Top Lakes in Rajasthan That Are Simply Magnificent


Lakes in Rajasthan

Royal, mystical and arid are the words that come to mind when one thinks about Rajasthan. The land of Maharajas renders tales of India's glorious past. Rajasthan has almost everything that a traveller may desire to see in an ideal holiday destination. Though an arid land, there are some beautiful lakes in Rajasthan. Some are natural, and some are artificial; constructed by the kings in ancient times to deal with the scarcity of water in the area.

Here is the list of 10 Top Lakes in Rajasthan That Are Simply Magnificent

1. Lake Pichola, Udaipur

Undoubtedly, Lake Pichola is hailed as one of the most iconic lakes in Rajasthan, thanks to the presence of two extraordinary palaces that stand over it. Aravali Hills provide a breathtaking backdrop to this stunning lake which overlooks the magnificent City Palace. There are total four islands on Lake Pichola, and two of them are studded with mesmerising lake palaces named Jag Niwas and Jag Mandir. Boats and ferries take tourists to these Palaces.

2. Fateh Sagar Lake, Udaipur

Another famous lake in Udaipur city, Fateh Sagar is also referred to as 'Second Kashmir' due to its picture perfect setting. There are three small islands on the lake. Nehru Park is the largest among them and has a garden with a restaurant and a zoo. The other two are Udaipur Solar Observatory and Ram Pratap Palace; which serves as the residence for royal families.

3. Pushkar Lake, Pushkar

Situated in the holy city of Pushkar, Pushkar Lake is considered as a sacred lake in Hindu scriptures. According to Hindu mythology, the lake was formed by one of the lotus petals that fell from the hands of Lord Bramha. This lake in Rajasthan is surrounded by more than 300 temples and has 52 bathing ghats. The water is believed to have medicinal properties, and one who bathes in Pushkar Lake achieves salvation and gets free of all skin related diseases.

4. Sambhar Lake

Sambhar Lake is the biggest inland salt lake in India. Located 60 km from Jaipur and 82 km from Ajmer, the lake spreads across an area of 22.5 km and is divided by a 5.1 km long dam which helps in generation of salt. The major attractions at this lake in Rajasthan are Salt laboratory and Salt Museum. About 196000 tons of clean salt is produced every year, and the lake is of international importance.

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5. Nakki Lake, Mount Abu

At the height of 11,000 meters from sea level, Nakki Lake is the highest manmade lake in India. A popular 'lover's point', this lake in Rajasthan is one of the must-visit places in Mount Abu and conducts boating for tourists all day round. It is located near Dilwara Jain Temples, Rasiya Balam and Kunwari Kanya Temples.

6. Balsamand Lake, Jodhpur

Five kilometres from Jodhpur, the Balsamand Lake in Rajasthan is an epitome of leisure and luxury. Surrounded by lush gardens of mango, papaya, guava, plum and pomegranate trees, Balsamand Lake plays the backdrop of royal Balsamand Palace which is now turned into a luxurious hotel. Peacocks can be seen in large numbers at the lake and animals as jackals roam around lazily. It is a perfect spot for a rejuvenating vacation.

7. Ana Sagar Lake, Ajmer

Ana Sagar is the largest lake in Ajmer, and it was built by Arnoraj Chauhan, the grandfather of legendary Prithvi Raj Chauhan. At the centre of the lake is an island which is accessible by boats and ferries. This lake in Rajasthan attracts tourists year round due to its peaceful environment and recreational activities. It is surrounded by gardens and pavilions which add to its natural beauty making it an ideal picnic spot.

8. Jaisamand Lake, Udaipur

Also known as Dhebar Lake, Jaisamand Lake is the second largest artificial lake in Asia. Stretching over an area of 50 sq. Km, it was built by Rana Jai Singh in the 17th century. There are three islands on the lake, and it is surrounded by Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary and the summer palaces of the Queens of Udaipur. The major attraction here is the marvellous marble dam consisting of six cenotaphs and a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva at the centre.

9. Anand Sagar Lake, Banswara

Constructed by Lanchi Bai, the wife of Maharval Jagami, Anand Sagar Lake in Rajasthan is situated in Banswara. It is surrounded by the holy trees of 'Kalpa Vriksha'. It is believed that they fulfil the wishes of visitors. Cenotaphs of various rulers can be seen around the lake, making it historic and beautiful at the same time.

10. Gadisar Lake, Jaisalmer

In the middle of the desert, Gadisar Lake was built by Maharaja Gadsi Singh of Jaisalmer. In earlier times, this lake in Rajasthan fulfilled the water needs of the entire city. Today, it may not serve the same purpose, but it has become a well-liked tourist spot in the city. The lake is encircled by historic architecture, and the presence of a myriad of migratory birds renders the lake an excellent setting.

Rajasthan showcases history and culture from every nook and corner. Though a dry state naturally, lakes in Rajasthan are the most glorious ones in India. The legendary rulers in the state left no stone unturned to solve the water needs of the land which led to the construction of these magnificent lakes. Today these lakes serve as recreational and tourism spots for locals and travellers. Make sure to visit these on your next trip to Rajasthan.

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