Flea Markets in Boston: 13 Flea Markets for an Extraordinary Shopping Experience

Shopping is perhaps one of the top items on your itinerary when you visit a new place, and when it comes to Boston, there is a plethora of shopping venues! If walking into a multinational store seems like a boring idea, and you want a unique shopping experience, head over to some of the flea markets in Boston. Spread out all of the city, there are multiple flea markets selling clothing, furniture, books, antique items, china, toys, baked goods, fresh farm produce and much more. 

13 Popular Flea Markets in Boston

The following are 13 popular flea markets in Boston that you can explore.

1. Cambridge Antique Market

Homeware at Cambridge Antique Market
Set within a massive red brick building, the Cambridge Antique Market is one of the most well-known flea markets in Boston. Spread out over 5 floors, you would find over 150 vendors selling a variety of items for very reasonable prices. Whether you are looking for furniture, antique items, vintage clothing, toys, silverware, china, books, artworks or light fixtures, they have it all. The fact that they open slightly later in the day means that you don’t have to wake up early to get there! They also set up an outpost in Provincetown every summer.
Address: 201 Monsignor O'Brien Highway, Cambridge, MA 02141, United States
11:00 am to 6:00 pm (Tuesday- Sunday),
Monday closed
Admission fee: Free
Parking: Free (Facility lot)
Website: marketantique.com 

2. Revere Flea Market

Toys at Revere Flea Market
Revere Flea Market is set up close to Revere Beach in the parking lot of Showcase Cinemas. Although not as big as some other flea markets in Boston, it is still known for some unique finds like vintage carpets,rugs,  “Bunny the jean lady,” many unopened toys, luggages, sneakers, clothes and more. Chances are that you would also come across someone’s yard sale on site, and if you feel like grabbing something to eat, there is usually an Italian ice cart around. In case you aren’t able to find something interesting, you can always catch a movie or go to the beach!
Address: 565 Squire Road, Revere, Boston, United States
Timings: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm (Tuesday, Saturday- Sunday)
Admission fee: USD 1 on SundaysParking: Street parking

3. Raynham Flea Market

An aerial view of Raynham Flea Market
Spread out in an open plot as well as in a building, the Raynham Flea Market features hundreds of vendors selling a plethora of items throughout the year. Here you will find vintage items, phones, computers, candles, perfumes, vacuum cleaners etc. Furthermore, you would also find items such as bungee cords and construction worker clothing.

There are people who will repair your jewellery and also sell such small trinkets. If you are craving snacks, there are concession stands on site. It goes without saying that you would have to haggle your way here!
Address: 480 S St W, Raynham, MA 02767, United States
Timings: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (Sunday)
Admission fee: USD 1, USD 0.75 (senior citizens), Free (below 12)
Parking: Free
Website: raynhamflea.com

4. Pro.Found Market

Jewellery at Pro.Found Market
What started out as a one-time market in 2017 has now expanded to be an annual flea market featuring over 150 vendors mostly dealing with lifestyle goods. What attracts large crowds here are the bags, antique items, furniture, jewellery, art pieces, stationery, candles and more. There are vendors who sell garden products, bath products and vintage crates. If you are hungry, there are food trucks and a brewery in the vicinity as well as a farm stand selling wine and grass-fed beer. 
Address: 339 7 Bridge Road, Lancaster
Parking: Free
Website: theprofoundmarket.com

5. Seekonk Flea Market

Cycles at Seekonk Flea Market
Seekonk Flea Market is set up on the Seekonk Speedway between late March and Thanksgiving, featuring over 250 vendors and some yard sales. Thousands of people flock to this flea market to buy toys, sports equipment, athletic apparel, vintage items, bikes, tools and other such items. If you want to avoid standing in long lines, you can pay USD 25 for early admission. You can also find fresh fruits and vegetables here, while the concession stands are perfect for sandwiches and other breakfast foods.
Address: 1782 Fall River Ave, Seekonk, MA 02771, United States
Timings: 7:00 am to 1:00 pm
Admission fee: USD 1, Free (children)
Parking: Free
Website: seekonkfleamarket.com

6. Grafton Flea Market Inc.

Clothes at Grafton Flea Market Inc.
Perhaps one of the oldest flea markets in New England, Grafton Flea Market Inc is established on land which formerly housed an apple orchard and a campground. There are over 300 vendors who entertain thousands of visitors on Sundays on this 20-acre piece of land. It is an excellent market to find some vintage vinyl records, electronics, fidget spinners etc. There are people who can also repair your broken computers!

The food court is where you’d find fried dough, wine, beer, soft serve, and there is usually a live band performing. 
Address: 296 Upton Street Rt 140, Grafton, MA 01519, United States
Timings: 6:00 am to 4:00 pm (Sunday)
Admission fee: USD 1, Free (below 12 years)
Parking: Free
Website: www.graftonflea.com

7. Todd Farm Antique & Flea Market

The sign for Todd Farm Antique & Flea Market
Featuring about 200 vendors, both old and new, Todd Farm Antique & Flea Market is set up every Sunday and is the perfect market for early morning shoppers. The market is known specifically for its antique items including ceramics, jewellery, furniture , clothing, homeware, art and handmade crafts too. In fact, they discourage the sale of non-vintage items. Food and drinks are also served at the market.

Furthermore, if waking up early isn’t for you, the Barn and House Shops at Todd Farm is open throughout the year.
Address: 285 Main St, Rowley, MA 01969, United States
Timings: 5:00 am to 3:00 pm (Sunday)
Admission fee: Free
Parking: Free, USD 5 parking lot
Website: www.toddfarm.com

8. The Sandwich Bazaar Flea Market

A crowd at The Sandwich Bazaar Flea Market
Established by Lisa Davis, The Sandwich Bazaar Flea Market is a year-round flea market at Oak Cove Field. The vendors who set up shop here are always changing but for the most part, what you would find here include vintage items, nautical collectibles, silver turquoise jewellery, sports memorabilia, colourful floor mats, A popular stall at the market is the produce seller from Westport that sells fresh fruits and vegetables from the farm coast. 
Address: 34 Quaker Meeting House Rd, Sandwich, MA 02563, United States
6:00 am to 1:00 pm (Saturday- Sunday),
6:00 am to 12:00 noon (Wednesday)
Admission fee: Free
Parking: Free
Website: thesandwichbazaar.com

9. Yankee Flea Market

Rows of goods at Yankee Flea Market
Set up over an area of about 15,000 square feet, the Yankee Flea Market is a year-round flea market in Boston which has about 200 sellers. The items being sold here are quite diverse, including painted early American furniture, hammered iron pieces, vintage Pyrex, pottery, lamps, artworks etc. There is a vendor who sells vintage advertising on cardboard, old gas/oil, porcelain signs.

The Steaming Tender nearby is an old train station converted into a restaurant and is ideal for grabbing a snack.
Address: 1311 Park St, Palmer, MA 01069, United States
10:00 am to 5:00 pm (Tuesday- Sunday),
Monday closed
Admission fee: Free
Parking: Free
Website: yankeefleamarket.com

10. Brimfield Antiques Center

Vans at Brimfield Antiques Center
One of the biggest outdoor antiques shows in the world, Brimfield Antiques Center is known for the thousands of vendors who set up shop about 3 times a year for a week. People from all around, including celebrities, flock here to get their hands on vintage cameras, comics, books, furniture, clothes, home decor, toys, records etc. You would most likely need to bargain your way to a deal but it’s worth it!

Moreover, there are booths selling food items like lobster rolls, doughnuts, kettle corn and more.  
Address: 35 Palmer Rd, Brimfield, MA 01010, United States
Timings: 11:00 am to 5:00 pm
Parking: USD 5- USD 10 parking lots
Website: brimfieldantiquescenter.net

11. Wellfleet Flea Market

Art at Wellfleet Flea Market
One of the most popular flea markets around Boston, Wellfleet Flea Market has been built on one of the state’s last operating drive-ins. Opened in 1974, the market is known mainly for its hundreds of vendors selling  Cape Cod memorabilia which features a lot of beach items. So if you are looking for a t-shirt, bathing suit or shorts, sunglasses etc. this is the place to find them!

There is also a playground on the site so you can leave your children there while you shop around. 
Address: 51 US-6, Wellfleet, MA 02667, United States
Timings: 8:00 am to 3:00 pm (Wednesday- Thursday, Saturday- Sunday)
Admission fee: USD 3 per car
Parking: Free
Website: wellfleetcinemas.com/flea-market

12. SoWa Vintage Market

Glassware at SoWa Vintage Market
The SoWa Vintage Market is a part of South End’s SoWa arts + design district and it is an indoor (in a brick warehouse) Sunday market specialising mostly in vintage designer items. There are new vendors each week with fresh merchandise, selling different clothing items, artworks, jewellery, homeware, furniture, antique pieces and more. It is in fact an ideal place for you to find a unique gift for a loved one!
Address: 460 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118, United States
Timings: 11:00 am to 4:00 pm (Sunday)
Admission fee: Free
Parking: USD 10 during events
Website: sowavintagemkt.com

13. Oliver Best Vintage Market

Antiques at Oliver Best Vintage Market
One of the relatively new flea markets in Boston, Oliver Best Vintage Market at POP Allston is well-known for its different eccentric and “gypsy-vibe”vendors setting up shop every Saturday. Along with the many local vendors, you would also find the founder, Justin Pomerleau’s shop here; Vivant Vintage. Visit this flea market if you are looking for antique items, video games, clothing, shoes, vinyl records, home decor, jewellery, art, rugs etc. 
Address: 89 Brighton Ave Allston, MA 02134
Timings: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm (Saturday)
If you don’t mind standing in long lines, being in a crowded environment or haggling, make your way to some of the fun flea markets in Boston. You will undoubtedly find some unique products there and it will surely be a wonderful experience to have while on the trip!

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