri Garhwal

Rafting in Bhagirathi, Tehri Garhwal
3.5 /5

Raft on the Bhagirathi River, feeling the rush of gushing water of the main tributary of River Ganga. The thrill of the activity is one of the best you will ever have. The exciting rafting trip on the Bhagirathi River is an excellent way for adventure seekers to satiate their hunger. Packed with bundle of spirits, the waves ride you through the rustic villages, traverse through a splendid gorge and enter right into the confluence of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi before meeting the River Ganga.

Which of these water sports in North India get your blood pumping? Let us know in the comments below!

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