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Timings : Saturday - Sunday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Entry Fee : Bleachers: USD 25 - USD 40,
Grandstand: USD 29 - USD 78,
Box: USD 50 - USD 75

Address : 4 Jersey St, Boston, MA 02215

Suggested Hours : 1-2 hours on a non-match day.

Home Team : Boston Red Sox

Owner : Fenway sports group / Boston Red Sox

Capacity : 37,731 people.

Opened on : 20th April 1912.

Best Time to Visit : Spring

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Fenway Park, Boston Overview

One of Boston's oldest baseball fields built-in 1912 the Fenway Park is still one of the jewels where the Major Baseball League is held. The home ground of the Red Sox the ballpark is a great representation of the little but significant evolution of things. Fenway Park has an atmosphere full of enthusiasm and excitement before the start of any game. The park also offers visitors guided tours around the 9 acres of the stadium.

The 108-year-old Fenway Park is located near Kenmore square and has been home to the Boston's Red Sox baseball team since 1953. Fenway Park also offers visitors guided tours around the stadium showing them the lone red seat, the green monster, the triangle, and the foul poles. These are the important features required for the games to commence smoothly. Fenway Park is not only used for baseball matches but also football matches, soccer games, concerts, hockey games, hurling, and Gaelic football matches and boxing matches.

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Things to do at Fenway Park

The park signifies the city of Boston through its irregular shape and hence holds a deeper place in the hearts of the locals. The park also has usual baseball games that take place for which visitors can buy tickets and enjoy the game. They also host several intercollegiate games with the same thrill and enthusiasm. This is why Fenway Park although being the oldest still has as much value and significance in the city.

Visitors at Fenway Park can get guided tours around the stadium and also a deeper insight into the history, structure, and teams of the stadium. Watching baseball games is also one of the major things to do at Fenway Park. Watching a match in this atmosphere is often a memorable experience for most visitors.

Different tours at Fenway Park

The Fenway park offers guided tours around the stadium to emphasize its features, history, and architecture. They offer a one-hour walking tour around the stadium as well as a historic tour around the 9-acre stadium.

How to reach Fenway Park

The best way to reach Fenway Park is by taking the Subway ( locally known as the T). One must make sure to take any of the trains on the Greenline except the E train. From here the park is within a walking distance.

Another option is to take the Framingham or the Worcester MBTA commuter rail to the Yawkey station which is again at a walking distance from the park.

The next mode of communication one can also take is using the MBTA bus services. 1, 8, 19, 47, 55, 57, 60, 65, CT1, CT2, and CT3 these are bus routes that can drop you off at Yawkey way which is right opposite the Fenway Park.

Driving to the stadium is also a possibility for someone who has lots of time to spare as the traffic around the stadium is always increasing.

Things to eat at Fenway Park

The food at Fenway Park is mouth-watering and delicious. Here's a list of the most liked food at the stadium. Bacon on a stick, breakfast burger, brownie Sundae, butter Chicken Totchos, Chicken Tender Sandwich are things that visitors usually relish during matches.

Park Usage

The park is not only used for baseball matches but it also used for other purposes too. There are several boxing, soccer, and football matches that take place at Fenway Park. There are also concerts and other political rallies and protests that have taken place at the park.

Features of the Park

The 108-year-old Fenway Stadium has several features that make it stand out from other baseball parks in the country. It has the Green Monster which is a famous green wall of 11.33 meters that is used by most right-hand hitters. The stadium also has a manual scoreboard, a lone red seat, the Triangle and the foul poles.

History of Fenway Park

The Fenway Park was given its name from its Fenway neighborhood which was practically created in the early 19th century. The ballpark was originally built by the owner of the Red Sox football team in 1912. John Taylor was looking for a place to build his ballpark when his father bought around 365000 acres of barren land which they turned into the world-famous Fenway Park.

The first match here was played on April 20th, 1912. The stadium was also used by several politicians to run rallies and protests.

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