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Lighthouses in India

Wait, there is something called ‘lighthouse tourism’? Well yes, it does exist. So if you weren’t aware of this, here is your chance to pack your bags and make that journey to discover these tall and fancy looking monuments. Unknown and unexplored, these historical structures continue to stand strong in the eye of the storm. We have a rich repertoire of lighthouses in India which are open to the public, for a short time in the day. Here are a selected few that you can let your eyes feast on –

Here is the list of 7 Lighthouses In India - Scenic Beach Destinations

1. Manapad Beach

Tucked away in a small coastal village in Tamil Nadu, the Manapad beach is one of the lesser explored beaches of India. Known for the Holy Cross Church (a fragment from the True Cross of Jerusalem is said to be here) and a few movie shoots, this place is located almost 60 km away from Tuticorin, the nearest city. A beautiful vision in white and red, the lighthouse here is a must visit; if only for the amazing view and the love for some quiet.

2. Lighthouse Beach

This picturesque beach is situated in Kovalam, about 16 km from the main city of Thiruvananthapuram. The name says it all, really. The age-old Vizhinjam Lighthouse paints a beautiful picture atop the rocky terrains, surrounded by a lush of greenery, right across the Arabian Sea. You can visit it during the day, but it has a different ethereal charm at night.

3. Kaup Beach

This beautiful beach is located in Muloor, about 12 km away from Udupi city in Karnataka. It is one of the lesser known beaches, hence very peaceful. The lighthouse here adds to the quiet charm with its stunning ancient architecture. Built in 1901, this tall beauty has a staircase winding to the top from where you get a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea and surrounding vistas.

4. Mamallapuram

Tamil Nadu has another one of these lovely monuments located in Mamallapuram (earlier known as Mahabalipuram), a 7th-century port city of the famous Pallava dynasty. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it has many worthwhile historical monuments. One of them is the stunning Mamallapuram Lighthouse, situated atop small hillocks. Built in 1894, this old structure is a site to view with its old world charm and the beautiful blue waters of the Bay of Bengal.

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5. Pamban Island

Also known as Rameshwaram Island, this beautiful place with its beaches and bridges is located between peninsular India and Sri Lanka. The Pamban Lighthouse is hard to miss with its black and white blocks and a bright red top. Enclosed in greenery and the gorgeous beach, this lighthouse is a sight to behold at night, especially if viewed from the Pamban beach. Don’t miss it!

6. Dwarka

If you’re in Gujarat, be sure to visit the Rupen Creek! The Dwarka Lighthouse here was constructed all the way back in the early 19th century. Unlike most of the others, this lighthouse is a stunning black and white cubical structure. The striking blue waters add to the mesmerising and mysterious picture that the structure paints. It looks out of the world after the sun goes down!

7. Goa

A 17th century Portuguese make, this lighthouse is a must visit if it’s your first time in Goa. A beautiful white cylindrical structure, the Aguada Fort is also a lighthouse. This historical monument has the lighthouse situated in the upper bit of the fort where it cannot be climbed. But don’t let that dishearten you; the fort itself is a sight to behold!

So, next time you’re taking a stroll down any of the Indian Coastlines, do make time for these guiding beauties.

This post was published by Deepika Singhania

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