Rafting in Ladakh, Leh Ladakh Overview

River rafting is one of the top adventure sports in Ladakh. Besides offering a unique rafting experience, the Indus waters in Ladakh also traverse through spectacular sceneries, monasteries and villages.

Rafting expeditions on the Zanskar River also marvellous. Known as the Grand Canyon of India, this region holds high cliff-like gorges at certain places. With varying rafting choices depending on the season, personal physical fitness, cost and experience, Ladakh offers grade one to grade four range of rapids.

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Availability of Clean Water

Yes, but it is advisable to ensure availability of clean drinking water in your custom package.

Availability of camping/shelter

The best way to fully enjoy this adventurous expedition is by camping. Almost all tour operators offer camps at the rafting site.

Safety Tips

Carry a compact first-aid kit just for safety. Stretch before you go in for the activity, and always plan the raft distance in your package carefully. If you are travelling with older people or children, find a suitable rafting stretch for them.

Things to carry

1) A compact first aid kit including medicines of importance. 2) Quick refreshments - energy drinks, energy bars 3) Bathing suits, shorts, river sandals, flip-flops, old sneakers 4) Waterproof camera bag, fresh batteries, waterproof lens 5) Plastic bags for carrying wet clothes

General Tips and Tricks

The best time to raft in Tiuni is from June to September. Make sure you pay attention to all the instructions carefully given by the guide. Also prefer to go for the activity in groups of 4, 6 or 8 as per the operator you choose. Make sure you have prior rafting experince before you indulge in the activity here. Red Chilli Adventure, and trek n raft are few of the operators.

How to reach Rafting in Ladakh

  • Air: The nearest airbase to the rafting site is situated in the capital city of Ladakh i.e. Leh. The airport is connected to cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Srinagar and Jammu by Jet Airways and Indian Airlines.

  • Rail: Jammu serves as the nearest railway station to Zanskar valley. It is situated about 690 km away and is connected to almost all the major cities of the country by express trains.

  • Road: One can reach Leh easily by road especially during the summer season via State Highway. It takes two days to go reach from Srinagar but roads might not be safe enough owing to the unrest in Kashmir. Regular bus service also plies between the two cities on alternate days between the months of July and October. For the remaing months the roads id snow bound and thus closed. Another alterative to reach Padum is by hiring a vehicle from Kargil.

Best Time to Go Rafting in Ladakh

June to August is a great time to go river rafting in Ladakh. The water levels are constantly high during this time, making for a great rafting atmosphere.

Types of Rapids and Cost

Ladakh hosts rapids spanning from grade 1 to grade 4. There are a couple of grade 5 rapids as well. Some of the rapids in each of the river routes are as follows:

Indus River
Upshi and Kharu route - Grade 1 to Grade 2 and some Grade 3 rapids
Phey and Nimo route - Grade 2 - Grade 3 rapids
Phey and Saspol route
Saspol and Khaltsey route
Kharu and Spituk route

Zanskar River
Choklamsar and Phay route
Tsogsti and Sangam route
Sangam and Alchi route - Grade 3 to Grade 5 rapids
Schorpochay and Sangam route - Grade 2 and above
Chilling and Sangam route - Grade 2 to Grade 4 rapids
Phey and Sangam route - Grade 2 and above

Prices (each of these prices depend on the sector as well)
Zanskar River
Grade 1 - INR 800 to INR 1200 for 7 kilometres
Grade 2 - INR 1000 to INR 1400 for 18 kilometres
Grade 3 - INR 1200 to INR 1600 for 28 kilometres

Indus River
INR 1000 to INR 1400 for 25 kilometres
INR 1200 to INR 1600 for 20 kilometres

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About Rafting in Ladakh

Cost of Activity : Around Rs. 65,000 for 12 days which icludes accomodation, road transfer from a particular point, meals and professional guides. Garde 3 and Grade 4 rapids.

Difficulty Level : Challenging/Garde III+ to Grade IV

Nearest Airport : Leh

Nearest Railhead : Jammu

Nearest road city : Srinagar/Kargil

Region : Ladakh

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