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Boston and the nearby city Massachusettes is home to plenty of magnificent lakes were you get to enjoy the scenery on a boat ride. Lakes in Boston are one of the popular spots for recreational activi (Read More)ties. It is a great way to spend some leisure time away from the busy and hectic life.

Here is the list of 10 Lakes in Boston

1. Mystic Lakes, Boston

Mystic Lakes, Boston

Flowing through three different towns in the state of Massachusetts, the meromictic Mystic Lakes are known to be great for recreational activities such as swimming, rowing, sailing, fishing and picnics, especially since Shannon Beach is located at Upper Mystic Lake. The Mystic River Reservation includes the eastern shore of the lakes while Mystic Lakes were previously part of Charlestown and Boston’s drinking water supply.

Suggested Hours: As long as you wish to stay.
Open hours: Sunrise – Sunset.
Address: 481 Mystic Valley Pkwy, Medford, MA 02155.

2. Spy Pond, Boston

Spy Pond, Boston

The Spy Pond in Arlington, a one-hour drive from the city, is a lovely place to just have a seat and admire the beauty of the lake or for a walk along the bike trail. Although the size of the park which is located at the banks of the pond is comparatively smaller to the others it is still a perfect spot to enjoy nature, go fishing or kayaking during the weekend in summer, and even a picnic with the family.

Suggested Hours: As long as you wish to stay.
Open Hours: 8:00 AM – 5;30 PM.
Address: 56 Pond Ln, Arlington, MA 02474.

3. Crystal Lake, Boston

Crystal Lake, Boston

The Crystal Lake was known by several names previously such as Wiswall’s Pond and Baptist Pond when the church used it for baptism. Now, the crystal lake gets its name from the ice dealers who used the lake for harvesting ice. The lake is 23 minutes away from the city center. Located at the heart of the city of Newton it covers 33 acres of land and is categorized as a ‘Great Pond’. The crystal lake offers a bathhouse during the summer but it is also a great spot for boating, fishing, or even for a swim.

Open Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.
Address: 30 Rogers Street, Newton MA.

4. Jamaica Pond, Boston

Jamaica Pond, Boston

Naturally formed due to the glacial activities, The Jamaican Pond is categorized as a kettle pond and was also included in Boston’s “Emerald Necklace” of parks and is located 6 miles from the city centre. The park conducts events around the year and is great for a walk around the pond for its pleasant, relaxing atmosphere and the great views around the park.

Suggested Hours: As long as you wish to stay.
Open Hours: Noon to Sunset on Monday – Thursday, and 10 AM – Sunset on Friday.
Address: Boston, MA 02130, United States.

5. Ell Pond, Boston

Ell Pond, Boston

Created almost 15,000 years ago due to glacial activities the Ell pond in Melrose is considered as a kettle pond. Extending to about 22 acres of land the pond is the lowest point in Melrose. The Ell pond was previously known as the “L pond” due to the “L” shape of the pond. Other names include the Crystal pond and Crystal lake. It is a 1-hour 30-minute drive from the city center.

Suggested Hours: As long as you wish to stay.
Open Hours: 10:00 AM – 3:45 PM.
Address: Melrose, MA 02176, USA.

6. Spot Pond, Boston

Spot Pond, Boston

The Spot Pond is located 12 - 14 minutes (8.1 miles) from the city centre and is a great place to enjoy your day off while paddle boarding and kayaking. The Pond has a small island to walk around the place. The pond is appreciated for its cleanliness and well-maintained boats and kayaks.

Suggested Hours: As long as you wish to stay.
Open Hours: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM.
Address: 4 Woodland Rd, Stoneham, United States.

7. Lake Cochituate, Boston

Lake Cochituate, Boston

Lake Cochituate presents the Cochituate State Park is located approximately 30 minutes away from the city center. Although the lake is not suitable for swimming it is great for kayaking. The park also has a sandy beach suitable for a picnic or even a BBQ.

Suggested Hours: As long as you wish to stay.
Open Hours: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM.
Address: 43 Commonwealth Road, Natick, MA 01760.

8. Houghtons Pond, Boston

Houghtons Pond, Boston

Houghton's Pond was created about 10,000 due to glacial activities and is another kettle pond found in Milton, Massachusetts. Located 30 minutes city center it is a popular destination around all seasons and offers supervised swimming, picnic areas, baseball, and other outdoor sports around the 24 acres of land which even include a beach.

Suggested Hours: As long as you wish to stay.
Open Hours: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM.
Address: 840 Hillside St, Milton, MA 02186, United States.

9. Clay Pit Pond, Boston

Clay Pit Pond, Boston

The Claypit Pond is located in the suburbs of Belmont is a man-made pond formed in the year 1933. The Claypit pond is considered as one of the most important parklands in the city. Located 9 miles from the city center (24 minutes) activities such as fishing can be seen here but are limited only to a few areas, even the viewing of the waterbody has limited access.

Suggested Hours: As long as you wish to stay.
Open Hours: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM.
Address: 83 Nielsen Ave, Staten Island, NY 10309, United States.

10. Bulloughs Pond, Boston

Bulloughs Pond, Boston

Bullough's Pond is located in Newton, Massachusetts was previously a Millpond. The lake is located 18 minutes from the city center. Now, the pond is used for activities like sightseeing and bird watching. The Pond was also used for ice skating due to the warmer temperatures since the early 2000s. The pond however still provides a great view.

Suggested Hours: As long as you wish to stay.
Open Hours: Open 24 hours.
Address: Newton, MA 02460, United States.

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